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Last updated on AUGUST 19, 2022

Applies to:

Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Version to [Release 13c]
Information in this document applies to any platform.



This patch is no longer available, consistent with the "n-2" policy which makes available the current Enterprise Manager 13.4 Cloud Control Release Updates and the prior two Release Updates, but nothing older.

This note is being provided for the bug record, so a user can tell if a correction is included in an older patch applied to their system. This information may help direct more accurate problem resolution. Enterprise Manager Base Platform Release Update (RU)

For more information on the RU naming convention, see My Oracle Support Note 2061926.1 - "Oracle Database, Enterprise Manager and Middleware - Change to Patch Numbering from Nov 2015 on-ward"


What is being announced?

This note gives a brief overview of the Enterprise Manager Base Platform Release Update (RU

This RU patches both the OMS and the OMS-side plug-ins.

Patch 31299359

This RU should be installed on top of Enterprise Manager Base Platform




For installation details, follow the README details for the desired Release Update.



Ensure that you have OPatch and OMSPatcher version or higher.

If you are not sure about the OPatch and the OMSPatcher version you have, you should download the latest versions.
To download, follow the instructions outlined in the My Oracle Support <Note 2728285.1> and <Note 2646080.1> respectively.


Known Issues  

There are no known issues at the time of release for this RU.

Note that starting with EM 13.4 Release Update 3, OMS Platform and OMS Plugin patches are combined into a single patch (31299359).


Bug Fix List - OMS Oracle Home RU

For more information on security vulnerabilities, see

Table 1-1 Issues Fixed in Oracle Management Service 13c Release 4 Release Update 3 (

Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31208933> ECM CMP 13.4.0.v/ causing rollback failure due to missing ';'
<Bug 31197087> HOST MONITORING 13.4 base release host targetType meta ver 5.5 missing after fix from 30765967
<Bug 30765967> HOST MONITORING Need to minimize Dynamic property execution for host
<Bug 31195303> MONITORING TEMPLATES delete rac db target is hanging. - fix for template apply job type
<Bug 30351888> MGMT_SYS FEATURE Agent list page is taking long time to load data
<Bug 30729386> OMS   sql performance fix in mgmt_assoc_instances table
<Bug 29455318> CLI   EM 13.2 emcli fails to Unset Custom Target Property from Default to None Value.
<Bug 31053928> OMS LOADER Target whitelist feature should have inclusion/exclusion group feature for onboarding
<Bug 30080540> BLACKOUT BACKEND EM_PURGE_POLICIES: Index needed on Table MGMT_BLACKOUT_STATE_E for performance improvement
<Bug 30642092> PATCH UI Agent Patch 30206738 failed at ApplyOPatchUpgradeOnUnix from console
<Bug 27457839> JOB SDK Provide ability to extend job history for selection of jobs using purge policy
<Bug 31040348> CONFIG_STD   SQL_ID: 5t5hxsdpbbb1h Query with bind mismatch
<Bug 29278676> PATCH RECOMMENDATION EM 13.3 Does Not Show Patch Recommendations for database 18c
<Bug 31162161> REPOSITORY SCHEMA Need to remove LIMIT clause for BULK COLLECT in EM_PURGE to avoid ORA-01555 errors
<Bug 30993550> EXTN_FWK   Fix Query with bind mismatch in plug-in lifecycle
<Bug 31052284> EXTN_FWK   Fix query with bind mismatch in plug-in deployment
<Bug 30933488> OMS   ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows thrown by
<Bug 30926767> INSTALL   EM13.3: Agent upgrade 13.2 to 13.3 clean-up task removes OH and grid home target
<Bug 30813865> CREDENTIAL   KeyCreds.exportKeyStore & TrustCreds.exportTrustStore should return location of the keystone and password as well.
<Bug 31051849> PROVISION CORE Fix for performance issues due to implicit bind conversion
<Bug 31013861> PROVISION CORE Fix for performance issues due to implicit bind conversion
<Bug 30999414> DEPLOYLIB   Add Button in Add Notes Pop Up is Not visible
<Bug 31131367> OMS   Check for job_queue_process while starting OMS
<Bug 30367030> SECFWK USER Need proper indexing on EM_CRED_STRIPE_CONFIG_E and EM_NC_CREDS_E for UI queries
<Bug 30967297> REPORTS BIP Missing Samples Folder under Folder structure in BIP in Windows 2019 OMS
<Bug 30456113> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD Compliance Standard association for pluggable database takes longer time after applying patch 29538963
<Bug 31173342> UIFWK LICENSING Data masking post creation procedure has not run after upgrade (OMS Platform patch)
<Bug 30943449> SECFWK   Timed out waiting for Job to create OMS target
<Bug 31108491> DEPLOYLIB   Fix queries with bind mismatch in Software Library
<Bug 31070732> JOB   Job purge runs for over 62 hours on large sites
<Bug 30453792> MGMT_SYS   PSR LOADER: feature_usage metric needs modification for less config data changes
<Bug 30713609> SECFWK COM Securing WLS in EM with wildcard certificates fails
<Bug 31010760> METRIC   SQL_ID 9yyun3a2m5x16 - Query with Bind mismatch
<Bug 30885520> ECM   EMCLI support to clean-up pending compliance associations
<Bug 31041791> CREDENTIAL   Password issues in KeyCreds apis
<Bug 30813829> CREDENTIAL   KeyCreds.exportKeyStore does not return the password of the keystone exported.
<Bug 30269570> REPORTS BIP Upgrade from 13.3 to 13.4 fails in Plugin Prerequisite phase if $CLASSPATH variable is set
<Bug 30299720> EXTN_FWK   The Extensibility/Plug-In Page needs modifications to not return thousands of rows
<Bug 30951744> JOB ENGINE The logging module is not registered for job observer
<Bug 29669980> JOB JOB_UI Metric template compare settings do not show result when multiple targets are selected
<Bug 30322734> CONFIG_STD   Accessibility support for compliance dashboard summary panel
<Bug 30718383> SUPPORT_WB   Performance improvement in GET_EM_TARGET_AND_PARENT_PROPERTIES SWB query
<Bug 29709692> SECFWK USER High contention on MGMT_USER_CONTEXT when granting privileges using emcli
<Bug 31031284> REPOSITORY MTM_REPOS_UI PSR: SQL_ID 949fryy06pfba from EM_RTM_REPOS.get_tblspc_fragmentedtbl_data takes 25 seconds MTM � Repos- > schema tab is slow
<Bug 31030213> OMS_MTM   PSR: SQL_ID 907axk7kn41sg called from mgmt_emrep_oob_monitoring.GET_CONFIG_METRIC_DATA takes 2 minutes to execute
<Bug 30651417> METRIC   METRIC_DATA_LOAD_CONTROLLER needs fixes to avoid potential issues with Scheduler Job performance
