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Oracle Receivables Lockbox: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 1075485.1)

Last updated on MAY 12, 2022

Applies to:

Oracle Receivables - Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Form:ARXLPIM.FMB - Maintain Lockbox Transmission Data
Form:ARXLBSUB.FMB - Submit Lockbox Processing
Executable:ARLPLB - Process Lockboxes
Form:ARXLBHIS.FMB - View Transmission History


Oracle Receivables (AR): Receipts Workbench Information Center > Note 1075485.1

This document discusses some of the commonly asked questions about Auto Lockbox process in Oracle Receivables. All features mentioned are current as of the latest release till 12.1.3.
Since this document is long and contains a variety of issues/information, we suggest you use the string search (CTRL-F) function to find keywords in this document that pertain to the issue you are researching.


Introducing the Lockbox Analyzer, DocID 2323322.1

The EBS Oracle Receivables Lockbox Analyzer is a self-service health-check script that reviews Lockbox related data, analyzes current configurations and settings for the environment and provides feedback and recommendations on best practices.  Analyzers may also be used as data collection tools by Support Engineers.  Your application data is not altered in any way when you run this analyzer.



Questions and Answers

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In this Document
Questions and Answers
 1. Is it mandatory to always use import step of lockbox for importing the bank data?
 2. What table needs to be populated is using Lockbox via a custom program?
 3. How can the data be reviewed after it is successfully imported and validated?
 4. Where can I review receipts that failed during validation?
 5. What are the various transmission status possible?
 6. Why does the Status of AR_TRANSMISSIONS not change when deleting batch and receipts
 7. Can I apply a QuickCash Receipt to Multiple Transactions?
 8. Can I apply a receipt to another customer's transaction?
 9. Can I apply a Quickcash receipt against open receipts?
 10. When is the Autocash Rule used?
 11. What are the various Autocash rule options?
 12. How are the discounts handled in post quick cash?
 Setup Considerations
 How are discounts calculated in lockbox
 13. Where is the data stored after validation?
 14. How to purge the data from interface and interim tables?
 15. What are the various stages in the lockbox process and can I execute all the steps in one single request?
 16. How to obtain detailed log from lockbox when there are errors during execution?
 17. What are the things to check when receiving the error "Lockbox with this number does not exist in this transmission".
 18. How is the org_id populated by Lockbox in case of multi org environment when it is not specified in the data file?
 19. Can a single data file have data belonging to multiple organizations?
 20. Can I create a single Transmission record Type which includes both receipt and application details.
 21. How are customers identified by Lockbox?
 22. Control Count And Control Amount Of Remittance Batch is Not Updated After Receipt Reversal
 23. Receipt batch was posted by lockbox twice thus creating duplicate receipts
 24. The batch type of some of the Lockbox batches in the Batches Summary form is Manual-Regular while other Lockbox batches are Manual-Quick.
 25. How can the Receipt Information Descriptive Flexfield Information be imported through AutoLockbox?
 25. How to enter the MICR number manually in the bank form in order for theLockbox process to recognize it.
 26. When applying receipts imported using Lockbox, in the Post QuickCash mode, 'Receipt Write-Off' Receivable Activity is not available
 27. Does Autolockbox allow to import receipts for multiple lockboxes in one transmission file from the bank?
 28. Is it Possible To Schedule A Lockbox Processing Request?
 29. How to Setup Lockbox To Create Claims for Trade Management
 Setup Required:
 30. Can Autocash Rule Place A Receipt On Account If Entire Receipt Can't Be Applied?
 31. Can lockbox apply receipts to an inactive customer record?
 32. How to Purge Lockbox Transmission History From AR_TRANSMISSIONS_ALL
