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OLVM: What does "'status': 'unknown'" mean in vdsm.log (Doc ID 2714806.1)

Last updated on OCTOBER 01, 2021

Applies to:

Linux OS - Version Oracle Linux 7.7 and later
Linux x86-64


 This note explains what "'status': 'unknown'" implies in log entry of "FINISH getDeviceList" in vdsm.log.

2020-08-20 13:57:34,829+0000 INFO  (jsonrpc/5) [vdsm.api] FINISH getDeviceList return={'devList': [
{'status': 'unknown', 'vendorID': 'NFINIDAT', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'fwrev': '0h', 'discard_zeroes_data': 0, 'vgUUID': '', 'pvsize': '', 'pathlist': [], 'logicalblocksize': '512', 'discard_max_bytes': 33554432, 'pathstatus': [{'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdmn', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdie', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdll', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdfl', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdsv', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdet', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdmo', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdkw', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdjo', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdku', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdsw', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdji', 'capacity': '1099511627776', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '26'}], 'devtype': 'FCP', 'physicalblocksize': '512', 'pvUUID': '', 'serial': 'SNFINIDATInfiniBox_742b0f0000006f7000000000131c32e', 'GUID': '36742b0f0000006f7000000000131c32e', 'productID': 'InfiniBox'}, 

{'status': 'unknown', 'vendorID': 'NFINIDAT', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'fwrev': '0h', 'discard_zeroes_data': 0, 'vgUUID': '', 'pvsize': '', 'pathlist': [], 'logicalblocksize': '512', 'discard_max_bytes': 33554432, 'pathstatus': [{'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sddk', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdeg', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdai', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdk', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdor', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdax', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdan', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdos', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdaf', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdcd', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdad', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdcb', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '5'}], 'devtype': 'FCP', 'physicalblocksize': '512', 'pvUUID': '', 'serial': 'SNFINIDATInfiniBox_742b0f0000006f70000000001316181', 'GUID': '36742b0f0000006f70000000001316181', 'productID': 'InfiniBox'}, 

{'status': 'unknown', 'vendorID': 'NFINIDAT', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'fwrev': '0h', 'discard_zeroes_data': 0, 'vgUUID': '', 'pvsize': '', 'pathlist': [], 'logicalblocksize': '512', 'discard_max_bytes': 33554432, 'pathstatus': [{'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdjg', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdiv', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdkl', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdec', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdsn', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdkh', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdjf', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdiy', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdho', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdfw', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sded', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdso', 'capacity': '53687091200', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '22'}], 'devtype': 'FCP', 'physicalblocksize': '512', 'pvUUID': '', 'serial': 'SNFINIDATInfiniBox_742b0f0000006f7000000000131bef7', 'GUID': '36742b0f0000006f7000000000131bef7', 'productID': 'InfiniBox'}, 

{'status': 'unknown', 'vendorID': 'NFINIDAT', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'fwrev': '0h', 'discard_zeroes_data': 0, 'vgUUID': '', 'pvsize': '', 'pathlist': [],'logicalblocksize': '512', 'discard_max_bytes': 33554432, 'pathstatus': [{'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdadu', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdack', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdaez', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdadz', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdadg', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdadx', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdabe', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdadc', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdabl', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdacr', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdadh', 'capacity
': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}, {'type': 'FCP', 'physdev': 'sdaay', 'capacity': '2199023255552', 'state': 'active', 'lun': '65'}], 'devtype': 'FCP', 'physicalblocksize': '512', 'pvUUID': '', 'serial': 'SNFINIDATInfiniBox_742b0f0000006f7000000000133cd6b', 'GUID': '36742b0f0000006f7000000000133cd6b', 'productID': 'InfiniBox'}, 


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