<Bug 27464766> JOB SDK Improve error handling and logging for fileTransfer job command
<Bug 30188328> GROUP UI Failure in editing dynamic group created by EMCLI
<Bug 29650330> DEPLOYLIB   improve the performance of the finalizeFileTransfer and cleanupFileTransfer sofware library operations
<Bug 30959904> CONFIG_STD PROVISION_STD ConcurrentModificationException at the time of registering compliance contents
<Bug 28418723> CONFIG_STD   Compliance Metadata version increment makes evaluation not work
<Bug 30526412> CLI   emcli connection from 13.2 PG OMS (JDK 1.7) to with 13.4 OMS (JDK 1.8) fails
<Bug 30470720> CONFIG_STD   Configuration Search: Creating new search throws Java NullPointerException
<Bug 31049355> MGMT_SYS   PSR: SQL_ID bkgkfzg49x49u from MGMT_ADMIN_DATA.GET_METRIC_CONFIGURATION takes 52 seconds to complete
<Bug 25800204> CONFIG_STD   Realtime Monitoring: Search observations page takes long time to get to next page
<Bug 30823436> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD If the target is down or in blackout, report an error in emcli verbs for CE deployment and Standard association
<Bug 30929134> CA   Expensive SQL identified - 2b48wzzpw0020 runs for 11 minutes on ODEM4
<Bug 31018432> METRIC   NPE seen while navigaing to /em/faces/core-metric-allMetrics page
<Bug 29522608> ECM CMP OEM 13c : Drift Results coming and going.
<Bug 31051705> PROVISION CORE Enhancements to Gold Image creation for Fleet Maintenance- adding capability to apply patches during creation of gold image (OMS Platform patch)
<Bug 30680730> OMS   PSR: Many SQL statements with TABLE CAST operations missing CARDINALITY hints in package USER_MODEL_UTIL
<Bug 30634979> UIFWK_EXT TOPO_VIEW several topology files directly evaluate the response from a request
<Bug 30108328> CONFIG_STD   Configuration drift results disappear once member template or properties are modified
<Bug 30730226> EVENTS RULE_FWK Import of incident ruleset does not work well when exclude object is used
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 30783317> DISCOVERY EMCLI EMCLI DBM Discovery should support SSH Key Credential for all member targets
<Bug 30783409> DISCOVERY EMCLI Display Compute node(host) creds for SNMP subscription.
<Bug 30783321> DISCOVERY EMCLI Exadata EMCLI: add snmp subscription to dbmcli console
<Bug 31223335> EXACLOUD UI Table and schematic diagram on home page of Exadata Cloud does not work if EM URL begins with "em"
<Bug 31073400> PROVISION   Exadata_EXA20_DB19.6: Install/Clone Oracle DB failed due to insufficient disk space.
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31351643> METRICS   Tracking bug to include previous meta version from 13.4 Release into FA Plugin BP
<Bug 19921211> METRICS   Sort and reduce/remove HCM Metrics
<Bug 31248642> METRICS   Add text and link regarding MOS note to Service Usage Metrics Report
<Bug 31157882> METRICS   obsolete service appears in EM service usage metric report
<Bug 31181269> METRICS   Service Usage Metric report - Batch support
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 28903488> STOR_SVR UI Default discovery in ZFS is now changed to websvc
<Bug 30797588> SUPERCLUST DISCOVERY Ability to use websvc Accesspoint in SSC discovery flow on ZFS
<Bug 30800667> SERVER_HW ENTPRSE_MGMT If SI Server is under blackout, the associated Access Point should be included in the blackout
Bug Bug Component Sub Component
<Bug 30164297> MONITORING   EM alert is delayed when EM Agent and Cloudera Manager runs in different time zones
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31340799> CAWR ETL AWR Warehouse packages not updated automatically
<Bug 31318117> ESP_DB   Renaming CIS config extension name to be generic
<Bug 31348334> METRICS   Tracking bug to include previous meta version from 13.4 Release into DB Plugin BP
<Bug 31114028> SQL_PERF OPTSTAT Optimizer Statistics and Optimizer Statistics Jobs for PDB Admin
<Bug 31113689> RESOURCE   View resource plan from the performance stats page throws privilege error due to incorrect parameters
<Bug 31218533> SCHEMA   Trying to Edit SCHEDULE Job failed with Unexpected error
<Bug 31163484> METRICS RAC SQL_ID 3z8h4qvswv4r4 - SQL missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 30995804> DATA_GUARD   Support Read-Only Oracle Home for Data Guard Management
<Bug 31314192> DBHOME   Autoindexing settings and report page enhancements
<Bug 31330186> DATA_GUARD   Standby database creation fails for RAC with read-only Oracle home
<Bug 31076880> REGTEST   Need automated tests for EMDB-684 and EMDB-7850
