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Running Certain Reports Fails With Error "APP-FND-01242" or Enter a value for Organization id parameter or Profile MFG_ORGANIZATION_ID (Doc ID 469856.1)

Last updated on APRIL 20, 2023

Applies to:

Oracle Inventory Management - Version and later
Oracle Bills of Material - Version and later
Oracle Engineering - Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
This document includes all versions of 11i and R12
FORM:MSCCHORG.FMB - Change Organization
ConcurrentProgram:BMCCLTG - Rollup Cumulative Lead Times GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BMCCLTS - Cumulative Lead Times for Report Set
ConcurrentProgram:BMCCLTSG - Cumulative Lead Times for Report Set GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BMCRLTG - Calculate Manufacturing Lead Times GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BMCRLTS - Manufacturing Lead Time
ConcurrentProgram:BMCRLTSG - Manufacturing Lead Time GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRASSYG - Bill of Material Listing GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRBOMCG - Consolidated Bill of Material Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRBOMSG - Bill of Material Structure Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRBOMSS - BOM Structure Report for Lead Times
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRBOMSSG - BOM Structure Report for Lead Times GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRBOMV - Bill of Material Loop Report
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRBOMVG - Bill of Material Loop Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRDDELG - Delete Items Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRDDELG - Delete Items Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRDRTGG - Routing Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRDRTGS - Routing Report for Manufacturing Lead Time
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRDRTGSG - Routing Report for Manufacturing Lead Time GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRWUITG - Item Where Used Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:BOMRWURSG - Resource Where Used Report GUI
ConcurrentProgram:ENGCHGIMP - Change Import
ConcurrentProgram:INCTSN_SRS - Serial Generation
ConcurrentProgram:INVARPTG - Physical inventory tag listing
ConcurrentProgram:INVCPCLOS - Close Period Control
ConcurrentProgram:INVCPOPEN - Open Period Control
ConcurrentProgram:INVGTPG - Global Transaction Purge
ConcurrentProgram:INVTMLPR - Transaction Purge
ConcurrentProgram:JBPCSTRIRVW - JBP Inventory Value Report - Warehouse Management
ConcurrentProgram:SERIAL_NUMBER_GENERATION - Serial number generation
EXECUTABLE:BMCCCI - AutoCreate Configuration Items
EXECUTABLE:BMCCLT - Rollup Cumulative Lead Times
EXECUTABLE:BMCOIN - Bill and Routing Interface
EXECUTABLE:BMCRLT - Calculate Manufacturing Lead Times
EXECUTABLE:BOMCCIPD - Deactivate Configuration Items
EXECUTABLE:BOMCUMYD - Calculate Cumulative Yield For Network Routing
EXECUTABLE:BOMYDOCT - Batch Calculation of Yield and Times for Flow Routings
EXECUTABLE:EGOICI - Import Catalog Items
EXECUTABLE:ENCACN - Engineering Change Order Implementation
EXECUTABLE:ENCECP - Engineering Change Order Purge program
EXECUTABLE:ENGRIOIN - ECO Revised Items Open Interface
EXECUTABLE:INCAAP - Purge ABC information
EXECUTABLE:INCACG - Generate cycle count requests
EXECUTABLE:INCACS - Generate automatic schedule requests
EXECUTABLE:INCDSS - Reload safety stocks
EXECUTABLE:INCFDH - Summarize demand histories
EXECUTABLE:INCFIF - Compile item forecast
EXECUTABLE:INCRPG - Purge replenishment counts
EXECUTABLE:INCTGL - Transfer transactions to GL
EXECUTABLE:INVHVTPG - High Volume Transaction Purge
EXECUTABLE:INVKBCGN - Generate Kanban Cards
EXECUTABLE:PREPACK - Prepacking Container at WIP
REPORT:BOMRASSY.RDF - Bill of Material Listing
REPORT:BOMRBOMC.RDF - Consolidated Bill of Material Report
REPORT:BOMRBOMS.RDF - Bill of Material Structure Report
REPORT:BOMRDBAD.RDF - Alternates Report
REPORT:BOMRDBCO.RDF - Standard Comments Report
REPORT:BOMRDBPR.RDF - Bills of Material Parameters Report
REPORT:BOMRDDEL.RDF - Delete Items Report
REPORT:BOMRDDEL.RDF - Delete items report
REPORT:BOMRDODC.RDF - Department Classes Report
REPORT:BOMRDODP.RDF - Department Report
REPORT:BOMRDROI.RDF - Standard Instructions Report
