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Master Note on Oracle Sourcing Code Fixes (Doc ID 1401357.1)

Last updated on FEBRUARY 15, 2019

Applies to:

Oracle Sourcing - Version 11.5.10 to 12.1.3 [Release 11.5 to 12.1]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This document is a 'Master Code Fix Note' which consolidates all the code fixes done in the Sourcing Component "Document Creation" from Jan-2008.

Code fix note lists the following details for the fix in a tabular format.

This document will be updated with all these details whenever a new code fix is done in this component.


Whenever you get an issue related to the component 'Document Creation', match your issue with the symptoms listed in the table below. The patch mentioned in the column, 'Patch number', for the record will fix the symptom mentioned. Apply the patch in a test instance first and verify if this resolves your issue.

In 11.5.10 if there is no latest Procurement RUP patch applied, the following patches are required for Oracle Sourcing:

<Patch 4028294> - Oracle Sourcing J Rollup 1
<Patch 5150810> - Oracle Sourcing J Rollup 2

Reported Release Symptoms Bug Details Root Cause Patch number Rollup (Procurement RUP patch) Fixed File Versions Sourcing gives a technical error (Attribute UserName in NegotiationCreationAM.NegTeamMembersVO is required) rather than a user friendly error after entering an invalid username as a collaboration team member <Bug 8259173> : ENTERING WRONG NAME IN COLLABORATION TEAM MEMBER NEED BETTER ERROR MESSAGE ValidateEntity() method of, exceptions from OA were not handled
Not Distributed RUP 11 (<Patch 8555411>) NegTeamMembersEOImpl.class - 115.20.11510.6 The Purchase Order created from the award for an Auction shows a different Price value than the Award and Best Bid Price in the auction.  This should not happen, since currency was the same between auction and bids <Bug 7246454> : LINE PRICE IS DIFFERENT IN AUCTION AND PO The update_proxy method in PONAUCHB.pls didn't update currency price properly while proxy creation in case of concurrent bid submissions <Patch 7246454> RUP  10 (<Patch 8392569>) PONAUCHB.pls - 115.51.11510.29 After deleting line with attachment in RFQ and creating new line can see previous line attachment in this new line <Bug 8551842> : AFTER DELETING LINE, SAVE AS DRAFT, CANCEL LINE, CREATE LINE ATTACHMENT VISIBLE There was no procedure or function that could delete the attachment of a line upon deletion of the line <Patch 8551842> No AuctionItemPricesAllVOImpl.class 115.30.11510.11
PONATCHS.pls-115.7.11510.4 Users are unable to use a freight term that was created in Purchasing. When select a Freight Term having more than 25 characters, they receive an error message.Value XXX exceeds the maximum allowed value (VARCHAR (25, -127)). <Bug 7195954> : UNABLE TO USE A FREIGHT TERM THAT WAS DEFINED IN PURCHASING The Entity Object is based on table PON_AUCTION_HEADERS_ALL. In this table freight_terms_code column is defined as varchar2(25) Not Distributed RUP 11 (<Patch 8555411>) AuctionHeadersALLEO.xml-115.0.11510.3
ponauc.odf-115.95.11510.23 When emails were sent to the additional contact emails of the supplier, the "To" field showed values
<Bug 8371110> :ADDITIONAL CONTACT SOURCING EMAILS ARE ADDRESSED TO THE WF_PON_ADD_USER_% When the adhoc user was created for the additional contact email of the supplier, the display name was set as the role name of the user Not Distributed RUP 11 (<Patch 8555411>) PONAUCTB.pls-115.135.11510.40 Sourcing PDF dose not display the postal code for the legal entity. <Bug 6939421> : POSTAL CODES NOT DISPLAYED IN NEGOTIATION PDF The postal code is passed as a blank to the address_template for the legal entity. This allows the address_template to use the zip_code field <Patch 6939421> RUP 5 (<Patch 7168377>) PON_SOURCING_XSLFO.xsl 115.1.11510.18 Units of Measure that are inactivated in Purchasing are still being listed while creating negotiation lines <Bug 7187548> : INACTIVE UOMS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SELECTION WHEN CREATING A SOURCING RFQ LINE The query in VO UOMGenericVO.xml that is used for listing UOMs in negotiations did not consider whether the UOM is active. Not Distributed

