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Main Master Note - Oracle GoldenGate Core Product - HP NonStop (NSK, Tandem, Guardian, S-Series) (Doc ID 1300936.1)

Last updated on OCTOBER 21, 2019

Applies to:

Oracle GoldenGate - Version 4.0.0 and later
HP NonStop Itanium (Guardian)
HP NonStop S-series (Guardian)


The purpose of this Goldengate note is to act as a quick reference to
GoldenGate functionality
GoldenGate implementation
GoldenGate documentation 
This note contains information, references and master notes pertaining to Oracle GoldenGate 
for the OGG Core Product especially as it is used on NSK.


Available Community

The user may also obtain information from the GoldenGate / Streams Community as documented in Note 1388537.1.


Online version 10.4
Online version 11.1
Supported Databases and Platforms:
Up to date matrix may be found on this page

Release Information:

The latest available release on edelivery is: for both SQL\MP and Enscribe.
The prior base release of remains available. (Oct. 2012)
Downloads for the D24, T24, and N24 area available at the same link.
The latest available release on the patch site is (Oct. 2012). This is for both S-Series and Itanium.


All v10.4 Install and Release notes
All v11.1 Install and Release notes 
See Individual products notes for individual links:
<Note 1304564.1> Main Note - Oracle GoldenGate - Installation
<Note 965230.1>  How to Find GoldenGate on  
<Note 970860.1>  How To Apply Oracle GoldenGate Patches
<Note 965394.1>  Installing GoldenGate Code Into An Existing Subvolume
<Note: 1060867.1> How To Upgrade A Single Component In GoldenGate Version 10.0
<Note 966215.1>  Implementing Logger Upgrades With Minimal Operational Intrusion  
See Individual products notes for individual links:
<Note 1304561.1>  Main Note - Oracle GoldenGate - Upgrading OGG code
<Note 1235992.1> How to find Patches and Updates for Oracle GoldenGate  
<Note 1293587.1> Searching the Patch site for a particular OGG release
<Note 970860.1>   How To Apply Oracle GoldenGate Patches


<Note  965423.1>  Is GoldenGate Compatible Between Different Releases?

Performance and Tuning (LAG):

<Note 1304557.1>  Main Note - Oracle GoldenGate - Lag, Performance, Slow and Hung Processes 
<Note 962592.1> Excessive REPLICAT LAG Times  
<Note 1071892.1> Excessive LAG on Data Pump Sending Data Over WAN  
<Note 968614.1>  Why Does GoldenGate Report The Lag Is Unknown?  
<Note 964705.1> Extract RBA Not Moving And LAG Increasing And Appear Hung


<Note 1304496.1>  Main Note - Oracle GoldenGate - Tracing


<Note 1302422.1>  Column Mapping Usage

TCP Management:

