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Last updated on JUNE 05, 2021

Applies to:

Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Version to [Release 13c]
Information in this document applies to any platform.



This patch is no longer available, consistent with the "n-2" policy which makes available the current Enterprise Manager 13.4 Cloud Control Release Updates and the prior two Release Updates, but nothing older.

This note is being provided for the bug record, so a user can tell if a correction is included in an older patch applied to their system. This information may help direct more accurate problem resolution. Enterprise Manager Base Platform Release Update (RU)

For more information on the RU naming convention, see My Oracle Support Note 2061926.1 - "Oracle Database, Enterprise Manager and Middleware - Change to Patch Numbering from Nov 2015 on-ward"


What is being announced?

This note gives a brief overview of the Enterprise Manager Base Platform Release Update (RU

This RU patches both the OMS and the OMS-side plug-ins.

Patch 31604791

This RU should be installed on top of Enterprise Manager Base Platform




For installation details, follow the README details for the desired Release Update.



Ensure that you have OPatch and OMSPatcher version or higher.

If you are not sure about the OPatch and the OMSPatcher version you have, you should download the latest versions.
To download, follow the instructions outlined in the My Oracle Support <Note 2728285.1> and <Note 2646080.1> respectively.


Known Issues  

There are no known issues at the time of release for this RU.

Note that starting with EM 13.4 Release Update 3, OMS Platform and OMS Plugin patches are combined into a single patch).


Bug Fix List - OMS Oracle Home RU

For more information on security vulnerabilities, see

Table 1-1 Issues Fixed in Oracle Management Service 13c Release 5 Release Update 5 (

  Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 31719647> REPORTS BIP EM 13.4 upgrade fails on additional OMS node at step BIP config
<Bug 31577830> INSTALL GOLD_AGENT fails while pulling down Gold Agent Images size greater than 2GB.
<Bug 31450514> INSTALL AGENT_UPG_CONS RTI_22936874 : INT agent upgrade fails with one off patch apply
<Bug 31037265> UIFWK GENERAL Federation dashboard page (non customizable)
<Bug 31602751> PATCH EMCLI EM_PATCH_OMS (Patch Management) SQL with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31602742> PATCH PCF EM_PATCH_CENTRAL (Patch Management) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31312316> PATCH COMPLIANCESTD CSP_CERTIFICATION (Patch Management) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31662899> CONFIG_STD TEST New Compliance Dashboard UI: fit-n-finish usability of all popup windows
<Bug 30483895> BLACKOUT UI Removing a Host from Blackout Creation Page Does Not Remove its Dependent Targets from "Dependent Targets included in Blackout" List
<Bug 31308231> JOB ENGINE Bookkeeping dispatcher death stuck - 2000+ Agents with mgmt_job_exec_summary status 7
<Bug 31350673> ECM   EM13.3 - SYSMAN.EM_ECM_VCPU_JOB fails when vt plugin is not present
<Bug 31548054> SELFUPDATE   MOS Proxy setting: test picks up already saved value instead of the one entered in UI
<Bug 31345699> UIFWK MOBILE targets/favorites cannot be filtered on multiple status that include -9 or N/A status
<Bug 31474993> UIFWK MOBILE_SERVICE add version webservice
<Bug 31566526> UIFWK MOBILE_SERVICE improve mobile web service error responses
<Bug 31506098> UIFWK MOBILE_SERVICE Event detail - NPE thrown for guided resolution
<Bug 31511287> UIFWK MOBILE_SERVICE View API - add ability to filter by event type
<Bug 31590744> UIFWK MOBILE_SERVICE Create target execute command webservice
<Bug 31510134> ECM CMP Cold Hit: Request spends time in wait while loading /em/faces/core-ecm-compare-compareDashboard
<Bug 31574012> CONFIG_STD TEST New Compliance Dashboard UI: Clear out filters in the popup window
<Bug 31574173> CONFIG_STD TEST New Configuration Dashboard UI: Fine-tune labels in the donut chart
<Bug 31458028> TARGET   PDBA: deprecated page targets.uix should not expose oracle_database, rac_database targets
<Bug 31575064> JOBSVC   JOB Activity page not showing latest jobs if user deletes the JOBs.
<Bug 31549976> CLI   emcli delete_user does not delete the private roles owned by the user
<Bug 31516070> SECFWK AUTH Sync Role creating between opss and EM (Trim Spaces) & External Role issue with sync_opss_policy_store
<Bug 31482794> ECM HOST_CONFIG SQL_ID: ggkghzx5h4qwv takes time to complete
<Bug 26441647> ECM   Export button must be disabled when there is nothing to export
<Bug 30733769> ECM CCS CE Data Should not Consume High Heap Memory
<Bug 31568202> UIFWK GENERAL Jet 9 Support for EM Commonjet
<Bug 31404520> ECM FWK Refresh 'last updated time' for an existing compliance results based on config metric update timestamp
<Bug 21837266> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD Unable to use emcli to associate/de-associate group targets for compliance check
<Bug 31258052> JOB ENGINE status 19 ( delete pending ) jobs not getting purged
<Bug 31516053> ECM   Support accessibility in the new compliance and config dashboard UI
<Bug 31375867> CREDENTIAL INFRASTRUCTURE SQL_ID: 653v9v8pkscmv Query from DB Performance Home page doing Full scan on table
<Bug 30574345> INSTALL GOLD_AGENT Agents not listed in Post Agent Upgrade Tasks after Agent Upgrade
<Bug 31509079> TARGET ASSOC remove partially commented lines from assoc_ng in bug-30844968 txn
<Bug 31537044> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD Fix performance issues with dynamic PGA sizing, cursor usage for bulk and target properties filter
<Bug 30943890> UIFWK MENU About Page in EM to show BP Patch version applied in EM
<Bug 31566823> OMS   EM_OMS_MONITOR (Oracle Management Service) SQL with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31526541> MGMT_SYS   EM_MTM_PKG (Monitor the Monitor) SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31464279> MGMT_SYS   EM_DIAG_ANALYSIS (Monitor the Monitor) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 30420009> CONFIG_STD   Enhance user experience by modernizing Compliance Dashboard UI
<Bug 30420027> CONFIG_STD   Enhance user experience by modernizing Configuration and Drift Management UI
<Bug 31470927> ECM   EM_ECM_UPGRADE (Enterprise Config Management) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31470897> ECM   EM_ECM_HC_CSA_UPGRADE (Enterprise Config Management) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31464264> ECM   EM_DERIV (Enterprise Config Management) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31135189> EVENTS CONSOLE Incidents link is Disabled on Enterprise Summary page
<Bug 31539912> CONFIG_STD   Group targets are not showing up in 'Target Association:Target Selector' popup for agent side compliance standards
<Bug 31365292> SECFWK USER Enahcement emcli modify_user -roles is revoking implicit ownership WITH_ADMIN privilege of a private role
<Bug 30701612> SECFWK AUTH Login page not loaded post logout - Race condition between ADS & adfAuthentication
<Bug 31310309> SECFWK USER emcli list -resource=RoleGrantsToRoles and RoleGrantsToAdministrators does not work as expected



Several customers have discussed EM patching in the EM MOS Communities.  If you would like to join in the conversation or learn from others' experiences, we would like to invite you to join the EM MOS Communities discussions.






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