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Master FAQ Note On iProcurement - Frequent Not A Bug (NAB) Issues (Doc ID 1344274.1)

Last updated on DECEMBER 03, 2019

Applies to:

Oracle iProcurement - Version 11.5.10 to 12.2.6 [Release 11.5 to 12.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This document summarizes the common iProcurement - functional issues reported that are not Bugs (NAB).

Top categories in iProcurement for NABs are seen in Requisitions, Approvals , Shopping/Item Search issues.  Each not-a-bug functional issues are often spread out and unique however this Doc list minimum check points matching to your issues to find out if your issues being not Bugs.  Utilize this Document along with your regular MOS search for past report and Doc or log Forum, by learning frequent area for non-bug type issues.

What do you need to do?

Whenever you get an issue related to iProcurement, please try to match your issue with the problem categories listed in this document for possible functional issues and not code issues and get the relevant document specified against each problem category, which might have a solution for your issue. If you do not find a solution for your issue from those documents specified here, along with search in MOS, please log a Service request/Bug with set of required info.

Details and Common Files Required :
          - Appscheck output <NOTE: 186123.1>
          - FND debug log <NOTE: 290614.1>
          - About this page - 'Printable Page' info with Expand All /Business Component Details  / Also 'Generate Bug Report' info  <NOTE: 759805.1>
          - listCustomization output    <NOTE: 1383536.1>  FAQ: WEB PROCUREMENT - DISABLING CUSTOMIZATION CHECKLIST  section d) listCustomizations
         - Responsibility used (check issue with seeded responsibility /function/menu)

 Please also check each Data with - <NOTE: 1383536.1>- FAQ: WEB PROCUREMENT - DISABLING CUSTOMIZATION CHECKLIST for frequent found Customization issues.


* For 12.2.4+ customer : Please assure your instance has following patch applied:

   New!!  22575334:R12.ICX.D  Mandatory Consolidate Patch for 12.2.4+  checkin for 12.2.4+ (released on Sep 2016) (12.2.4 -12.2.6 Customer)

               (Refer Doc ID Note 2183357.1)

 * For 12.1.x customer:

    -  25140095:R12.ICX.B Oracle iProcurement Consolidation Patch for 12.1.3 - Jan 2017

              (Refer  Doc ID 2229253.1 12.1.3 Iprocurement Product Update - Patch 25140095:R12.ICX.B)

   Refer;  Procurement Family Patch Release History (Including Latest Available Rollups)(Doc ID 222339.1)

Functional Area wise Problem Categories and the reference documentations for frequent Not-a-Bug Issue.

1. Setups

Important Setups:

Profile "MO:Security Profile" should not be set at the user or at the responsibility level
for iProcurement.
iProcurement does not use "MO:Security Profile"
For iProcurement set MO:Operating Unit and MO:Default Operating Unit
profiles at the user or responsibility level.

Ref: <NOTE: 579900.1> - Is Iprocurement Enabled For Multiple Operating Units (MOAC)?

Also iProcurement is not Lot/Serial control supported


Problem Category Reference Document

Customization Check


Set ot Required Data

   - Appscheck / About this Page ('Generate bug report ' , ' Printed page' after Expand All and Business Component Details clicked ) / listCustomization output / FND log / Responsibility   (* Trace optional)


JBO- Errors  


  --> First check for cusotmiztaion/extention !

ex) JBO-27021

ex) JBO-27022  oracle.jbo.AttributeLoadException:
JBO-27022: Failed to load value at index 5.....




JBO-27019: Get method for attribute...

  --> check for file dependencies















XXXPG cannot be opened with Unexpected Error

   Ex) iProcurement Home page cannot be opened

*Assure Customizations are all disabled before logging SR/Bugs in output--------->

  - Disable Self-Service Personal  = YES
  - POR: Enable Requisition Line Customization  = NO
  - POR: Enable Req Distribution Customization  = NO
  - POR: Enable Req Header Customization  = NO

 * Note:  Setting disable self-service personalization and customization does not disable Java related extention/customization.

    To check extention/customization with java related pages/Views, check by running 'jdr_utils.listcustomizations' against the PG/VO etc.

