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Troubleshooting Lockbox: Known Issues and Patches (Doc ID 1366298.1)

Last updated on JUNE 21, 2023

Applies to:

Oracle Receivables - Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Oracle Receivables (AR): Receipts Workbench Information Center > Note 1366298.1 

This note contains a compilation of known issues and patches reported on Lockbox functionality. 
The errors are categorized into what step of the process the error is raised.
Please use your browser's string search function (CTRL-F) to find an error message to review the suggested solution.

The objective of this document is to provide a consolidation of all known issues regarding Lockbox and the patches available.

It is recommended that you use your browser's string search (CTRL-F) utility to quickly find the resolution to a problem you are encountering. If you are hitting an error, you may search for the error message to quickly locate the area of the note associated to your error.

For additional details on how to use the Lockbox functionality, please review:

If you do not find the solution to your issue in this note and need to request assistance from Oracle Support, please review <Note 788619.1> Lockbox: Steps to Diagnose and Debug an Issue or Error. This note will assist you in diagnosing the error and will provide instructions on what files you should upload to your Service Request to expedite the resolution of your issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

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In this Document
Troubleshooting Steps
    1.1. Error: ORA-01403: no data found
    1.2. Issue: Removing Leading Zeros
   1.3. Issue: Lockbox is importing receipts correctly, but the following fields are not populated by the import process: TRANSMISSION_RECORD_ID, TRANSMISSION_ID, TRANSMISSION_REQUEST_ID
    1.4. Error: Program was terminated by signal 11 when submitted from FND Submit Requests form (FNDRSRUN)
    1.5. Error: ERROR MICR and customer number do not refer to the same customer
    1.6. Error: AR-ARLFMT: No LB NUM on LB TRL record type
 1.7. No Error: User is able to assign same MICR to mulitple cusotmers via erceipts created from Lockbox
    2.1. ORA- Errors
    2.1.1. ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row
    2.1.2. ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence
    2.1.3. ORA-01405: fetched column value is NULL
    2.1.4. ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of
    2.1.5. ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string
    2.1.6. ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception ORA-0651
    2.1.7. ORA-979: not a GROUP BY expression
    2.1.8. ORA-01403: no data found
    2.1.9. ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column
    2.1.10. ORA-12899: value too large for column
    2.1.11. ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view
    2.1.12. ORA-01476: divisor is equal to zero
    2.1.13. ORA-01843: not a valid month
    2.2. APP- and APP: Errors
    2.2.1. APP-43697 ERROR You have specified your GL Date Source to be the Deposit Date, however no Deposit Date has been provided.
    2.2.2. APP-43266: Error duplicate lockbox number
    2.2.3. APP: ERROR Receipt has more than one customer number
    2.2.4. APP ERROR: Duplicate Invoice Number For Customer
    2.2.5. APP: Batch With This Name Does Not Exist In This Transmission
    2.3. AR-ARLFMT Errors
    2.3.1. AR-ARLFMT: No PAYMENT record type in format
    2.3.2. AR-ARLFMT: No Batch Name On Payment Record Type
    2.3.3. AR-ARLFMT: No PAYMENT NUM on PAYMENT record type
    2.3.4. AR-ARLFMT: No BATCH NAME on BATCH HDR record type
    2.4. AR-ARLPLB Errors
    2.4.1. AR-ARLPLB: Error Calling Afpoget - Document Number
    2.4.2. AR-ARLPLB: ERROR Transmission record count does not equal number of records
    2.5. Other AR- Errors
    2.5.1. AR_PLB_DUP_PMT Error Receipt Number Already Exists For This Customer And Amount
    2.5.2. AR-ARLVLN: Error from arlvln ORA-1455
    2.5.3. AR-ARCGCU: No site use found in interim cash receipt.
    2.5.4. AR_PLB_BAD_MICR_NUM - ERROR MICR number refers to more than one customer
    2.5.5. AR-ARLVCB: Warning - Item 1 missing overflow record
    2.6. PLS- Errors
    2.6.1. PLS-00306: wrong number or ty