 33. What is the filename for the control file of the transmission format?
 Is it mandatory to use one of these 3 scripts?
 Can these scripts be modified?
 Are all 8 record types required(as in ardeft.ctl), or just 3 (as in arxmpl.ctl), or can all records be the same record type, as you have in the flat file you are loading from?
 34. How To Use AutoCash Rules to Apply Receipts Imported Using Lockbox
 35. During the AutoLockbox process, Post QuickCash failed to apply a receipt with the status of UNAPPLIED using the AutoCash Rule  CLRACCT (Clear the Account)
 36. How To Run A Lockbox Without Entering The Lockbox Number
 37. Lockbox Receipts created as Unapplied instead of 'On Account', as setup in the autocash rule set
 Following circumstances concur:
 38. How can a new Date Format be set up  for Lockbox transmission formats?
 39. Can Adjustments be created through Lockbox?
 40.  How to default the bill to location in Lockbox?
 41. How To Populate The Field "Customer Reference" Displayed In Receipt Application Window For Lockbox Receipts
 42. How Can User Apply Single Receipt To More Than 8 Invoices Using Lockbox Process
 43. How Lockbox handles Receipt Number using Fill Symbol and Justify setup?
 Case I
 Case II
 44. How to Derive The Check Digit in The Transit Routing Number?
 How to derive the check digit to correct the MICR number:
 United States
 Validation Rules
 Check Algorithm for Routing Transit Number
 For Example:
 Other Countries
 45. What are the Order and Defaults used by Lockbox Autoassociate to Identify Customers?
 46. How to populate Global attributes in AR_RECEIVABLES_APPLICATIONS_ALL when using Lockbox in Brazilian Localizations?
 47. Receipt has INVALID APPLICATIONS for all records, valid as well as invalid?
 48. How are miscellaneous cash identified through AutoLockbox?
 49. How does Lockbox process the match if there are several different occurrences of the Matching Number?
 50. When does AutoLockbox consider an invoice to be a duplicate?
 51. How does On Account rule in Autocash Lockbox work?
 Example: case A:
 Example: case B:
 52. If Customer only gives the Consolidated Billing Number as part of the autolockbox file will it apply the receipt to all invoices associated with that CBI number?
 53. Why is Lockbox receipt is rejected with duplicate MICR number?
 54. Can Output Be Reduced In The Lockbox Execution Report?
 55. ARXLBSUB: When Submitting Lockbox Cannot Manually Enter A GL_DATE
 56. Is it possible to automate the creation of Claims for receipt balances that are not linked to any invoice?
 57. Where does the value for transmission_request_id come from?
 58. ARLPLB: Log File is Extremely Large and Seems to Repeat Itself.
 58. Batch Type Can Be Changed After Lockbox Has Been Processed
 59. Records Deleted From AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALLAre Still Displayed In The Lockbox Transmission History Window
 60. What Tables Are Updated When Lockbox Finds a MICR Number?
 61. Can a Bank File in BAI2 Format Be Defined As A Transmission Format?
 62. Lines Have Been Deleted From the Maintain Transmission Form (ARXLPIM )
 63. How To Put Lockbox Receipts On-Account
 64. Can Lockbox Be Submitted From the Command Line?
 65. What is the File Name For Post Quickcash Execution Report
 66. Importing a receipt via Lockbox, Apply Date on the receipt application is defaulting to Receipt Date and not System date like a manual receipt application via the form.
 67. Lockbox import does not import data according to the column break-down specified in the control file.
 68. Does the AR lockbox process allow tab delimited control files?
 69. How to use customer_reference and customer_reason in AutoLockbox
 70. Evaluate for Claims Eligibility Field is Missing from Lockbox Form
 71. Can a file have multiple batches for the same Lockbox number, origination, and account?
 72. Does The Receipt To Receipt Application Functionality Work With Lockbox?
 73. Why Lockbox Creates And Apply Receipts Even When There is ERROR Batch amount does not equal sum of receipt amounts
 74. How AutoLockbox Applies Receipts
 75. Will Lockbox apply to all transactions belonging to a SO/PO?
 76. Why does Lockbox allow applying a receipt to same transaction twice?
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