RUP 7 (<Patch 7433314>)

ItemHeaderCO.class 115.47.11510.7
UOMGenericVO.xml 115.1.11510.3 When an auction is taken into the second round, the uninvited supplier contacts are blank <Bug 7287501>: SUPPLIER CONTACT INFORMATION IS BLANK WHEN AUCTION IS TAKEN TO THE SECOND ROUND The Procedure called for populating the PON_BIDDING_PARTIES table for the 2nd round was not inserting null values for contacts of uninvited suppliers Not Distributed RUP 8 (<Patch 7600643>) PONGCPYB.pls 115.33.11510.28
12.0.2 When a supplier contact which is present in a draft negotiation is inactivated, the copied negotiation does not even show the supplier <Bug 7376924> : VISIBILITY AND RE-ACTIVATE THE SUPPLIER CONTACT IN A RFQ The VO for the suppliers page in a negotiation checked for the inactive state of a supplier contact while picking up suppliers for the page and during copy, the inactive supplier check and nulling out was not present By Support for 12.0.2 and Not distributed for 12.1.1 RUP <Patch 7505241>:R12.PRC_PF.A or :R12.PRC_PF.B

For R12.0.2
BiddingPartiesVO.xml 120.12.12000000.3
PONGCPYB.pls 120.70.12000000.2
For R12.1.1
BiddingPartiesVO.xml 120.12.12010000.2
PONGCPYB.pls 120.76.12010000.2
12.0.2 For uninvited supplier, if you trying to view negotiation that is restricted to invited supplier by copy/pasting the URL got from a invited supplier, you are rejected to view the negotiation, however this activities was mistakenly recorded which was shown up on supplier activity for this negotiation when buyer trying to monitor it <Bug 8460049> : SUPPLIER ACTIVITIES ON PRIVATE BID LIST NEGOTIATION FOR UNINVITED SUPPLIERS Recording supplier activity was done before security access check Not Distributed

RUP <Patch 8474052>:R12.PRC_PF.A or :R12.PRC_PF.B

For R12.0.2
NegSummaryUtil.class 120.33.12000000.3
NegotiationSummaryCO.class 120.42.12000000.5

For R12.1.1
NegotiationSummaryCO.class 120.57.12010000.6
12.0.2 After entering a long value to auction title of negotiation the error occurs when apply the template <Bug 6957144> : ORA-12899 ERRO OCCURS WHEN APPLY NEGOTIATION TEMPLATE The problem is fine with English as the session language, the text box validates the number of character to be less than or equal to 80. But the Problem occurs when a different language is used in which every character's size is more than 1 byte (unlike English where every character is of size 1 byte only). When the name is entered, the text box validates 80 characters, but the size exceeds 80 bytes, which throws the unexpected error Not Distributed

RUP <Patch 7291462>:R12.PRC_PF.A or :R12.PRC_PF.B

For R12.0.2
ponCrtPgBtnBarRN.xml 120.7.12000000.2
For R12.1.1
ponCrtPgBtnBarRN.xml 120.7.12010000.2

12.0.4 Sometimes lookup codes such as "Negotiation Style", "Line Type" and so on are displayed in English, even when session language is Japanese.This happens when a RFQ is created and then we navigate back to Create RFQ window <Bug 7461823> : ENGLISH LOOKUP CODES ARE DISPLAYED IN CREATE RFQ WINDOW EVEN IN JAPANESE SESSION While submitting a negotiation for approval,
.SUBMIT_FOR_APPROVAL procedure is called.This procedure will start workflow process for SourcingApproval. Before this workflow process is called,PON_AUCTION_PKG
.SET_SESSION_LANGUAGE is called to set the language to the approver's language. This changes the session language
Not Distributed RUP <Patch 8392570>:R12.PRC_PF.A or :R12.PRC_PF.B For R12.0.4
PONAPPRB.pls 120.9.12000000.7