    2.7. SQL- Errors
    2.7.1. SQL-02112: SELECT..INTO returns too many rows
    2.8. Other Error Strings
    2.8.1. ERROR Receipt has invalid applications
    2.8.2. ERROR Receipt may not be applied to this invoice type
    2.8.3. ERROR Receipt has invalid overflow records
    2.8.4. ERROR Sum of the applied amounts is greater than remittance amount
    2.8.5. ERROR Payment method not valid for this bank account
    2.8.6. ERROR Batch Record Count Does Not Equal Number Of Receipts
    2.8.7. This remittance includes these invalid matching numbers
    2.8.8. GL date is not in an open or future period
    2.8.9. Error: ERROR MICR and customer number do not refer to the same customer
    2.8.10. 11601 ERROR Invoice has been selected for automatic receipt
    2.8.11. invalid matching number
    2.8.12. ERROR Batch amount does not equal sum of receipt amounts
    2.8.13. Overflow record with next sequence is missing
    2.8.14. Program was terminated by signal 11
    2.9. Issues / Unexpected Behavior
    2.9.1. Lockbox Validation Program is not completing, Record Status is AR_PLB_CUST_OK
    2.9.2. Lockbox Receipts Validated but Receipts Never Get Created
    2.9.3. Lockbox Records are successfully validated, however the Receipts are not transferred to: AR_INTERIM_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL and AR_INTERIM_CASH_RCPT_LINES_ALL tables
    2.9.4. Lockbox uses Import Date as GL date and incorrectly creates receipts in not-open or future periods
    2.9.5. Lockbox does not create a new bank account for customer and instead uses bank account attached to supplier
    2.9.6. Lockbox fails to identify correct account when there are multiple accounts under one party
    2.9.7. A new bank created via lockbox has currency code incorrectly set to NULL
    2.9.8. Lockbox allows creation of a receipt using an end-dated receipt method
    2.9.9. Country associated to bank account is always 'US'
    2.9.10. MICR number association does not properly reflect modifications
    2.9.11. Settings sfor Allow Discounts and Grace Days are ignored
    3.1. Issues and Unexpected Behavior
    3.1.1. Batch Issues
    3.1.2. Receipt Amounts Issues
    3.1.3. Receipt Status Issues: On Account, Unapplied, Unidentified
    3.1.4. Receipt Application Issues: Overapplications, Line Level Cash Applications, Applying to wrong invoice, Ignoring invoice to apply to
   3.1.5. Data truncation issues
    3.2. AR- Errors
    3.2.1. AR-arcapp: Error exit (0)
    3.2.2. AR-ARCMIS: ERROR NO Receivable activity for Claim Investigation found. Please check your setup
   3.2.3. AR-ARCABP: Error when creating Claims. Please Check the log for more details.
    3.3. ORA- Errors
    3.3.1. ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string
    3.3.2. ORA-20001: APP-AR-11526: One or more credit memos have been applied fo
    3.3.3. ORA-01722: invalid number
    3.3.4. ORA-06550: line 1, column 57
    3.3.5. ORA-01861: literal does not match format string
    3.3.6. ORA-01455: converting column overflows integer dat
   3.4. SQL- Error Strings
    3.4.1. Error: SQL-02112: SELECT..INTO returns too many rows
    3.5. Other Error Strings
    3.5.1. Error: APP: Remittance amount cannot be less than zero
    3.5.2. AR-arcgcu: error - Cannot find customer in HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS
    3.5.3. AR-ARMIADJ: TAXACT- Others Exception in Tax accounting routine
    3.5.4. Program was terminated by signal 11
    3.5.5. Error: A Party Tax Profile does not exist for this Party
     3.6. Claims Related Issues
     3.7. Exchange Gain/Loss Related Issues
     3.8. Discounts Related Issues
     3.9. Report Errors
    4.2. Issue: Lockbox Execution Report Shows Error Fill Characters Trimmed From Data
    4.3. Error: REP-0152: Positional argument specified after keyword error
    4.4. Error: Overflow Records For Each Receipt Must Begin With The Same Sequence Number
    4.5. Issue: Various issues regarding Error messages printed in the output file
    5.1. Errors/Issues with Lockbox Setup Form (ARXLOBOX)
    5.2. Errors/Issues with Lockbox Submission Form (ARXLBSUB)
    5.3. Errors/Issues with Maintain Lockbox Transmission Data Form (ARXLPIM)
    5.4. Errors/Issues with Other Receipt Setup Forms
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