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Release of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.4 Patch Set 20 (Doc ID 1618120.1)

Last updated on SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

Applies to:

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management - Version to [Release 7.4.0]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.4 Patch Set 20 is released on 04 Feb 2014.

This announcement lists the fixes and enhancements in various components delivered in Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) 7.4 Patch Set 20.

NOTE: BRM Maintenance Patch Set 1 is a pre-requisite for this patch, for server components including optional managers and also for client applications.

NOTE: BRM 7.4 Patch Set 20 is cumulative from BRM 7.4 Patch Set 12 and includes all the changes introduced from Patch Set 12 onwards.

Patch ID: Patch 18039172

Summary of fixes to customer-reported tickets delivered in Patch Set 20:

SR Number

Bug Number




In the previous releases, an attempt to purchase a Purchase fee product configured with an On Demand feature and cycle tax within a delayed billing period, was resulting in error.

This has been fixed.



In Pricing Center, the Code field in Price Model was allowing only ten characters even though the database field supported 255 characters.

This has been fixed. The Pricing Center GUI now supports the same number of characters as the database field.



In Collections Configuration, if a user associated to a role had permission only to read data, it was possible for the user to write data.

This has been fixed.



Conversion Manager (CMT) now updates the REC_ID field in the SERVICE_ALIAS_LIST_T table with the value specified in the elem attribute of the Service Alias array. If a duplicate value exists in the elem attribute, the DUPLICATE_ELEM_SERVICEALIASLIST error message is displayed.



In the previous releases, a refund was always issued to the current payment method and not to the original payment method that was used during purchase time.

This has been fixed. With this patch, a refund will always be issued to the original payment method.



In AAA Gateway, the large unsigned integer values in Attribute Value Pair (AVP) were treated as negative integers by the Diameter grammar, which resulted in erroneous data.

This has been fixed. AVP now supports unsigned integers.



In the previous releases, CMT was not loading all the columns for the DEVICE_NUM_T table. Only CATEGORY_ID, CATEGORY_VERSION, and NETWORK_ELEMENT were being loaded from the XML file.

This has been fixed. CMT now loads additional columns like VANITY, PERMITTED, ORIG_NETWORK_ID, and RECENT_NETWORK_ID from the XML file.



In the previous releases, credit limit check was not performed in the PCM_OP_BILL_DEBIT opcode when the extra_rate_flags values was set to 0x02.

This has been fixed. A credit limit check is now performed to ensure that the credit limit is not crossed.



In the previous releases, the cycle fold balance impact was incorrect when the plan transition and account suspension occurs on the same day.

This has been fixed. The balance impacts are now calculated correctly.



In the previous releases, if a discount was purchased for a cycle event in the middle of a cycle, the discount was not reflected in the Invoice Policy.

This has been fixed. The discount is now correctly reflected in the policy.



When the PCM_OP_CUST_UPDATE_SERVICES opcode was called, the service order was not getting generated if the status flag value was changed without any change in status.

This has been fixed. The service order is now generated if the status flag is changed without any change in status.


17356828, 17305659

When a subscriber does not have a purchased product, rerating a usage event through the rerating pipeline will fail on the real time rating side because no rating product can be found. This will occur even when a system product is available.

This has been fixed. When no purchased product is found, rerating now retrieves the system product if available. Also, the rerating pipeline input mapping is changed because a few fields may be missing for a system product when compared to a normal purchased product.



For Linux, the memory monitoring module was shutting down after reporting that the memory utilization was more than 80% even when more than 80% memory was available. This was because the module was calculating the total available memory by looking at "free" memory. However, for Linux, the total available memory is the sum of free, buffer and cached memory.

The has been fixed. The memory monitoring module now calculates the total available memory using the /proc/meminfo system file.



When the PCM_OP_SUBSCRIPTION_PURCHASE_DEAL opcode is called in the calc-only mode and if the input flist includes the PIN_FLD_CYCLE_END_T field for proration calculation, the PIN_FLD_TOTAL block was not getting populated in the output flist.

This has been fixed.


17475605, 17597768

The PCM_OP_RATE_POL_GET_TAXCODE policy opcode was not returning the user-defined tax codes from the taxcode map file.

