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Oracle Linux on VMware Virtual platform Crashes at "Kernel BUG at vmxnet3/linux/vmxnet3_drv.c:1454" (Doc ID 2080823.1)

Last updated on JULY 29, 2019

Applies to:

Linux OS - Version Oracle Linux 5.9 and later
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Version N/A and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Oracle Linux 5 server on VMware Virtual platform crashes with following messages:

 Kernel BUG at vmxnet3/linux/vmxnet3_drv.c:1454
invalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP
last sysfs file: /class/net/eth1/statistics/collisions
Modules linked in: hidp l2cap bluetooth nfs lockd nfs_acl sunrpc be2iscsi ib_iser rdma_cm ib_cm iw_cm ib_sa ib_mad ib_core ib_addr iscsi_tcp bnx2i cnic ipv6 xfrm_nalgo crypto_api uio cxgb3i libcxgbi cxgb3 8021q libiscsi_tcp libiscsi2 scsi_transport_iscsi2 scsi_transport_iscsi vsock(U) vmmemctl(U) acpiphp dm_multipath scsi_dh video backlight sbs power_meter hwmon i2c_ec dell_wmi wmi button battery asus_acpi acpi_memhotplug ac lp tpm_tis i2c_piix4 tpm floppy tpm_bios ide_cd e1000 cdrom i2c_core parport_pc sg serio_raw pcspkr parport vmci(U) shpchp vmxnet(U) pvscsi(U) vmxnet3(U) dm_raid45 dm_message dm_region_hash dm_mem_cache dm_snapshot dm_zero dm_mirror dm_log dm_mod ata_piix libata mptspi mptscsih mptbase scsi_transport_spi sd_mod scsi_mod ext3 jbd uhci_hcd ohci_hcd ehci_hcd
Pid: 0, comm: swapper Tainted: G ---- 2.6.18-348.el5 #1
RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff881d9bd4>] [<ffffffff881d9bd4>] :vmxnet3:vmxnet3_tq_xmit+0xac4/0x12b8
RSP: 0018:ffff81065517be50 EFLAGS: 00010246
RAX: ffff81063e882d70 RBX: ffff81062c498980 RCX: 0000000000001000
RDX: 00000008a02a0000 RSI: 0000000000000050 RDI: 0000000000000040
RBP: ffff81063e882d10 R08: 0000000000000007 R09: 0000000000000000
R10: 0000000000000000 R11: 0000000000000036 R12: ffff81062c565a20
R13: ffff81062ec5ce40 R14: ffff81063e882d00 R15: 0000000000000000
FS: 0000000000000000(0000) GS:ffff81065515aa40(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000
CS: 0010 DS: 0018 ES: 0018 CR0: 000000008005003b
CR2: 00002b77d03d2e28 CR3: 0000000000201000 CR4: 00000000000006a0
Process swapper (pid: 0, threadinfo ffff810655176000, task ffff810115ef77e0)
Stack: ffff81063e882500 0000000000000000 000000983e882500 ffff81063e882d70
000000000000000d 0000004000000001 ffff81063e882500 ffff81063e882500
0000000000000001 0000000000000000 0000000000000040 0000000119b85718
Call Trace:
<IRQ> [<ffffffff881dab40>] :vmxnet3:vmxnet3_rq_destroy_all+0x778/0x10dc
[<ffffffff881dab98>] :vmxnet3:vmxnet3_rq_destroy_all+0x7d0/0x10dc
[<ffffffff8000c9b4>] net_rx_action+0xa7/0x1ba
[<ffffffff800125a9>] __do_softirq+0x89/0x133
[<ffffffff8005e30c>] call_softirq+0x1c/0x28
[<ffffffff8006d5f2>] do_softirq+0x2c/0x7d
[<ffffffff8006bdaf>] default_idle+0x0/0x50
[<ffffffff8005dc9e>] apic_timer_interrupt+0x66/0x6c
<EOI> [<ffffffff8006bdd8>] default_idle+0x29/0x50
[<ffffffff8004958f>] cpu_idle+0x95/0xb8
[<ffffffff80078c5e>] start_secondary+0x479/0x488

Code: 0f 0b 68 a6 ec 1d 88 c2 ae 05 41 83 7d 00 02 74 0a 0f 0b 68
RIP [<ffffffff881d9bd4>] :vmxnet3:vmxnet3_tq_xmit+0xac4/0x12b8
RSP <ffff81065517be50>



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 Oracle Linux 5 server on VMware Virtual platform crashes with following messages:

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