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FAQ Label Designer (Doc ID 2827789.1)

Last updated on NOVEMBER 19, 2023

Applies to:

Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud Service
Information in this document applies to any platform.


To provide the answers to frequently asked questions about Label Designer.

Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers
 Q1. What are the company parameters that are impacting the label printing?
 Q2.How to use Labels created by label designer If there are already code labels on environment?
 Q1.How to use data type dynamic ?
 Q2.How to use data type dynamic repeating?
 Q3.Labels are not printing all the values in the same page.
 Q4.Why Multiple line gaps are created in OBLPN shipping label?
 Q5.The Label  does not print all the OBLPN's from a Pallet in multiple pages, is printing only the first 10 OBLPN's  from 100. Why?
 Q1.Labels Printed Failed To Get Designer Label Template During Print Label Pallet
 Q2.What are the label types that can be used in the Label Template view UI screen?
 Q3.Duplicate first page in a label template. How can I delete it?
 Q1.What are the Label Designer field mapping for: Item Code, LPN Number, Batch Number, Attribute B, and Attribute C
 Q1. How we can change label formatting?
 Q2.How I can print the label to a specific printer?
 Q3.How can I Print preview a label?
 Q4.How to print Labels while waving and these waves will run by the Schedule Job?
 Q5.Why email confirmation of labels printed from UI has not been sent?
 Q6.The label designer or WMS cannot generate print previews or print the label.
 Q7.Label ZPL Content Not Coming Via Emall For Items But Works For OBLPNs
 Q8.Print OBLPN Does Not Print The Label
 Q9.How can The Packing List Sorting the Data  By Order Number (ascending Order)?
 Q10.How To Print Multiple Case Labels?
 Q11.How to Print 2 Labels for the Same IBLPN at Receiving?
 Q12.Unable to print Item Label due to error - coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found
 Q13.When printing a label that is using a layout created in Label Designer, using Type = QR CODE, the image prints very small. The QR Code needs to be printed large enough for it to be scanned. 
 Q14.Print Label For Non Cubed Picking
 Q15.Column Ordering Print OBLPN Not Printing
 Q16.How Can We Use Multiple Column Names In Order By field In Label Designer?
 Q17.Label Printing ERROR: Rollback du to data base error ERROR: ORA-00904: ":ITEM""CODE" : invalid identifier when used in the order by filed item.code or
 Q18.Barcode Value Changes Character Underscore "_" Into A Hyphen "-" When Printing
 Q19.How to Print sum of packed qty on the Packing Label based on OBLPN & Batch Nbr combination on Shipping Label?
 Q20.The OBLPN is printed blank.What could be possible cause?
 Q21.In the label, Barcode is also generating for the column attribute which is null. What setup is required to do not print the barcode when the value is null?
 Q22.How to convert label designer date format from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY?
 Q33.Label Designer Ship To and Ship Date fields are changing to Retailer to Retailer and Promised Date/Schedule Ship Date when printing.
 Q1.Label Template mismatch compared to RF and UI
 Q2.How To Use “Prompt-Printer” For Cubed Picking Transaction in  RF-Text: Pack NC Active {order}?
 Q3.Why New Facility Cannot Print Labels From RF?
 Q4.How to print IB Pallet Label from RF?
 Q5.How to print multiple copies for a label from RF?
 Q6.Print through RF-Text: Print Label  with the parameter type: set up to OBLPN does not print the customer OBLPN set up in the Label template view, instead is printing the  base shipping label.
 Q1. How To Change Printer Orientation From The Webservice label And Solve The Close Tag Missing?
 Q2.How To Print The Carrier's Shipping Label When Using Carrier Integration?
 Q3.How To Remove Certain Data Off UPS Shipping Label?
 Q5.How to print Multi Page Carrier Label?
 Q1.ZPL Label files printed in Encrypted format - Is IPP or IPPS Supported ?
 Q2.Printing 200 or more blind labels complete with error: 504 Gateway Time-Out
 Q3.Printed Blind Labels are not showing Destination Facility
 Q4.How to Print Colored Boxes on IBLPN Label for a Standard or Zebra Printer?
 Q1:Why Is Shipping Label Skipping To The Next Page Of The Label?
 Q2.When printing a label designed in Label Designer and the label has Landscape paper type the actual print is done sideways (like in portrait format) . Why?
 Q3.Blind Labels Barcode Are Printed At Left Side, Out Of Printing Area
 Q4.How to print label with Dimension 4x6.5?
 Q5. We are setting up a 4x6 label design with 300 DPI. The zebra printer has 600 DPI. Is it still possible to have a 4x6 label setup with this printer?
 Q1.Japanese Characters Are Not Supported For Shipping Labels?
 Q2.Labels for LPNs Not Being Printed With Barcodes/Error Message "zint: command not found" In Logs While Printing Labels
 Q3.When attempting to print Packing Slip, the following error occurs.Can't open file "/usr/share/fonts/amiri/amiri-regular.ttf"
 Q4.Why does Label Designer not print Chinese characters on Labels?
 Q5.Why does WMS not insert ^CFJ so that Chinese characters will print on Labelary?
 Q6.LPN Label Cannot Display Chinese , Display Blank
 Q7.How To Print Few Fields In A Label Template In Different Languages?