For R12.1.1
PONAPPRB.pls 120.11.12010000.10
12.0.4 On the supplier contact details page the phone area code was missing <Bug 7565958> : MISSING DETAIL INFORMATION FOR SUPPLIER CONTACT IN NEGOTIATIONS On ContactInfoVO on the supplier Contact details page already have the PhoneAreaCode view attribute. Require to show it on the screen. Message styled text attribute was added on the page Not Distributed RUP <Patch 7600636>:R12.PRC_PF.A or :R12.PRC_PF.B For R12.0.4
ponContactInfoPG.xml 120.0.12000000.2
For R12.1.1
ponContactInfoPG.xml 120.0.12010000.2
12.0.4 Submiting a RFQ quote without requirements filled, the following error occurs:ERROR ##
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-12899: value too large for column "PON"."PON_INTERFACE_ERRORS"
."TOKEN1_VALUE" (actual: 2002, maximum: 2000) ORA-06512: at "APPS.PON_BID_VALIDATIONS_PKG", line 2616
<Bug 8411749> : ERROR PAGE WHEN SUBMITTING RFQ QUOTE WITHOUT REQUIREMENT VALUES Substr function was used in PONBDVLB.pls to truncate the value of s_attribute_name to 2000 characters which works properly for single-byte character set. It was truncating the s_attribute_name to 2000 characters even though few of the characters were multi-byte characters. Thus the total length of the string was more than 2000 Not Distributed For R12.0.4
<Patch 8555479>:R12.PRC_PF.A
For 12.1
<Patch 8655760>:R12.PON.B
For R12.0.4
PONBDVLB.pls -120.49.12000000.6

For R12.1
PONBDVLB.pls 120.58.12010000.9
12.0.4 Sourcing Super User can't delete the attachment files in the negotiations.This issue is occurred only when both profiles "Personalize Self-Service Defn" and "FND:Diagnostics" are set to "No".
After changing one or both profiles setting to "Yes" as user level, user can delete the attachment file
<Bug 6453229> : ATTACHMENT FILES IN THE NEGOTIATIONS CAN'T BE DELETED In event.equals("updateAccess") was causing a null pointer exception if event was null Not Distributed RUP <Patch 6497749>:R12.PRC_PF.A NegTeamCO.class - 120.7.12000000.2
12.0.4 When creating a RFQ by selecting an item with a long description, the description is in only one line and pushes the second column to the right. It happens only when the description is read only. If the description can be updated, the long description stays in the box field <Bug 7172898> : NEED TO WRAP ITEM DESCRIPTION TEXT FIELD IN THE NEGOTIATION LINES PAGE The long description is not wrapping and there is no personalization available to enable the wrap Not Distributed RUP <Patch 7291462>:R12.PRC_PF.A ItemHeaderCO.class 120.12.12000000.2
12.0.4 When creating a Negotiation it is found that users are able to select Line Types that are inactive. <Bug 6838550> : INACTIVE LINE TYPES APPEAR IN SOURCING Inactive line types are displayed during negotiation creation, and allowed in spreadsheet upload Not Distributed RUP 6 <Patch 6728000>:R12.PRC_PF.A LineTypeBPAVO.xml 120.5.12000000.2
LineTypeVO.xml 120.5.12000000.2
NonServicesLineTypesVO.xml 120.5.12000000.2
NonTempLineTypesVO.xml 120.5.12000000.2
12.0.5 After RFQ/RFI has been approved and published, status 'Requires Approval' is still shown on Negotiation Summary page <Bug 6944681> : APPROVED RFQ/RFI SHOWS STATUS AS REQUIRES APPROVAL setApprovalStatusValue() is called during Publish after all approvals have been accepted.
The method incorrectly reverts the ApprovalStatus from "APPROVED" to "REQUIRED"
Not Distributed RUP 6 <Patch 6728000>:R12.PRC_PF.A AuctionHeadersALLEOImpl.class 120.57.12000000.3
12.0.5 On page 'Review Changes' you can see attachments from type miscellaneous and supplier. System should show only attachments type supplier <Bug 7154774> : VIEW AMENDMENT HISTORY: SECURITY PROBLEM WITH ATTACHMENTS FROM REVIEW HISTORY Misc category attachments appear by default. A property "setDefaultMiscCategoryEnabled" is set to "false" to hide the Misc category attachments from appearing to suppliers Not Distributed RUP <Patch 7291462>:R12.PRC_PF.A NewRoundSummaryHeaderCO.class 120.0.12000000.3
12.0.5 New line feeds are lost in 'Negotiation Description' and 'Note to supplier' fields in Negotiation summary page and Negotiation pdf. Text given in multiple lines are displayed as single line text <Bug 8497514> : TEXT FIELDS ARE LOSING LAYOUT WHEN RFQ IS PRINTED The items given as messageStyledText in page xml files lose Carriage return characters while displaying Not Distributed RUP <Patch 8781255>:R12.PRC_PF.A ponNegItemDetRG.xml 120.6.12000000.2
ponNegSumRG.xml 120.20.12000000.2
ponReviewResPG.xml 120.20.12000000.2
ponViewBidPG.xml 120.16.12000000.3
PON_SOURCING_XSLFO.xsl 120.57.12000000.4
12.0.6 When attempting to view negotiations in advance search with created by the following error occurs: ERROR ORA-06512: AT "APPS.PON_AUCTION_DISCUSSION_PKG" <Bug 7674168> : CANNOT OPEN NEGOTIATION WITHOUT DISCUSSIONS The error is coming while retrieving the unread message count for the the negotiation. There was no row existing in the pon_discussions table for that negotiation. Ideally the row should get inserted in the pon_discussions table at the same time when the negotiation is being created. But in this instance the jdbc connection was getting released after the plsql call without being committed explicitly Not Distributed RUP <Patch 8392570>:R12.PRC_PF.A AuctionHeadersALLEOImpl.class- 120.57.12000000.7
12.0.6 Inactivated unit of measures are available for RFQ lines <Bug 8776619> : INACTIVATED UNIT OF MEASURE STILL AVAILABLE ON SOURCING RFQ LINES Inactivated unit of measure was still available on sourcing RFQ lines due to UOMGenericVO.xml missing a query condition. and nvl(disable_date, trunc(sysdate)+1 ) gt; trunc(sysdate)" to hide disabled UOMs Not Distributed RUP <Patch 8781255>:R12.PRC_PF.A UOMGenericVO.xml - 120.3.12000000.2
12.0.6 When creating a new RFQ and select apply template an error message is received. ERROR "Message not found. Application: PON, Message Name: PON_AUC_NO_DRAFT_LOCK_R" <Bug 8663791> : NEGOTIATION TEMPLATES ARE SAVED AS DRAFT.IT CAUSES PON_AUC_NO_DRAFT_LOCK_R Changed the saveDraft method of the EO to ignore setting lock values in case of templates.Further changed AuctionHeadersAllVOImpl.copyHeader method not to copy lock information on a negotiation while applying a template <Patch 8663791>
<Patch 10366928>:R12.PON.B for 12.1
No R12
AuctionHeadersALLEOImpl.class - 120.57.12000000.8
AuctionHeadersAllVOImpl.class - 120.12.12000000.2