JBO-27021 ex) Bug 21185079 21185079 21185079, Bug 20680736 issue caused by custom VO 

 -- Bug 21185079 21185079 21185079 : 'JBO-27022: : Failed to load value at index 52' -- Bug 20680736 :' JBO-27021: Failed to load CustomDatum when View Req' --> custom VO

* Attention! Code cause case JBO error found --> JBO-27021 Failed to load CustomDatum in Receiving


  Example Case:

 set serverout on;
 execute  jdr_utils.listcustomizations('/oracle/apps/icx/por/reqmgmt/webui/ReqDetailsPG');

 EXEC jdr_utils.listcustomizations('/oracle/apps/icx/por/reqmgmt/server/ReqDetailsVO');

  - If there are any rows in that... Please ask the customer to delete it using
exec jdr_utils.deletedocument('<output from previous step>');

Execute all the above steps in the test instance and if all the results are
fine and if Customization of ReqDetailsVO is the issue, then
customer has to redo their customization if required.


JBO-27019 :  ex, Bug 20818586 case;

 Dependency issue with files PoRequisitionLinesVO.xml  and


For some reason, PG has been deleted.

Exception FND_NO_REGION_DATA shown


Sample Error:

<NOTE: 401452.1> You Have Encountered An Unexpected Error When Accessing iProcurement Homepage

- Missing  responsibility level profile value for MO: Operating Unit for the EAM responsibility

<NOTE: 1558775.1> iProcurement Checkout For Requisition Associated To EAM Work Order Gets Error Deliver-To Location Is Invalid


* Attention! Code cause case found for JBO error: in Receiving

  --> Patch 21547422 Return receipts gives error JBO-27021: Failed to load CustomDatum value at index 30 (released on Aug 19th 2015) -This patch fixes the Error JBO-27021 in iProcurement Receiving




















Doc ID 2228010.1 Unable To Open PG/ Homepage In iProcurement - Exception : FND_NO_REGION_DATA


MOAC Issues

   - MO : Security Profile

   - MO : Default Operating Unit

   - MO : Operating Unit

* iProcurement doesn't support MOAC.

   Profile "MO:Security Profile" should NULL at the all level for iProcurement.  (Otherwise runs into error ex: Bug 20496451,20496451)

For iProcurement set MO:Operating Unit and MO:Default Operating Unit profiles at the user or responsibility level.

 2. MO:Operating Unit - Should be set to valid value at the iProcurement responsibility level.
 3. MO:Default Operating Unit - Should be set to valid value at the iProcurement responsibility level.

bounce the oc4j server and  then retest

<NOTE: 579900.1> - Is Iprocurement Enabled For Multiple Operating Units (MOAC)?

 -iProcurement users are considered not professional requisitioners and as such it was decided that exposing an organization dropdown (MOAC) would be confusing and usually most users would have only one organization. So, as there was no functional need for MOAC it was not implemented in iProcurement - release 12.



 - HR:Cross Business Group

- POR: Support Review for Express receive







 - Allow blind receiving POR_REQUIRE_BLIND_RECEIVING


 - POR: My Favorite Store 


- LOV throws error or does not work with Profile Option "Self Service Accessibility Features" set to 'Screen Reader Optimized' mode

- Project LOV empty


- PO: Allow Retroactive Pricing of POs

  --> For POs, BPA and released.

- FND: Enable Rich Table Interactions

 Problem Category Reference Document
 - "Initial Value" related:
    Defaulting Suggested Buyer
  <NOTE: 1336746.1> How To Default Suggested Buyer Through Personalization

<NOTE: 375885.1> How to Default Buyer In iProcurement Based On Category Or Other Criteria

 CUSTOM Package


PO_CUSTOM_PRICE_PUB is not used/supported in iProcurement.  POR_CUSTOM_PKG is used

To default the price:
 ex)  bug 20889136 fixed the default prices in POR_CUSTOM_PKG

        bug 20890866 default price logic -> needs to be implemented to PUR_CUSTOM_PKG


9. Others (Punch out / Receiving etc.. )

 Problem Category  Reference  Document

Punch Out issues




 - not support Tax

- testpunchout



- No items returned from Supplier site to iProcurement shopping cart

   * Incorrect setup as Supplier Site

- DNS lookup failur occurr in Supplier side


- Exception thrown






Punchout Behavior:

- Default Buyer



 - Punchout via exchange using cXML.