This has been fixed. PCM_OP_RATE_POL_GET_TAXCODE now returns all the tax codes specified in the taxcode map file. Additionally, the opcode accepts PIN_FLD_FLAGS as an optional input parameter to determine which set of taxcodes are returned:

0: Return all taxcodes. This is the default.

1: Return taxcodes that are associated with a tax package only

2: Return taxcodes that are user-defined only.



In the previous releases, the backdated payment reversals were not considered as backdated even though the correct back date was passed.

This has been fixed. The backdated payment reversals are now recorded correctly.



In Pricing Center, if a copy (P1) of a product (P) already existed, then an attempt to create another copy P2 from P resulted in overwriting P1.

This has been fixed.



With the current code and the advance_bill_cycle entry in the pin.conf file, the account creation done on 28th of any month will have a cycle day of month (DOM) as the 2nd of the next month.

This has been fixed. Incrementing DOM twice in customer registration and billing opcodes is now avoided.



In the previous releases, the GetResourceBalance iScript was not considering the First Usage sub-balances at the time of returning the result to the caller.

This has been fixed. The GetResourceBalance iScript now considers the Fist Usage sub-balances as well if it exists in memory.



In the previous releases, when the rate plan list had large number of rate plans for different combination of event types, there was a degradation in the billing performance.

This has been fixed. The billing performance is improved for cases with a large number of rate plans.



(Patch Set 20) In the previous releases, the pin_cycle_fees utility was not creating the /process_audit/billing object.

This has been fixed.



(Patch Set 20) In certain scenarios, all non-currency resource buckets were not following ALIGN mode for sub-balances, even though the business parameter was configured for the same.

This has been fixed. The CUT mode (default) for sub-balances is now avoided if configured for ALIGN.



In the previous releases, if the keep_cancelled_products_or_discounts parameter was disabled and a discount was canceled, there was no reversal of discount applied.

This has been fixed. The applied discount is now reversed correctly.



In the previous releases, CMT was creating blank data files for the custom tables where classes other than service_telco_t were extended.

This has been fixed. CMT can now migrate data in the custom tables.



In previous releases, when Customer Center was used to modify accounts, after modifying ten accounts (canceling a deal or a product, or modifying an account or a service status), when the eleventh account is opened for editing by closing the previously opened accounts, Customer Center was hanging.

This has been fixed.



The PCM_OP_POL_GET_LINEAGE policy opcode was going into an infinite loop resulting in very high CPU utilization.

This has been fixed.



In the previous releases, processing a service order for a member service was failing because the subscription service was in the CLOSED state.

This has been fixed. It is now possible to change the status of the member services if the existing status of a member service is due to provisioning and if its status is the same as that of the parent.



In the previous releases, refund was failing for accounts with multiple /billinfo objects having an open-item accounting type.

This has been fixed. The refund amount is now calculated from the items instead of the /billinfo object.



Vertex Data Manager (dm_vertex) was experiencing random drop in connection to the Oracle CTQ schema.

This has been fixed. If the tax calculation fails due to a lost database connection, then an attempt is made to reestablish the connection and retry the tax calculation.



In the previous releases, the performance of the PCM_OP_READ_FLDS opcode was degrading when run for objects with an array and a subarray. The select query for each second-level array was being run multiple times.

This has been fixed. The select query for each second-level array is now run only once.



In the pipeline_upgrade.cfg file, for the MAIN DB, there was an instruction to specify the main "Portal Base database". This was confusing when separate databases were used for BRM and Pipeline Manager.

This has been fixed. The instructions in the pipeline_upgrade.cfg file are now updated to reflect the pipeline details.



In the previous releases, when purchasing a backdated deal with a date prior to the last bill run date and the end date is set to a future date, an extra credit event was getting generated.

This has been fixed.



In the previous releases, it was not possible to expose custom opcodes through Web Services. This was because the CustomFields package was not accessible due to an incorrect path for the file.

The file path is now corrected.


Key Enhancements in BRM 7.4 Patch Set 20

For more details about these changes and enhancements, please refer to BRM Patch Set 20 documentation.

Certification Enhancements

With this patch, BRM Self-Care Manager is now certified on Apache Tomcat version 7.0.42.





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