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Release of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.4 Patch Set 15 (Doc ID 1488236.1)

Last updated on DECEMBER 04, 2019

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Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management - Version to [Release 7.4.0]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.4 Patch Set 15 is released on 8 Sep 2012.

This announcement lists the fixes and enhancements in various components delivered in Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) 7.4 Patch Set 15.

NOTE: Please note that the Maintenance Patch Set 1 is a pre-requisite for this patch, for server components including optional managers and also for client applications.

NOTE: BRM 7.4 Patch Set 15 is cumulative from BRM 7.4 Patch Set 12 and includes all the changes introduced from Patch Set 12 onward.

Patch ID: 14276344

Summary of fixes to customer-reported tickets delivered in Patch Set 15:


SR Number

Bug Number




In Pricing Center, plans added under the Transition tab were being displayed incorrectly.

This has been fixed.



In a customer hierarchy, if Bill Now was run for a non-paying child, BRM did not do billing for the child and then create a bill at the parent level to show the subordinate bill charges. Instead the subordinate charges were directly pulled into the newly created parent bill.

This has been fixed. If Bill Now is run at the parent level, it will generate the bill for child and parent with same bill number; if Bill Now is run at the child level, split will be generated one for the child and one for the parent.



For a plan with options or a plan with a subscription group, it was not possible to close the required service using Customer Center.

This has been fixed.



If there were multiple instances of a same plan (for example, Plan1 was attached to an account) while trying to transition from Plan 1 to a new plan (for example, Plan2) only one instance of Plan1 was listed.

This has been fixed to list all instances of the same plan.



In Customer Center, it was not possible to close the required or optional services of a plan with options and a plan with subscriptions.

This has been fixed.



When a large number of requests were timed out, in the case of running in the degraded mode, AAA Gateway crashed.

This has been fixed.



The Balance monitoring dialog box in Customer Center was not visible when there were no services associated with the account.

This has been fixed. For the accounts without any services, the Balance monitoring dialog box is now visible.



The pipeline startup was taking a long time trying to load deleted profiles. A new registry parameter, LoadProfilesWithoutNameValue, has been introduced. If set to False, profiles without a name-value pair (deleted profiles) will not be loaded.



In a subscription group, there were inconsistencies in the service status changes when closing the services.

This has been fixed.



It was not possible to close an account having required services either through Customer Center or through an opcode with the flag set to PIN_BILL_CHANGE_ALL_SERVICES.

This has been fixed.



The cycle arrears charges were not applied if a cycle arrears product was purchased and canceled with a backdate or reactivated with a backdate.

This has been fixed.



If a new transfer event was created as a part of customization of the billing flow, and billing and invoicing happened in the same transaction (for example, in the trial billing or any other custom operation), invoicing failed with an error about the event not being found.

This has been fixed.



The wrong partition was picked up to load the custom delayed class when the class name did not start with /event/delayed.

This has been fixed. The condition is added to check if the class name contains /event/delayed.



In Payment Center, while searching for the suspended payments, all partitions were being searched with a batch size of 5, which was impacting the performance.

This has been fixed. The search is now made only in the required partition and the batch size is made configurable.



When the pin_collect utility is run, the report generated is expected to display both the account POID and the corresponding charge. In the previous releases, the report displayed only the account POID.

The report now displays the account POID and corresponding charges.



Renaming a deal in a plan with options was failing.

This has been fixed.



When searching for large hierarchical accounts with multiple child accounts, Customer Center is taking more than 30 minutes to display the account details.

The search is now optimized to return the results faster.



AAA Gateway now populates the failed AVP block for the mandatory fields in the CER/CEA flow.



The search in Payment Center was taking a long time. The search is now optimized to return results faster.



In a customer hierarchy, the purchase of a product at child level triggered billing for the entire hierarchy if the billing was not already done.

This has been fixed.



The pipeline failed when the ProductInfoChange event with 1000 or more products was processed at one time.

This has been fixed.



The Account search dialog box in Customer Center did not allow you to open an account without selecting the same account after sorting the Search Results list.

This has been fixed.



The search query in the PCM_OP_BILL_REVERSE_PAYMENT opcode performed an entire table search, which was impacting the performance.

The query has been optimized to enable partition-based search to improve the performance.



The CREATEFROMSTRING() and CREATEFROMXML() class methods are now thread-safe.



The back-end process of DM_ORACLE was getting respawned when it was trying to reconnect to the database.

This has been fixed.



