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13.4.0 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Base Platform Monthly Release Update (RU) 8 (Doc ID 2731557.1)

Last updated on JULY 25, 2021

Applies to:

Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Version to [Release 13c]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

Details Enterprise Manager Base Platform Release Update (RU)

For more information on the RU naming convention, see My Oracle Support Note 2061926.1 - "Oracle Database, Enterprise Manager and Middleware - Change to Patch Numbering from Nov 2015 on-ward"


What is being announced?

This note gives a brief overview of the Enterprise Manager Base Platform Release Update (RU8).

This RU patches both the OMS and the OMS-side plug-ins.

<Patch 32071974>

This RU8 should be installed on top of Enterprise Manager Base Platform




For installation details, follow the README details for the desired Release Update.



Important Opatch information for RU8

1) The EM 13.4 OMS Opatch must be upgraded to before applying RU8.
No older version of Opatch ( or can be used for patching the EM 13.4 OMS with RU8.

2) It is mandatory to apply the OMS RU8 immediately after upgrade to Opatch
If RU8 application is not planned, do not upgrade Opatch to as this new Opatch will break EM functionality without the corrections included in RU8.

3) If the OMS Opatch was upgraded to earlier and the workaround of copying the jar files has been performed, then the OMS Opatch can be upgraded to with immediate subsequent application of RU8.

4) Opatch is intended only for the OMS Opatch located in the OMS (Middleware) Oracle Home.
Do not upgrade the Opatch on the EM 13.4 agents.
RU8 patches on agents will work with the default Opatch version,

5) Users will not be able to stage Opatch in Software library.
This is intended behavior.

6) Opatch is released in Patch 28186730, unlike older versions.

7) Users can apply the Weblogic PSU patches (July 2020 or October 2020) on the OMS after upgrading the OMS Opatch to


If you are not sure about the OPatch and the OMSPatcher version you have, you should download the latest versions.
To download, follow the instructions outlined in the My Oracle Support <Note 2728285.1> and <Note 2646080.1> respectively.


Known Issues  

There are no known issues at the time of release for this RU.

Note that starting with EM 13.4 Release Update 3, OMS Platform and OMS Plugin patches are combined into a single patch).


Bug Fix List - OMS Oracle Home 13.4.0 RU8

For more information on security vulnerabilities, see

Table 1-1 Issues Fixed in Oracle Management Service 13c Release 4 Release Update 8 (