Is There Any Further Documentation For Punchout In Release 12.0 ? <NOTE: 431133.1>

How To Diagnose Problems With SSL During Punchout <NOTE: 473525.1>

Bug 17161085

Bug 16500429



Bug 19268511

* For cXML, the parameter name for the HTTP POST is either cXML-urlencoded or cXML-base64. The cXML-urlencoded parameter should be URL-encoded.
The cXML-base64 parameter should be Base64-encoded.

Bug 18962375


Bug 20844380

- attempting to return to shopping cart from supplier punch out site, Exception occurs; java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle.apps.icx.punchout.webui.PunchoutCallbackCO.

 --> Operation Key is different. Supplier needs to fix operation key



Bug 21343903



Punchout via exchange using cXML:

This model doesnt  support Contract Number.

* Documented in the section "Contract Numbers" under the chapter "Overview" in Punchout Guide

 Oracle Procurement Supplier's Guide to Punchout and Transparent Punchout (Part No. B13855-01)
Oracle Procurement Buyer's Guide to Punchout and Transparent Punchout (Part No. B13856-01)


- Punchout was never designed to support tax code.

- testpunchout only sends dummy xml request. It is used to diagnose only the connection issue...

- Supplier site submit shoppingCart to iProcurement with incorrect parameter name   --> Please contact your supplier for fixing it.

- Supplier System returns the shopping cart to the EBS System via the Buyer¿s browser. -- Refer Supplier's guide to punch out p2-20



<Note ID: 2030247.1>Returning The Cart After Punch Out Results In Unexpected Error



-For Punchout items, Buyer is defaulted based on the category only if one  buyer exists for that category in the business group the user is logged into.

-If the profile HR_CROSS_BUSINESS_GROUP is set to "No" then don't look into the other business group to derive the buyer.

Receiving issues

--> Moved to 'Receiving' section

P-card issue:

 - creating a requisition using valid and active supplier p-card,  error occurs.
  "This line has a P-Card number that is inactive or expired. The invalid
  P-Card number will not be applied to the resulting document."

- p-card field is invisible during requisition check out though the supplier
 p-card was defined against the supplier.


- creating a requisition using valid and active supplier p-card, throws error   "This line has a P-Card number that is inactive or expired. The invalid  P-Card number will not be applied to the resulting document." -- This is alreayd resovled with bug 16027770


- The p-card field is visible only when there exists at least one employee p-card.

   We will show the field if employee p-card exists, we show that drop down if user wants to override the supplier p-card with employee p-card.  we don't display the supplier p-card

 Invalids for Procurement products    <NOTE: 1527251.1> - Guide to R12 Invalids for Procurement Products

10. ER /Enhancement Request

Product ER List
iProcurement ER

<NOTE: 1453221.1> - iProcurement Enhancement Request - Change Order

Purchasing ER <NOTE: 1282913.1> - Purchasing Enhancement Requests

Attention ! - 10. Recently Fixed / Frequently Rediscovered Issues

Issue Bug Document / Fix

AME Approve issue

  AME notification not sent and req not approved using manage approvals


Attention!! (as of Aug 28th, 2015)

 - Issue of patch 21618132 & 21576779 frequently reported ! Please check your file version on recent version.


Action History





CLM Acition History











Modify Requisition

Bug 19153173


Bug 20042118 

 Attention!!  Patch 20042118 -> replaced by Patch 21618132 on Aug 12th

- ORA-06512 IN Workflow activity Update Action History(Approve) UPDATE_ACTION_HISTORY_APPROVE error

 - Workflow error in 'Update Action History (Approve) AME'  (12.2 bug 20851182 )


* Action History related issue:

 Attention!!  Patch 20814060-> replaced on Aug 23rd with Patch 21576779


 Patch 17891442 - This patch fixes the issue of CLM REQUISITION ACTION HISTORY IN OUT OF SEQUENCE when Amendment is created