 Q1.How to export Label templates?
 Q2.How to import Label Template?
 Q3.How we can upload/import  same template multiple times?
 Q1.Users Cannot Upload Images And Get Error Reverse for 'pyserver.universal_doc_label.views.designer' with arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{}' not found
 Q1.Label Designer - what is the option to change data formats to system acceptable formats? Is there a way to display dates in label designer in different formats?
 Q2.Error While Printing Expression In Label Designer -- Cannot resolve keyword u'curr_location' into field
 Q3.How to Extract a Portion of a String to Print It on an Outbound Label
 Q4.How Can Users Create A Label That Prints Only A Part Of An Item String?
 Q5.Error 'strftime' requires a '' object but received a 'NoneType'Expression When Printing For Data Matrix Label
 Correct expression:
 Q6.How To Print The IBLPN Current Location On IBLPN Label? (than can be a location or a pallet)
 Q7.Label Date Format Showing as yyyy-mm-dd instead of dd-mm-yyyy
 Q8.Received Timestamp In Receiving Label Is Not Displaying Time In Facility Time Zone
 Q9.Getting an error while printing the label from IBLPN UI with the below expression:"\~inventory.invn_attr.invn_attr_b" if \~inventory.invn_attr.invn_attr_b is not None else "\~ib_shipment_dtl.invn_attr.invn_attr_b".Same is working for invn attr a expression.
 Q10.Label designer: print current qty if shipped qty is null
 Q11.How can a string be converted  into a date in the Label Designer?
 Q12. How to Use Expressions For Bind Labels?
 Q13.The function get_item_numbers used in expressions, has been changed after 22A , need  () for passing null arguments.
 Q13. How to change the container weigth  kg having multiple decimals into lbs having 2 decimals?
 Q14.How to Print LPN Create TS in MM/DD/YY HH:MM AM/PM format?
 Q15.What Expression Can Be Used To Get Item Count From An oblpn - obcontainer.lbl?
 Q16.How to print the trailer nbr on a Shipping label from OBLPN UI screen print Shipping label?
 Q17.How to print an expression that contain a list of values? Ex: If the Ship via is available on the sales order header. Print it as it is/else If the destination facility state code is 'AK'/'HI' then print as 'Express'/Else Print it as 'Ground'.
 Q18.How to print "Limited QTY" if the OBLPN contain a hazmat (hazarduous) item and the OBLPN's weigth is below 66 lbs., instead to print the UN Number?
 Q19.How to print an expression for location label in Spanish Language for Active and Reserve  to be printed  as "RESERVE" respective "ACTIVO" and if are not reserve or active to print the  location type description that exist in the database (in English).
 Q1.Error 'NoneType'object When Using Function Of Label Designer DETERMINE_SKU_SINGLE_OR_MULTI
 Q2.Why I cannot see all the  functions in label type IB LPN - ibcontainer.lbl for example?
 Q1.Does WMS Support SSCC Barcodes?
 Q2.Customers require labels in GS1-128 and not code128 format, know what is the equivalent GS1-128 code in WMS?
 E1.RFPrintLpnLbl OBLPN can be printed from RF with parameter set to OBLPN
 E2.Can we print webservice label using Print Shipping Label API?
 E3.Can we print distinct blind labels for IBLPN and OBLPN from Blind Labels button in IBLPN UI ?
 E4.IBLPN label not showing option for column name item_characteristics brand code.
 E5.The Russian Language. Arabic, Turkish fonts are not supported in the label designer currently. Customer can use the web reports as alternative. Idea Number: 32f2f01101.
 E6.Access the field 'Item Facility Description" in Label Designer is an ER.
 E7.Requirement to build custom functions or expressions in label designer
 E8.Can we get the OBLPN contents label type printed automatically after the Wave allocation , when the Allocation Type is “LPN Units” . Column ordering and cubing mode is configured in the Wave Template. But the label is getting printed when the allocation happens from “Full LPNS” but not for the “LPN units”.==> customer need to create an Idea Lab
 E9.How can I print label from Location UI be order by:pick_seq?
 E10.How to Print IBLPN Labels which are Not Received (In-transit status) Using API or Standard RF?
 E11.How to Auto-Print LPN Labels Upon Modification?
 E12.How to display multiple barcodes corresponding to multiple SKUs in one OBLPN content label or IBLPN?
 E13.Component Item information on Work Order label in label Designer
 E14.IB Shipment LPN label printing order expectations:in the order of the lpn number
 E15.In the OBLPN Contents Label, the same item having two different batch numbers are displayed in different lines
 E16.IB Shipment Serial Label printed form RF
 E17.Label Designer to add (sum) two fields together eg. Is there a way to add two weights to get a gross weight using Label Designer?
 E18.Need to add the following fields to doc label designer order label:order_detail.erp_source_header_reference and load.cust_field_2
 E19.OB Pallet Label is not showing Pallet weight.Get the calculated total weight of the pallet on the label needs to be considered as an Enhancement Request.
 E20.It is possible to have IBLPN and Serial number in the same label?
 E21.IBLPN Label created in Label Designer not pulling pre-pack quantities-why is expression not working?

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