Bug Component Sub Component Bug Abstract
<Bug 32140888> METRIC   rti_23326287: Metric Extension deployment on host target is failing
<Bug 32114769> UIFWK TGT_NAV Database Instance Health Menu broken throwing internal error (OMS Platform tracking bug)
<Bug 32078793> OMS_MTM   for customer visible oms property lower range is not defined which accepts numric value
<Bug 32047320> ASLM SERVICE_AVAIL SQL_ID 661uj4r9v82t8 - Query with Bind mismatch(ASLM)
<Bug 32061120> ASLM SERVICE_AVAIL SQL_ID dugbq0dwd7k31 - Query with Bind mismatch(ASLM)
<Bug 31756247> OMS UTIL ReservedCodeCacheSize should be 512M for Java 8
<Bug 32050356> JOBSVC JOB_UI Integrate new Job Admin UI with EM
<Bug 32065790> JOB ENGINE job purge should not sort
<Bug 32070321> ECM   Raw target type displayed and no violation msg displayed for drift/consistency in Compiance Html Report
<Bug 32099224> AGENTNG   Tracking bug for Platform changes of txn sphabba_bugchanges
<Bug 32060476> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD Corrections in emcli help text
<Bug 31531885> MONITORING METRICS_UI Getting Agent Connection Refused on All Metrics page of DB
<Bug 31096432> MONITORING TEMPLATES Log Diagnostic info to Repository during agent interaction from template or ME deoployment
<Bug 31941034> METRIC   NoSuchMetricException: Metric DATABASE_SIZE does not exists for target of type rac_database
<Bug 31038430> JOB   13.3EM Job Against Dynamic Group Not Picking Up All Targets
<Bug 30705893> INSTALL PLUGIN_INSTALL 13.4: Plugin deployment Deployment activities page shows incorrect log file
<Bug 30719924> EXTN_FWK   13.4: Plugin deployment Deployment activities page doesn't display *.log for the log file in step Attach Oracle Home to Inventory
<Bug 32087683> ECM FWK Raw target type is displayed in violations popup
<Bug 31929409> JOB JOB_UI Fix the labels for job region in Enterprise Summary page
<Bug 32040627> ECM CAP ECM: Too many entries of type ERROR in emoms.log file
<Bug 30754699> ASLM SERVICES Test changes are pending to be synced with beacon.
<Bug 31618152> PAF   Removal of lesser than options caused tests to fail diff on lrgemgrj
<Bug 31939467> CREDENTIAL UI SYSMAN is unable to see the Named credentials requires cache reset every time
<Bug 31931544> CREDENTIAL UI SYSMAN is unable to see the Named creadentials created by another user post upgrade tp 13.4
<Bug 32069185> CONFIG_STD TEST Compliance dashboard: multiple ajax calls when removing filter selections
<Bug 31542287> ECM   Target Properties filter for Comparison&Drift Mgmt Dashboard
<Bug 31800117> BLACKOUT BACKEND DFW-99998 [java.lang.NullPointerException][oracle.sysman.core.blackouts.model.BlackoutPropsBean.getSelectedTargets][emgc]
<Bug 31874047> ASLM BEACON_TEST EMD_BCNTXN (ASLM) SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31874028> ASLM BEACON_TEST EMD_BCN_POOL (ASLM) SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 31307991> SECFWK AUTH Support bulk import of keys from the Credentials UI
<Bug 31727633> JOB JOB_UI Show system job executions in jobs UI
<Bug 30199259> MONITORING   Monitoring templates are not getting applied properly to DB/MW target
<Bug 31829124> ECM FWK Compliance Dashboard: If there is no data to show, instead of showing default message, show customized message
<Bug 27903180> CNTRBASE COMMON REST Support for EM Connector Framework
<Bug 31657257> AGENTNG   NullPointerException raised in SqlConnection.ProcessResultSet
<Bug 31204171> METRIC   Layout of Modify threshold popup in All Metrics page is not aligned in Chrome browser
<Bug 31844177> CONFIG_STD   ODEM4: CS Target Association Fails
<Bug 31602824> PA   EM_PROBANAL (Problem Analysis) Multiple SQLs with missing Cardinality hint
<Bug 32036376> ECM CAP Unable to associate / remove compliance standards with targets
<Bug 31982419> METRIC   lrgemfrmwk_template_repos-test case of Apply Monitoring Template for Multi Agent Target is failing
<Bug 31897344> JOB ENGINE psr:jobs:errors with job step taking longer time are not printing the actual time it takes
<Bug 20487958> HOST MONITORING MGMT_LONG_TEXT table growth issues - Host Storage Metrics and ECM
<Bug 31026414> ECM FWK PDB: Provide create-like functionality for repo side standards and rules that changes type from db instance to pdb
<Bug 30387593> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD Import XCCDF Benchmark XML in EMCC via emcli
<Bug 31542294> ECM   Target properties filter for compliance dashboard
<Bug 31535386> CONFIG_STD MNTR_STD EM13c - Configuration Search: Creating new search throws Java NullPointer
<Bug 31366981> JOB   ADB Execute SQL : Named Crendential shows Database Credential instead of ADB Credential
<Bug 30063847> METRIC   UI Exception when customizing time period in the Inlet Temperatures for ILOM server
<Bug 31838712> METRIC   UI Exception when customizing time period graph for a metric in certain TZ formats
<Bug 31958263> AGENTNG   Tracking bug for Agent side changes for ER 29780892
<Bug 31929700> OCI_FWK   Define Privileges required to work with cloud profile.
<Bug 31953687> OCI_FWK   OCI UI : Integrate Ade project with Jet Ui
<Bug 31869143> UIFWK ALL_TARGETS ATP OCI Status: UIFWK - All Targets/ContextHeader-TargetInfo/Summary Page Pie chart for Up and Down Statuses
<Bug 31105865> PATCH UI DFW-99998 oracle.mos.view.patch.backing.ui.taskflow.patch.results.Recommendation
<Bug 31541277> UPGRADE   EM Upgrade - 13.3 to 13.4 : upgrade with INSTALL_SWONLY_WITH_PLUGINS=TRUE + is failing.
<Bug 31253737> CA   MGMT_JOB_SINGLE_TARGET_TYPES_E needs and index on SINGLE_TARGET_TYPE

Several customers have discussed EM patching in the EM MOS Communities.  If you would like to join in the conversation or learn from others' experiences, we would like to invite you to join the EM MOS Communities discussions.






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