<Note 1300117.1> Main Note- OGG PORT Usage and TCP configuration


<Note 964687.1>  How To Re-position An Audited Extract Without Missing Data
<Note 965196.1>  How Do I Recover A Certain Period Of Audit If The Audit No Longer Exists?
<Note 957048.1>  How To Recover From a Replicat with an "Incompatible Record" Error Message
<Note 957053.1>  Recovering From a GG Pump Process Abending With An Incompatible Record Error 
<Note 965229.1>  Troubleshooting A Slow Moving Or Hung Extract On NSK  
<Note 965286.1>  How Can I Tell Which GoldenGate Processes Are Running? 
<Note 965297.1> Why Is Replicat Not Replicating Even Though Extract Is Writing To The Extract Trails?  
<Note 965349.1> How To Convert Inverse PHAMIS Dates Into Regular Date Fields  
<Note 965351.1>  Recovering Deleted Data From TMF  
<Note 965358.1>  Solution 2: Bidirectional Replication Of Data Partitioned Across Nodes  
<Note 965360.1>  Running Multiple GoldenGate Environments On NonStop  
<Note 965388.1>  Using MARKERs To Capture PURGEDATA  
<Note 965394.1>  Installing GoldenGate Code Into An Existing Subvolume  
<Note 965396.1>  Moving Unreplicated Datapump Trails To Another Location
<Note 965699.1>  How Do I Upgrade GoldenGate In A BASE24 Environment?  
<Note 965711.1>  How To Execute NonStop TACL Commands From Within GGSCI    
<Note 965754.1>  Moving A GoldenGate Installation Instead Of Downloading It On Tandem  
<Note 965831.1>   Why Do I Get The Error "Extract/Replicat Does Not Exist"?
<Note 965908.1>  Moving Logger Trails to Another Location      
<Note 966028.1>  NonStop Relative File/table Syskey Management     
<Note 966031.1>  EXPANDDDL RESOLVEDUPGROUPS Cannot Resolve Duplicates  
<Note 966051.1>  How To Send User Tokens When Using An Extract Data Pump     
<Note 966093.1>  Using GETTRUNCATES To Replicat Purgedata From Tandem To Open System 
<Note 966206.1>  AUDSERV Overview     
<Note 966209.1>  Support For NonStop FORMAT2 Files     
<Note 966215.1>  Implementing Logger Upgrades With Minimal Operational Intrusion     
<Note 966234.1>  NSK: What Is PRIVLIB And Why Does It Have To Be Licensed?     
<Note 966249.1>   How To Replicate Entry-sequenced File That Has Updates?
<Note 966251.1>   Which System Calls Are Intercepted By GoldenGate Intercept Library (baselib/ggslib)?
<Note 966253.1>   How Do I Interpret The SHOWCH Output On A Tandem?
<Note 966257.1>  Why Do I Get A "LIBRARY CONFLICT" Error After Changing The GGSLIB Location?
<Note 966261.1>   Why Do I Get A GGS Error 107 - Error 1792 During Extract Startup?
<Note 966314.1>   Does GoldenGate Process Records From A FUP RELOAD Operation?
<Note 966316.1>  How Do I Replicate A Tandem Timestamp To Another Platform?      
<Note 966333.1>  How Do I Insert A Compressed Update When The Target Columns Cannot Be Null? 
<Note 966342.1>  Why Is No Data Replicating?     
<Note 966765.1>  Unpredictable  Results When Doing an Initial Load For ENSCRIBE Unstructured Files    
<Note 966977.1>  Base24: Select Target Based Upon Date In (P)TLF Or ILF File Name (MACRO Sample)  
<Note 966998.1>  PurgeData considerations for Partitioned NSK files     
<Note 967251.1>  Where Does The Timestamp On The Trail Record In The GoldenGate Trail Come From?  
<Note 967374.1>  Considerations For The Usage Of IGNORETMFDUMP YES Parameter     
<Note 967405.1>  Can The Manager Be Safely Stopped?  
<Note 968636.1>  Trail Files Extents Sizing For Enterprise Storage Systems (ESS) Disk Types   
<Note 968707.1>  How Can I Eliminate Server-collector Messages Going To Hometerm   
<Note 969503.1>  Exclude Specific Transactions From Being Extracted, By Application   
<Note 969525.1>  How To Add A Netbatch Job That Performs GoldenGate Commands   
<Note 969575.1>  GGSLIB Cannot Be Bound To H06 (Itanium) FUP Because Of Stack Space (baselib)
<Note 969644.1>  Linking Native COBOL On Itanium To GGSDLL   
<Note 969687.1>  Replicat V9.5x and higher on HP Nonstop Needs Parameter To Use Redefines   
<Note 970363.1>  Methods For Replicating Only Some Columns on HP Nonstop
<Note 970365.1>  What Effects Do Time Zones And Daylight Savings Time Have On Data on the HP Nonstop Platform?   
<Note 970867.1>  Example Mapping Base24 PTLF To A MSSQL Table  
<Note 971713.1>  Converting Input Julian Dates To Phamis Formats
<Note 971714.1>  Issues With Tables Partitioned Across NSK Nodes If Partitions Have Same Names On Both Nodes  
<Note 971718.1>  LOGGER FILE Getaudited Option And Transaction Backouts  
<Note 972399.1>   MAXTRANSOPS should not be used with TMFEXCEPTIONS   
<Note 972963.1>   Replicating entry sequenced files to relative files   
<Note 973550.1>   Procedure: Doing a PARTONLYLOAD for Enscribe Key sequenced Files
<Note 973556.1>   GoldenGate's nonstop PSTATE quick reference   
@<Note 1063121.1>  Audit Tape Restore for GoldenGate   
<Note 1268620.1>  Native GoldenGate Intercept library   
<Note 1205603.1>  How is the GLOBALS HOST NODENUM entry used   
<Note 1271015.1>  Can extract determine which application process wrote a TMF operation
<Note 1271087.1>  Why does the TMF extract capture transactions that were written by replicat
<Note 1274679.1>  Receiving error attempted to position past current EOF   
<Note 1060943.1>  ARREAD() error - 1000:ARLIB internal error
<Note 1063124.1>  Active Active for Entrysequence Files (ILF)  
<Note 1273181.1> Why Does SQL/MX Replicat Fail With ODBC Error "native database error 4032"?
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