R12.1 120.13.12010000.6 120.65.12010000.18
12.0.6 Cannot create RFQ for a BPA for effective as today's date due to time validation <Bug 9670832> : VALIDATION ON BPA EFFECTIVE DATE INCLUDES TIME FOR TODAY The error was occurring because timeStampValue() was used in the validation condition "toVerifyDate != null &&toVerifyDate.timestampValue(). before(currDate.timestampValue()"
which was always taking the toVerifyDate as date followed by 00:00:00 for the timestampValue()
Not Distributed
<Patch 11854217>:R12.PON.A can be applied
For 12.1.3 RUP <patch 10417963>:R12.PRC_PF.B R12
AuctionHeadersALLEOImpl.class 120.57.12000000.9

AuctionHeadersALLEOImpl.class 120.65.12010000.19
12.0.6 When attempting to create a Purchase Order from an RFQ award, its not possible to go back and enter missing supplier sites and the error occurs: "It is not permitted to create a Standard Purchase Order or Purchase Agreement for the following suppliers and sites. Please update the supplier site settings: xxxxxxx <Bug 10065451>: REL. 12.0.6 NEED FIX FROM BUG 7277748 IN SUPPLIER SITE ONLY RFQ ONLY ENABLED The query in ValidateSitesInPOCrtVO.xml checks for both the RFQ and purchasing flags while verifying suppliers site. Removed the check for RFQ ONLY while verifying the suppliers site Not Distributed For 12.1.3 RUP <patch 10417963>:R12.PRC_PF.B R12
ValidateSitesInPOCrtVO.xml 120.3.12000000.3

