OID 11g Server Not Functioning Properly After Bulkloading Data / Errors In Bulkload Log And Related Load Files

(Doc ID 1291306.1)

Last updated on MARCH 08, 2017

Applies to:

Oracle Internet Directory - Version 11.1.1 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Checked for relevance on 25-Jan-2013


Used Oracle Internet Directory (OID) 11g bulkload command to load ldif file of data into OID.

Example bulkload commands:

./bulkload connect="oiddb" generate="TRUE" check="TRUE" file="/home/oracle/source.ldif"
./bulkload connect="oiddb" load="TRUE"

The bulkload commands may not return an error to the screen, however after loading the data and restarting OID server, OID seems to behave inconsistently and/or erratically.

For example, even though OID server is set to read/write mode correctly, modifying existing entries can fail with different errors, such as updating an operational attribute (i.e., createtimestamp is not modifable). Or modifying existing entries may work but adding new entries can fail with different errors (such as ldap error code 20 to the ldapadd screen, and/or error 68, 65 in OID server logs).

In re-examining bulkload logs/files more carefully, the following is found, for example:

$ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/OID/tools/bulkload.log shows:


[2010-12-23T17:56:03-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: *Error while loading data for attr_store001

[2010-12-23T17:56:03-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: *Error 0: *Found Errors in Loading Data for attr_store001, see bulkload.log for details

[2010-12-23T17:56:03-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: For more details see bsl_attr_store001.log

[2010-12-23T17:56:07-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: Table to be recovered is ct_loginshell***

...<etc, etc>...

[2010-12-23T17:56:07-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: Number of Tables to be recovered = 225

[2010-12-23T18:04:35-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: [gsltdbcArecDir] error -12801 encountered

[2010-12-23T18:04:35-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: [gsltdbcArecDir] ORA error 1403: ORA-01403: no data found

[2010-12-23T18:04:35-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload::
Error in recovery
[2010-12-23T18:04:35-05:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [BULKLOAD] [host: oiddav01.ieee.org] [pid: 11939] [tid: 0] bulkload:: *Error in recovering directory data, recover failed


The referenced $ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/OID/tools/bsl_attr_store001.log contains the following:

SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Thu Dec 23 17:20:03 2010

Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Control File: /oidapps/Oracle/Middleware/asinst_1///OID/load//attr_store001.ctl
Data File: /oidapps/Oracle/Middleware/asinst_1///OID/load//attr_store001.dat
File processing option string: "str X'7c7c7c0a'"
Bad File: /oidapps/Oracle/Middleware/asinst_1///diagnostics/logs/OID//tools//attr_store001.bad
Discard File: none specified

(Allow all discards)

Number to load: ALL
Number to skip: 0
Errors allowed: 10000000
Continuation: none specified
Path used: Direct - with parallel option.

Table DS_ATTRSTORE, loaded from every logical record.
Insert option in effect for this table: APPEND
TRAILING NULLCOLS option in effect

Column Name Position Len Term Encl Datatype
------------------------------ ---------- ----- ---- ---- ---------------------
Terminator string : 'X7C7E405E'
Terminator string : 'X7C7E405E'
Terminator string : 'X7C7E405E'
Terminator string : 'X7C7E405E'
Terminator string : 'X7C7E405E'

Record 12368886: Rejected - Error on table DS_ATTRSTORE, column ATTRKIND.
ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (ATTRKIND)
Record 12368887: Rejected - Error on table DS_ATTRSTORE, column ATTRKIND.
ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (ATTRKIND)

42732923 Rows successfully loaded.
2 Rows not loaded due to data errors.
0 Rows not loaded because all WHEN clauses were failed.
0 Rows not loaded because all fields were null.

Bind array size not used in direct path.
Column array rows : 5000
Stream buffer bytes: 256000
Read buffer bytes: 1048576

Total logical records skipped: 0
Total logical records read: 42732925
Total logical records rejected: 2
Total logical records discarded: 0
Total stream buffers loaded by SQL*Loader main thread: 10096
Total stream buffers loaded by SQL*Loader load thread: 223

Run began on Thu Dec 23 17:20:03 2010
Run ended on Thu Dec 23 17:24:54 2010

Elapsed time was: 00:04:50.97
CPU time was: 00:02:48.02

The referenced $ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/OID/tools/attr_store001.bad file contains the following:



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