Issue: Action history is showing wrong sequence if an amendment is created
 for a requisition.
 Fix Details: (3 issues were corrected)
 - When an amendment is created for a requisition, instead of passing conformed req header id, amendment header is being passed for updating sequence number.
 - Also, final approver's Approve action is not getting stamped onto requisition.
 - Reject action is not getting noticed.
  -WF errors out with ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call

Bug 21261221

Modify Requisition throws error:

oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: java.sql.SQLException:ORA-20000: Exception at POR_UTL_PKG.restore_working_copy

) 010 SQLERRM:ORA-01403: no data found

<Note ID: 1905401.1>
Using AME, Requisitions With A Manually Added Approver (via iProcurement) Are Getting Stuck In The Approval Process

  Patch 17621841

 <Note ID: 1969203.1>ORA-06512 In Workflow When Using Edit Requisition And Approver Completes Checkout


  Patch 21618132 - This patch resolves the issue of ORA-06512 IN WORKFLOW WHEN USING EDIT REQUISITION




  Patch 21576779 -


<Doc ID 1615798.1> CLM Requisition Action History Is Out Of Sequence For Changes

 =>  PO patch containing workflow modifications for reject action: 17977415:R12.PO.D
 => ICX patch containing changes for the other 2 issues: 17891442:R12.ICX.D






 <Note ID: 2037321.1>In Edit Requisition Flow, Change Charge Account And Apply To All Requisition Lines Gets ORA-20000: Exception at POR_UTL_PKG.restore_working_copy

Patch 21261221 (12.1 / 12.2)




 12.2 New Frequent reported Fixes


For 12.2.4+ customer :

" Mandatory Patch to be included in all 12.2.4+ checkins"  (released on JUL-31-2015!JUL-31-2015)

  New! 22575334 Consolidate checkin for 12.2.4+


Bug / Patch 19972383

  DFF not shown on Shopping cart page

Bug / Patch 20851182

  Edit Requisition throws ORA- error

Requisition Header DFF Not Appearing In iProcurement Shopping Cart Popup (Doc ID 2041906.1)

 ORA-20000 Exception at POR_TAX_PVT.calculate_tax():
 ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("ZX"."ZX_TRANSACTION_LINES_GT"."LINE_AMT")
 ORA-06512: at "APPS.POR_TAX_PVT"

 Consolidated Fix:



BUG 21420034 - CONSOLIDATION PATCH FOR CONTEXT ISSUE   --> Replaced by 21631564:R12.ICX.D on AUG-14-2015

(12.1 / 12.2)


  Add item to Shopping Cart errors with "Item was not added to cart. Item is invalid for your organization"



Patch 21420034   --> Attention!! Replaced by Patch 21631564:R12.ICX.D on Aug 14th

 Context issues:

<Note ID: 2043829.1> - Error Messages "Item Was Not Added To Cart. It Is Invalid
For Your Organization" Or "Deliver-to-location is invalid"


11. Related Product Issue (ex, ATG/ Framework) /  New! :Supplier (duplicate supplier contact...)

** Attention ! :  Frequentlyfound Supplier Issue  (iProcurement/Payables related) 

  Symptom : Supplier LOV / query results during Non-catalog request creation shows duplicates Supplier contacts ..

     This could be one of 2 types:

      1) Data issue: 
       <NOTE: 1327197.1> R12: Generic Data Fix (GDF) For DUPLICATE SUPPLIER
            > If returns row, apply GDF in <NOTE: 1327197.1>

      2) Showing correct according to new R12+ Supplier data model
        - Supplier query in Non-catalog requisition reastion, the iProcurement LOV-using view PO_VENDOR_CONTACTS different from 11i and pulls the association of the contacts with the vendor sites (which are under the Supplier address to which
 the contact is associated.

       * Please note that PO_VENDOR_CONTACTS in 11i is not the same as in R12.
         In 11i PO_VENDOR_CONTACTS was a table holding supplier contact information while in R12 it is a view and hence we cannot compare the no. of records retrieved by this in 11i and R12.
         In R12, supplier contact information is stored in AP_SUPPLIER_CONTACTS table.
         Unlike 11i, supplier contacts are no longer associated at site level in R12 rather they are associated to the address(address/party site shared by multiple supplier sites belonging to different OUs) and the table AP_SUPPLIER_CONTACTS records tha association of these contats to addresses while the view PO_VENDOR_CONTACTS is based on AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL and hence displayed the supplier contact association at the site level.


