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Application Crashes In Response Screen When Try To Save A Record In Siebel- (Doc ID 1570972.1)

Last updated on OCTOBER 11, 2021

Applies to:

Siebel CRM - Version [23021] and later
Siebel Marketing - Version [23021] and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


While saving a record in Response Screen, the Application Crashes with a Session Warning Message.

1) Save the Response application crashes

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

1. Login to Siebel Application.
2. Navigating to the Response Screen
3. Click on the New button.
4. Enter Description and Open Contact Last Name Applet and select a contact record and Step Off to save the record.

Result : Application Freezes and Server Warning Message is seen with a crash.Below is the Call Stack reported in Crash.txt file.

Here are the navigation steps from the AOM log:

EventContext EvtCtxScreen 3 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:53:59 Response Screen
EventContext EvtCtxView 3 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:53:59 Response View
EventContext EvtCtxApplet 4 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:54:03 Response List Applet (NewRecord)
EventContext EvtCtxApplet 4 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:54:12 Response List Applet (EditField)
EventContext EvtCtxApplet 4 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:54:38 Contact Pick Applet (PositionOnRow)
EventContext EvtCtxApplet 4 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:54:44 Contact Pick Applet (PickRecord)
EventContext EvtCtxApplet 4 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:55:01 Response List Applet (WriteRecord)
EventContext EvtCtxApplet 4 0000169651b64eec:0 2013-06-13 14:55:03 Response List Applet (PositionOnRow)

By following these steps in enterprise log we can see the crash:

ServerLog ProcessExit 1 000017b151bb08cc:0 2013-06-14 15:47:16 SCCObjMgr_enu 4456 0xc000001e08    Process 4456 exited with error - Exception code 0xc000001e08

Below is the call stack :-

sscfcmn +0x17b67 = CSSObjectBase::ClearErrorMsg() +0x7
sscfcmn +0x17bb9 = CSSObjectBase::ClearErrorMsg() +0x59
sscfcmn +0x19b93 = CSSObjectBase::SetErrorMsg() +0x83
sscfom +0x519bb = CSSBusComp::RemoveBindingToRow() +0x24b
sscfom +0x51913 = CSSBusComp::RemoveBindingToRow() +0x1a3
sscfom +0x5346a = CSSBusComp::OnActiveRowChanged() +0x26a
sscfom +0x3f4e2 = CSSBusComp::SetActiveRow() +0x92
sscfom +0x41f68 = CSSBusComp::PositionById() +0x1f8
SSCASWBC +0x4fb58 = CSSSWEFrame::GoBackToRecord() +0x198
SSCASWBC +0x60246 = CSSSWEFrame::PrepareToInvokeMethod() +0x296
SSCASWBC +0xd8fe9 = CSSSWEFrameMgrInternal::InvokeAppletMethod() +0x739
SSCASWBC +0xb27f3 = CSSSWECmdProcessor::InvokeMethod() +0x683
SSCASWBC +0xb7aca = CSSSWECmdProcessor::_ProcessCommand() +0x6aa
SSCASWBC +0xb8cf6 = CSSSWECmdProcessor::ProcessCommand() +0x996
SSCASWBC +0xb91f2 = CSSSWECmdProcessor::ProcessCommand() +0xc2
SSCASWBC +0x24c146 = CSSServiceSWEIface::Request() +0x306
SSCASWBC +0x24de77 = CSSServiceSWEIface::DoInvokeMethod() +0xdf7
sscfom +0x18c7c = CSSService::InvokeMethod() +0x24c
sstcsiom +0x6d6a = CSSSIOMSession::ModInvokeSrvcMethod() +0x10a
sstcsiom +0x7613 = CSSSIOMSession::RPCMiscModel() +0x513
sstcsiom +0xe859 = CSSSIOMSession::HandleRPC() +0x369
sssasos +0x65e6 = CompCleanup() +0x3bb6
sssasos +0x5a95 = CompCleanup() +0x3065
sssasos +0x1a35 = CSSSISObject::operator=() +0x9f5
sssasos +0x2135 = CompHandleMsg() +0x485
siebmtshmw +0x494e
siebmtshmw +0x20051 = GetSmiTaskAPI() +0x6d21
siebmtshmw +0x239d1 = SmiInProcMsgHandler() +0x2051
siebmtshmw +0x15f15 = SmiBeginTrace() +0x3195
siebmtshmw +0x174cf = GetSmiWorkQObj() +0x148f
siebmtshmw +0xc7f7 = SmiCleanupDetTask() +0x3be7
sslcosd +0x2132 = OSDThreadPrivIsInit() +0x1d2
sslcosd +0x21bc = OSDThreadPrivIsInit() +0x25c
MSVCR71 +0x9565 = endthreadex() +0xa0
kernel32 +0x2481f = GetModuleHandleA() +0xdf

