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Release of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.4 Patch Set 13 (Doc ID 1436164.1)

Last updated on AUGUST 12, 2018

Applies to:

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management - Version to [Release 7.4.0]
Information in this document applies to any platform.
***Checked for Relevance on 03-April-2015***


Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.4 Patch Set 13 is released on 15 March 2012.

This announcement lists new, enhanced features of various components introduced in Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) 7.4 Patch Set 13.

NOTE: Please note that the Maintenance Patch Set 1 is a pre-requisite for this patch, for server components including optional managers and also for client applications.

NOTE: BRM 7.4 Patch Set 13 is cumulative from BRM 7.4 Patch Set 12 and includes all the changes introduced in Patch Set 12.

Patch ID: 13611924

Summary of fixes to customer-reported tickets delivered in Patch Set 13:

SR Number Bug Number Description
3-3480449261 12414024 In the previous releases, every time the exchange rate changed, when the new rate is loaded, the Connection Manager (CM) needed to be restarted to use the new rate. The exchange rate will now be refreshed when the refresh interval duration specified in the new ExchangeRateRefreshInterval business parameter expires.
3-3387024141 12627294 Changes were made not to generate the refund event based on the sign of the bill unit’s due in the case of multiple billInfo.
3-3539466021 12718253 You can now account for event adjustments made on the cycle fees while calculating the refund during product inactivation or cancellation by using the new event_adjustments_during_cancellation business parameter in the subscription instance of the /config/business_params object. The default value of event_adjustments_during_cancellation is 0.
When you set the event_adjustments_during_cancellation business parameter to 0, subscription does not consider event adjustments on the cycle fees while calculating refund. When you set the event_adjustments_during_cancellation business parameter to 1, subscription searches for the event
adjustments done on the product's cycle fees and passes the consolidated adjustment to rating. Rating manipulates the refund to ensure that rating is not more than the effective charge (original charge - refund).
3-3909577221 12779313 After the account is created, when /balance_group/monitor object is added and batch rating is performed, BRM now creates only a single entry for /balance_group/monitor object in the outfile.
3-4154782851 12823026 In the previous releases, the billing time taxation ignored any adjustment event that occurred at the billing boundary, that is, the event end time of 00:00:00 hours, on the billing start date. This resulted in the adjustment amount not getting taxed. This has been corrected.
12911961 The pin_inv_doc_gen utility now supports ftp/sftp as the delivery option.
12936631 When taxation is configured, the balance impacts due to the cycle taxes are now reflected in the monitored balance groups. Also, if an item level adjustment is made on the cycle taxes, the balance impacts due to taxes on the adjustment amount are reflect in the monitored balance group.
3-3753364551 13017479 BRM now returns multiple records with the same effective_t by using the new PIN_FLD_SELECT_RESULT field in the input flist of PCM_OP_SUBSCRIPTION_GET_PURCHASED_
Note: When you set the PIN_FLD_SELECT_RESULT field, all the records with the largest effective_t will be returned in output flist instead of returning the first one returned by the database search. If
two or more records have the same effective_t, you still need to customize invoicing to sort the records and decide which record to display.
3-4538256361 13067421 Improved performance for concurrent access, in case of logging, during billing or any other multi-threaded applications.
3-4677525221 13068396 Conversion Manager is now capable of migrating /purchased_bundle class from legacy database to BRM database.
13077530 When you call PCM_OP_READ_OBJ opcode to read any /billinfo object using web service, you will get output of this opcode in XML format. While converting this xml flist to BRM flist format, BRM will no longer throw any exceptions.
3-4501298011 13077543 The Web service manager will now parse the decimal separator based on the locale value.
13097312 In the Customer Center, during account creation, purchase, and maintenance, when a deal has a product and a discount with the same name, a discount icon is displayed for the product in the plans tab. This issue has been corrected.
3-4744887151 13107449 In Pricing Center, when you create a Plan With Options plan for a /service/telco service having two /service/telco deals, on database commit, the plan gets committed. When you restart Pricing Center, the service and its deals are not visible in the plan. This issue has been corrected.
3-3590211441 13241152 For a credit card account, after billing is done, when a plan with a higher value is cancelled and a new plan with a lower value is purchased, the Refund Details page in the Customer Center now displays the correct refund amount. The displayed refund amount is calculated after applying the prorated charges and the charges for the newly purchased plan.
3-3276584371 13246987 In the previous releases, when a /billinfo object entered collections for a month, the collection action is executed for that month, but for the next month onwards even though the bill is not paid, the collection actions are not executed. A policy hook has been provided to achieve the intended behavior.