 Problem Category  Reference  Document
Oracle Text (211) Issue:


* Oracle Text related error found to be following cases often

- Intermedia Index Issue :
DROP and Recreated Index etc.

- Intermedia rebuild performance issue.

 - Rebuild Index would resolves case:


 - If getting error during rebuild indexes, check the specific error (ex. DB datafile extend issue ..) 


Oracle Workflow Issue:


* Aather following related data to start your research :

  - wfstat / wf debug log / wfver.sql 

  -  wfmlrdbg.sql for the notification (if notification related. ex. routing, delegation issue etc )

   - FND log   - Trace with binds

- Workflow Mailer Issue
 Email notifications are not sent when requisitions are created
through iProcurement. (Notification can be viewed in worklist.) 

Bug 19571281 -> WF Bug 19692564

 "Routing rules are not applied when the reassignee is the same person the
 notification came from."

ER 2714169 ROUTING RULES TO DELEGATE A WORKFLOW (implemented on 12.2)

 This issue is addressed by Enhancement Request 2714169 -  ROUTING RULES TO
  DELEGATE A WORKFLOW. By implementing the ER the context setting will not even occur because the notification will not be allowed to get back to the first approver as a result of a vacation rule of the second approver. 
  Again, customer/Oracle Purchasingdevelopment should be aware that a user  getting to be able to approve the next level of the same notification is a security breach.

 <NOTE: 1268073.1> -  Notification Using JRAD Is Failing And Not Getting To User Email Accounts


WF Dev answers:

Routing Rules:
 Routing rules are not applied when the reassignee is the same person the
 notification came from. ex) Both the internal attribute #FROM_ROLE and column FROM_ROLE point to UserX. The routing rule is not applied
 because of security: a user might end up approving the notifications that  should be approved by his/her manager.

 This is not a bug.

Vacation Rules:
To further clarify, the vacation rule is not applied when reassignee matches the attribute #FROM_ROLE of the notification (you can see this in the output of wfmlrdbg.sql) or the reassignee is the workflow process owner
 (WF_ITEMS.OWNER_ROLE) as that is generally the user who submits the notification for the first time.

 Account generation issue



<NOTE: 726378.1> - How To Diagnose Issues In The Charge Account Generation In iProcurement

<NOTE: 732181.1> - Purchasing Requisition Import Activity Test


 - Upgrade issue:  PO/BPA



- Ct had not run pre-upgrade process and haven't bulkload item when tried to upgrade instance from 11i to R12. Therefore, no GBPA  created.
Pre-upgrade process must be done in the upgrade.

 <NOTE: 1406003.1> -  How To create/update a Standard Purchase Order/Blanket Purchase Agreement/Quotation through PDOI process

 <NOTE: 1309351.1> - How To Demonstrate The Bulkload / Upload Process In The Buyer

ATG / Framework

 - LOV page stay still /no response issue


 Bug 19598921 -> Resolved in ATG Bug 19659186 (OAFramework)

  - Isuse due to missing javascript file (.js)


 Solution : Recover missing .js files from the FWK patches etc



Endeca issue

Log against

   Oracle EBS Extensions for Oracle Endeca - INSTALL(10240)

   - CUSTOM (customization) etc

ex) Bug 20318509 Bug 20292747 Bug 20102529





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In this Document
 What do you need to do?
 Functional Area wise Problem Categories and the reference documentations for frequent Not-a-Bug Issue.
 1. Setups
 2. Upgrade and Patch related Issues
 3. Item Search / Shopping 
 4. Requisitions
 5. Approval related issues  / AME
 6. Receiving related issues
 7. Language Issue
 8. Personalization related issue
 9. Others (Punch out / Receiving etc.. )
 10. ER /Enhancement Request
 Attention ! - 10. Recently Fixed / Frequently Rediscovered Issues
 11. Related Product Issue (ex, ATG/ Framework) /  New! :Supplier (duplicate supplier contact...)

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