REPORT:BOMRDRSO.RDF - Standard Operation Report
REPORT:BOMRWUIT.RDF - Item Where Used Report
REPORT:BOMRWURS.RDF - Resource Where Used Report
REPORT:ENGRCNDR.RDF - Engineering Change Order Detail Report
REPORT:ENGRCNSR.RDF - Engineering Change Order Schedule Report
REPORT:ENGRCOAL.RDF - Engineering Change Order Approval Lists Report
REPORT:ENGRDECP.RDF - Engineering Change Order Priorities Report
REPORT:ENGRDECR.RDF - Engineering Change Order Reasons Report
REPORT:ENGRECOT.RDF - Engineering Change Order Types Report
REPORT:INVARAAS.RDF - ABC assignments report
REPORT:INVARADV.RDF - ABC descending value report
REPORT:INVARCLI.RDF - Cycle count listing
REPORT:INVARCPA.RDF - Cycle counts pending approval report
REPORT:INVARCTA.RDF - Cycle count entries and adjustments report
REPORT:INVARHMA.RDF - Cycle count hit/miss analysis
REPORT:INVARORE.RDF - Cycle count open requests listing
REPORT:INVARPAR.RDF - Physical inventory adjustments report
REPORT:INVARPIA.RDF - Physical inventory accuracy analysis
REPORT:INVARPMT.RDF - Physical inventory missing tag listing
REPORT:INVARPSL.RDF - Physical inventory counts report
REPORT:INVARPTP.RDF - Physical Inventory Tags
REPORT:INVARPTS.RDF - Physical inventory trend and summary analysis
REPORT:INVARRTA.RDF - Cycle count schedule requests report
REPORT:INVARUIR.RDF - Cycle count unscheduled items report
REPORT:INVCCIER.RDF - Print Cycle Count Entries Open Interface data
REPORT:INVCCTCA.RDF - Transaction by CC and Account
REPORT:INVCHGPU.RDF - Inventory Charges and Product Usage Report
REPORT:INVDRRSV.RDF - Item reservations report
REPORT:INVIRCAT.RDF - Item categories report
REPORT:INVIRCIT.RDF - Customer Items Report
REPORT:INVIRCOC.RDF - Customer Item Commodity Codes Listing
REPORT:INVIRCXR.RDF - Customer Item Cross References Report
REPORT:INVIRDIS.RDF - Item statuses report
REPORT:INVIRILC.RDF - Locator quantities report
REPORT:INVIRISQ.RDF - Item quantities summary
REPORT:INVIRITD.RDF - Item definition detail
REPORT:INVIRITS.RDF - Item definition summary
REPORT:INVIRRCR.RDF - Item replenishment count report
REPORT:INVIRRIT.RDF - Item relationships listing
REPORT:INVIRSIQ.RDF - Subinventory quantities report
REPORT:INVIRSLO.RDF - Inactive items report
REPORT:INVIRSNO.RDF - Serial number detail
REPORT:INVIRTMP.RDF - Item template listing
REPORT:INVIRXRF.RDF - Item cross-references listing
REPORT:INVISMMX.RDF - Min-max planning report
REPORT:INVKBCPR.RDF - Print Kanban Cards
REPORT:INVM2MQT.RDF - View Multiple Organization Quantity Report (180 col format)
REPORT:INVMRMQT.RDF - View Multiple Organization Quantity Report
REPORT:INVPRFDH.RDF - Item demand history report
REPORT:INVPRFRL.RDF - Forecast rule listing
REPORT:INVRCWSR.RDF - PAR Replenishment Count Worksheet
REPORT:INVSRAAL.RDF - Account alias listing
REPORT:INVSRFRT.RDF - Freight carrier listing
REPORT:INVSRIOS.RDF - Inter-organization shipping information listing
REPORT:INVSRISA.RDF - Item-subinventory report
REPORT:INVSRLOC.RDF - Locator listing
REPORT:INVSROPT.RDF - Organization parameters listing
REPORT:INVSRPLN.RDF - Planner listing
REPORT:INVSRSPT.RDF - Shortage Parameter report
REPORT:INVSRSUB.RDF - Subinventory listing
REPORT:INVSRUOM.RDF - Unit of measure listing
REPORT:INVTOPKL.RDF - Move Order Pick Slip
REPORT:INVTRACS.RDF - Material account distribution summary
REPORT:INVTRCLS.RDF - Period close value summary
REPORT:INVTRDST.RDF - Material account distribution detail
REPORT:INVTRELT.RDF - Expired lots report
REPORT:INVTRHAN.RDF - Transaction historical summary
REPORT:INVTRLNT.RDF - Lot transaction register
REPORT:INVTRREG.RDF - Transaction register
REPORT:INVTRSHS.RDF - Shortages Summary report
REPORT:INVTRSNT.RDF - Serial number transaction register
REPORT:INVTRSTS.RDF - Transaction source type summary
REPORT:INVTRVLT.RDF - Vendor lot trace report
REPORT:WMSCPTYR.RDF - Warehouse Space Utilization Report


When attempting to run some Inventory, Bills of Material or Engineering reports an error similar to one of the following error messages may be displayed:

  • APP-FND-01242: Cannot read value from field $profiles$.mfg_organization_id
  • Enter a value for Organization id parameter

This can occur when attempting to run the report from either the Request form (View > Request) by clicking the 'Submit a New Request' button or from a menu execution path in the current responsibility.




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