VendorSitesAllVO.xml 120.3.12010000.2
ValidateSitesInPOCrtVO.xml 120.3.12010000.2
12.1.1 When attempting to add new collab member, the following error occurs.
<Bug 12834672> : ENTER PARTIAL VALUE FOR TEAM MEMBER , CLICK ADD NEW ROW IN COLLABORATION TEAM RN In, validateUniqueNegMembers method, check for last row compared null values(member.getUserId() and member.getUserIdTemp()), throwing the exception Not Distributed For 12.1.3 RUP <patch 12661793>:R12.PRC_PF.B AuctionHeadersALLEOImpl.class 120.65.12010000.20
ponmsg.ldt 120.180.12010000.45
12.1.1 When attempting to add a requirement list while creating an RFQ, application gives an error message. The problem occurs even if trying to create a new requirement in the RFQ without associating the previous list Error "You must enter a Target Value if you want to display the Target Value to suppliers" <Bug 9542125> : SOURCING REQUIREMENT LIST IS REQUIRING A TARGET VALUE Modified the validation code validateDisplayTargetFlag() that was throwing the error as validation need not be performed for Display only attributes <Patch 9542125>:R12.PON.B For 12.1.3 RUP <patch 10417963>:R12.PRC_PF.B AuctionAttributesEOImpl.class 120.24.12010000.3
12.1.2 Java.lang.NumberFormatException occurs when creating New Round of Sourcing RFQ <Bug 12591321> : JAVA.LANG.
In CrossCopyCO pageContext.getParameter was returning null for styleId which was causing the issue <Patch 12591321>:R12.PON.B No CrossCopyCO.class 120.1.12010000.2
12.1.2 Awarded green flag is not removed on quote lines in cases where the line has first been awarded then rejected using the award by line method <Bug 12573845> : AWARDED GREEN FLAG NOT REMOVED ON QUOTE LINES FIRST AWARDED THEN REJECTED The procedure update_single_auction_item was setting the award_status in Negotiation lines to 'AWARDED' for all the 3 cases 'AWARDED', 'REJECTED' and 'PARTIAL' of the Bid Lines <Patch 12573845>:R12.PON.B RUP <patch 12661793>:R12.PRC_PF.B PONAWRDB.pls 120.42.12010000.7
12.1.2 Using Sourcing, upon inviting a supplier and giving an email address for additional contact, the email received by the supplier is having the email address in the format of WF_PON_ADD_USER_#### <Bug 12770997> : ADDITIONAL CONTACT SOURCING EMAILS ARE ADDRESSED TO THE WF_PON_ADD_USER_ RATHER While creating an adhoc user for the additional contact email, the display name was passed as the user name, which is null for an additional contact email <Patch 12856324>:R12.PON.B RUP <patch 12661793>:R12.PRC_PF.B PONAUCTB.pls 120.93.12010000.26
12.1.3 when logged in with session language (e.g.: Slovenian) and viewing a notification for an RFQ collaboration message created in another language (e.g.: English), if user follows the link to the message, on opening it automatically switches the session language to RFQ creation language <Bug 11898698> : SESSION LANGUAGE SWITCHES WHEN ACCESS LINK IN RFQ NOTIFICATION Session language was switching to the Negotiation creator's language when Negotiation Details link is opened from any of the Workflow Notifications <Patch 11898698>:R12.PON.B RUP <patch 12661793>:R12.PRC_PF.B PONAPPRB.pls - 120.11.12010000.15
PONAUCTB.pls 120.93.12010000.25
12.1.3 System is taking more than 30 Seconds after clicking update button to assign team member to Evaluation or Scoring Team in RFI or RFQ. The issue still exists even after applying the patch 12380993:R12.PON.B <Bug 12650649> : CLICKING UPDATE BUTTON TO ASSIGN TEAM MEMBER TO EVALUATON OR SCORING TEAM TAKES ScoringTeamMembersVO was using PON_EMPLOYEES_CURRENT_V view which was the root cause of the performance issue. <Patch 12650649>:R12.PON.B RUP <patch 12661793>:R12.PRC_PF.B ScoringTeamMembersVO.xml 120.6.12010000.3


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