<Bug 31175993> DBHOME   Default View for Databases Target Page Should Be The Search List
<Bug 31340798> DBCLONE   Clone database with GI listener fails on SUSE 15 Linux
<Bug 29447795> SQL_PERF   SQL Tuning Advisor - Show Proper Error Message When Given Non-existent SQL Tuning Set
<Bug 30641240> SQL_PERF   Performance->SQL->Search SQL - Handle RAC Correctly
<Bug 30888481> STORAGE METRICS Datafiles ECM metric includes non-config data
<Bug 30833011> SQL_PERF SQL_ADVR SPA Upgrade workflow for ADB is broken. Post Upgrade trial section is missing.
<Bug 30852617> DATA_GUARD   OEM 13c Rel 3 Data Guard Switchover Does Not Start the old Primary or the new Standby with ORA-03113
<Bug 31168295> STORAGE   Privilege error when trying to view Segment Advisor by clicking breacrumb For PDB only administrators
<Bug 31163487> METRICS RAC SQL_ID 4kbpcd6tnrzkm - SQL missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31040694> GRAFANA BACKEND Grafana REST API Throttling
<Bug 31233406> BACKUP   BACKUP DATABASE Job has empty backup script
<Bug 29919817> DBCLONE   Cloning of TDE enabled database fails during RMAN Duplicate step
<Bug 31244015> GRAFANA BACKEND Grafana API named credential endpoint should exclude Global credentials in the response
<Bug 31243999> GRAFANA BACKEND Restrict target name,target type, metric group and metric name length
<Bug 30997028> REGTEST   Support for Oracle Database 12c STIG version 1, rel 16 - add new tests
<Bug 30178495> ESP_DB   STIG compliance standard for Oracle 12c version 1 release 16
<Bug 31202082> SQL_PERF OPTSTAT Display Appropriate Links on Advisors Page for Multitenant Databases
<Bug 31171253> DBHOME   The Active Sessions Data and CPU Data On Database Home Page Do NotAlways Scale Properly
<Bug 21482739> DISTRIB   Test DBLINK get "not active" and ORA-02019 if dblink contains key words
<Bug 31101525> DATA_MASK CORE DM: EHXX-TEST ,EHXX-DEV1: Data masking hit Error :ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace FUSION_TEMP
<Bug 30951035> DB_PERF   EM13R4 - Automated Maintenance Task Page Throws Java Error
<Bug 31118105> PROVISION MAINTENANCE Fleet Maintenance: ROLLBACK of GI (19.3 to 19.2) fails with LD_LIBRARY_PATH issues
<Bug 31180335> PROVISION DBPROVISION Fleet Maintenance: Relink issues duirng DEPLOY_GI_SOFTWARE due to not invoked with CLUSTER_NODES=<nodelist>
<Bug 30673790> PROVISION MAINTENANCE Fleet Maintenance : Fix for standby database where Stop/Start database failed
<Bug 30474601> ESP_DB   STIG Standard version 1, release 16 for Oracle Database 11.2g database
<Bug 30997045> REGTEST   Support for Oracle Database 12c CIS v2.1.0 Unified Auditing Profile - add new tests
<Bug 30763796> ESP_DB   The Reference URL field specified for nearly all CIS rules is populated and displayed incorrectly.
<Bug 30700074> ESP_DB   EM13.4 : REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE Rule Evaluation for CIS Cluster standard Fails
<Bug 30264594> ESP_DB   CIS Benchmark 2.1.0 - Unified Auditing profile for Oracle Database 12c
<Bug 30793121> CLONEMGMT PDB_CLONEMGMT Enhancement in PDB clone management workflow to allow cloning a PDB into a higher Version CDB (PDB upgrade)
<Bug 28173623> DISCOVERY   Unable to Discover/Promote DB Targets Fails with ADF_FACES-60097
<Bug 31114059> GRAFANA BACKEND OMS properties to support control of Grafana API requests
<Bug 30892172> GRAFANA BACKEND Grafana dashboard calls logging
<Bug 30936742> GRAFANA BACKEND Incomplete data returned on dashboard although data present in EM repository
<Bug 31138325> GRAFANA BACKEND PSR: Error cleaningup resulset and connections:Index: 1, Size: 1
<Bug 31101261> GRAFANA BACKEND Grafana metric API query missing user auth checks
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31145714 > OAM   Incorrect target type shown for ZDLRA protected databases that are not discovered
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31347949> COHERENCE   Tracking bug to include previous meta version from 13.4 Release into FMW Plugin BP
<Bug 30897407> RUEI EM_UI RUEI reporter/collector show error state in EM UI
Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31231402> CPA PLANNER Error observed while creating scenario from template in DB Consolidation flow
<Bug 29953528> CPA PLANNER Ability to select maximum memory for exadata shapes in Database Consolidation Workbench
<Bug 31053016> CPA PLANNER Storage information not displayed for the destination ASM for new 13c topology Baremetal Exadata
<Bug 31115226> CPA PLANNER Use bind variables on CPA SQL to avoid hard parsing



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