3-3203134721 13344953 In the previous releases, if the amount in an event was zero, BRM did not allow any adjustments on that event. You can now control the event adjustment behavior when the event amount equals zero by using the new event_over_adjust_enable business parameter.
3-4863380241 13347372 During upgrade from BRM 7.3.1 to BRM 7.4, the payment opcode did not return the proper response codes. This occurs when you have the same merchant information for many charge packet.
Changes were made in the code to ensure that the correct response codes returned by dm_fusa has the same response code as the charges array.
3-4716726441 13349937 In the previous releases, while converting the flist to XML, when the flist contains extension fields (PIN_FLD_EXTENDED_INFO or PIN_FLD_INHERITED_INFO), the web service code created XML tags depending on the brm_extension.xml file. But when no matching container was available and the flist contained direct extension fields (not wrapped inside any array), the conversion gave an error due to a NULL container. Changes were made in the code to ensure that when the container is NULL, the customized tag generation is ignored and the default behavior, that is to generate tags like <brm:INHERITED_INFO> or <brm:EXTENDED_INFO>, is used.
3-4882140921 13356326 If the error buffer is set while performing settlement of a dispute, BRM no longer core dumps.
3-4897477591 13370501 You can now enable logging mechanism for the pin_purge utility.
3-4722741271 13386556 When multiple pipelines perform an FSM search simultaneously for an event_type and service_type combination to find the corresponding configItemTag, the searchVector having the event_type and service_type is not overwritten now, and the correct search result is provided by FSM.
3-4643501511 13386559 The performance of the billing time taxation stored procedures is now improved by limiting the event search to a few specific database table partitions.
3-4694765491 13396848 The discount sharing groups are now migrated properly and the default ordered_groups are created successfully.
3-4876708421 13422695 For a cancelled deal containing a cycle event, the GL report now displays the correctly rounded EARNED_START_T/EARNED_END_T, if timestamp_rounding configuration is enabled.
3-4872928851 13423836 Products with future dated purchase_start are now filtered out when PURCHASE_FFES is invoked.
3-3142233971 13426550 The /schedule objects having status other than PIN_SCHEDULE_STATUS_DONE will now be transferred to target account. All the /schedule objects corresponding to member services (including the parent service) will be transferred to the target account.
3-5011240881 13462826 Changes were made to add Parallel Enabled option to a database function. This ensures that the parallel hints added to the main billing select query during customizations now run properly.
3-4936699701 13475278 In the previous releases, due to some changes in Business Application SDK (BAS), the dbLoader utility could not process the .ctl files. This is now corrected.
3-4932754181 13486002 With the 31 day billing feature, you can now create accounts with billing segments having DOM = 29 through 31.
3-5022365641 13494459 BRM now logs the "DMfe #x: not accept token owner (x)" error message as a warning in the dm_oracle.pinlog file.
3-4941241011 13501312 In the previous releases, when a product having both monthly cycle forward and annual cycle forward rateplans configured is inactivated and then reactivated, the cycle fees array pertaining to the annual cycle forward rateplan was set to the same dates as the monthly cycle forward rateplan, so the annual cycle forward event was charged again even though its cancel proration was Charge Full. The CYCLE_FEES arrays are now updated correctly.
3-4885641211 13510469 Changes were made in the device framework to ensure that the /device objects stay in the primary schema/database and the objects are updated correctly.
3-4315955271 13529011 Pipeline now charges calls correctly as per the configured PriceModel for the premium SMS destinations.
3-4847341631 13532798 In a multischema system, payment from an account residing in the primary schema to the account residing in the secondary schema is now allowed when the transaction cache is enabled.
3-4777533701 13534534 Custom DM no longer crashes while opening the DM framework linking the RW libraries and the third-party libraries, which is being loaded at run time.
3-4882635681 13534542 The pin_cycle_fees utility no longer throws an error while trying to read the events that are not created.
3-5058889871 13536647 The default ordered_groups is now created only once for one instance of ordered_balance_group.
3-4846513461 13562431 In the previous releases, the PCM_OP_SEARCH opcode returned an incomplete list of objects. Changes were made to clear the error buffer if the error code is set to PIN_ERR_NOT_FOUND.
3-4082777181 13568194 If the balance group monitor is configured at service level, and an AR item adjustment is done, the balance monitor object now properly reflects the monitor impacts.
3-5087331041 13569560 In the previous releases, the write-off tax event was not generated when the tax flag was set in the PCM_OP_AR_ACCOUNT_WRITEOFF opcode. Changes were made in the query to fetch all the tax events.


Key Enhancements in BRM 7.4 Patch Set 13

For more details about these changes and enhancements, please refer to BRM Patch Set 13 documentation.

Support and Certification

BRM now supports Vertex Communications Tax Q Series (CTQ) 2.00.x and Vertex Communications Sales Tax Q (STQ) Series 4.x on AIX

Service Search Enhancements

Usability enhancements in Customer Center for large account hierarchies and accounts with large number of services 





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