2) When attempting to click on Done flag of "All Contact/Prospect across Organization" of Campaign so a Response is created & Save the record, the application crashes.

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

1. Go to Campaigns
2. Drilldown in any Campaign
3. Go to Execute > All Contacts & Prospects
4. Pick a Contact if none exists.
5. Click in the "Done" flag and save the record.
OM crashes.

sscfom +0x1ead8 = CSSBusComp::Release() +0x28
sscfom +0x27a10 = CSSBusComp::EmptyFieldList() +0x90
sscfom +0x528c0 = CSSBusComp::~CSSBusComp() +0x550
sscacmbc +0x14b27 = CSSBCBase::~CSSBCBase() +0x857
SSCACCBC +0xf1d6 = CSSBCResponse::~CSSBCResponse() +0x66
SSCACCBC +0x12685 = CSSBCResponse::DoInvokeMethod() +0x1d5
sscfom +0x60126 = CSSBusObj::~CSSBusObj() +0xf6
sscfom +0x654b5 = CSSBusObj::RestoreSessionState() +0x225
sscfom +0x6148f = CSSBusObj::Release() +0xf
SSDBMSV +0x420ff = CSSSvcCreateAutoResponse::DoInvokeMethod() +0x2f
sscfom +0x18c7c = CSSService::InvokeMethod() +0x24c
SSCACCBC +0x3ce9 = CSSBCCampaignContact::CallAutoResponseService() +0x7d9
SSCACCBC +0x5e4b = CSSBCCampaignContact::SqlWriteRecord() +0x88b
sscfom +0x43bf9 = CSSBusComp::WriteRecord() +0xcc9


3) When Recipients are clicking in the CTD URLs the following error occurs in CTD.log.

INFO HTTPSender Unable to sendViaPost to url[http://999.99.99.99/eai_ptb/start.swe?SWEExtSource=WebService&SWEExtCmd=Execute&WSSOAP=1] org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Transport error: 204 Error: No Content

It also causes EAI component to crash

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

1. Add a Response URL in the Template
2. Launch the Campaign
3. click in the URL in the Email - Response is created as expected
4. Click in another URL
5. EAI crashes and no response is created.

FDR shows:

64836,1386157705,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_BC_EXEC,BusComp Execution,452113720,0,"Campaign","#Execute#" 
64837,1386157705,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_BC_EMPTY_WS,BusComp Empty WorkSet,452113720,0,"Campaign","" 
64838,1386157705,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_SQLOBJ_EXEC,SqlObj Execution,444463128,0,"Campaign","" 
64839,1386157705,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_QUERY_PARSE,Query Parse,444463556,0,""1-1VXH0"","Id" 
64840,1386157765,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_SVC_INVOKE,Service Invoke Method,347399496,0,"Web Engine Interface","#Request#" 
64841,1386157765,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_SVC_INVOKE,Service Invoke Method,237861560,0,"EAI Transport Dispatch Service","#GenericDispatch#" 
64842,1386157765,6784,Fdr_OBJMGR,Object Manager,FdrSub_OBJMGR_SVC_INVOKE,Service Invoke Method,399483008,0,"XML Converter","#PropSetToXML#" 
64843,1386157767,6784,Fdr_FDR,Fdr Internal,FdrSub_FDR_CRASH,** CRASHING THREAD **,0,0,"",""


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