The update actions on the directory server was failing for the PIN_FLD_IN and PIN_FLD_DN_FLAGS fields in the WLFDS opcode.

This has been fixed.



The pipeline was crashing when a large number of critical error messages were logged simultaneously from different threads.

This has been fixed.



When a product was created (with the RATE_TIERS value set to RELATIVE) and exported as XML without committing anything to the database, and then imported into a new session of Pricing Center and committed, the RATE_TIERS value was set to 2 (Invalid Value).

This has been fixed.



In certain cases, during the deployment of the BRM J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) Adapter, a NullPointerException was displayed, halting the process.

This has been fixed.



When a full settlement was made for an event-level debit dispute through Customer Center, the balance was reduced.

In this scenario, the balance should not have been reduced because the original dispute request was a debit request to increase bill balance.

This has been fixed.



The pin_crypt_upgrade utility considered only the fields starting with PIN_FLD_ for upgrade from Message-Digest algorithm 5 (MD5) to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

The pin_crypt_upgrade utility now considers all the fields for upgrade.



Each sequencer had a database connection open throughout its lifetime. This was causing the pipeline to run out of database connections when a large number of sequencers were configured.

This has been fixed.



The Permissions Center dialog box in Collections Configuration Center was taking a long time to load if the number of customer service representatives (CSRs) were more.

This has been fixed.



Permissions Center was taking a long time to find and display the CSRs in a role if the number of CSRs were more.

This has been fixed.



For an existing product in the database, a POID revision was created when loading a price list for the existing product without any changes.

The POID revision is now created only if there is a change.



The purchase of tailor-made products was failing because of not meeting the uniqueness constraint.

This has been fixed.The name created by the tailor-made product has the product name followed by the time in hex and the thread ID.



The password in the file used by Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher to connect to BRM was not encrypted.

This has been fixed to allow AES-encrypted passwords in the file of the pin_inv_doc_gen utility.



Due to memory leaks, the BRM LDAP Data Manager was crashing after approximately 2000 operations.

This has been fixed.



If the /config/business_param EventAdjustmentsDuringCancellation entry was set to True, a product cancellation would cause an over-refund of the cycle fees. This happened in cases where a tax-only credit adjustment was previously done on the cycle fees.

This has been fixed.



In the account maintenance mode of Customer Center, the fields were not resized when the window was resized in the Product Details page.

This has been fixed.



In STOP Accounting Flow, a search was performed even for the correlation ID having null values.

An additional check is now included to avoid this search.



When a service-level product was canceled, the previously applied account-level discount was not getting refunded if sequential discounting was enabled.

This has been fixed.



Backdated purchase of a product aligned to a billing cycle was not creating charged events aligned to the cycle.

This has been fixed.



If the pin.conf parameter keep_cancelled_products_or_discounts was set to 0, a call to the PCM_OP_SUBSCRIPTION_GET_PURCHASED_OFFERINGS opcode in the same transaction as the product/discount cancellation sometimes caused the Data Manager (DM) to log an error.

This has been fixed.



In Customer Center, service-level resource adjustments were changing the validity dates of all the records instead of only the selected record.

This has been fixed.



Balance breach Notification XML was generated even when an ongoing transaction was rolled back.

This has been fixed.



The FCT_DuplicateCheck module was internally using a deprecated API from a third-party library, which was causing high memory consumption in some cases.

This has been changed to use a new API.



If a refund was made on a cycle-forward fee through an accounts receivable action such as an adjustment or dispute, while canceling CYCLE_FEES, the cancellation refund did not consider the accounts receivable action and refunded more than what was charged.

This is now corrected to consider prorated account receivables action on the same scale as cancellation.

Key Enhancements in BRM 7.4 Patch Set 15

For more details about these changes and enhancements, please refer to BRM Patch Set 15 documentation.

BRM Integration Enhancements

BRM now adds multischema support when integrated with external applications using Oracle Application Integration Architecture (Oracle AIA).

Customer Center Enhancements

Customer Center now enables customers to purchase a plan with options that contains services not associated with any deals.

Pricing Center Enhancements

In Pricing Center, you can now create a plan with options that contains services not associated with a deal.

JCA Resource Adapter Enhancements

You can now enable JCA Resource Adapter to support custom opcodes.

Payments Enhancements

The search performance for Payment Events in Payment Centre has been improved.

TAP Roaming Manager Enhancements

TAP Roaming Manager now supports TAP 3.12 TD57 Version 30.1.




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