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SP (ILOM) enters "ILOM Pre-boot Menu" (Preboot>) after "reset /SP"; Boots fine from a cold start (unplug/plugin power cords) (Doc ID 1523297.1)

Last updated on OCTOBER 05, 2017

Applies to:

SPARC T4-2 - Version All Versions to All Versions [Release All Releases]
SPARC T3-2 - Version All Versions to All Versions [Release All Releases]
SPARC T4-1 - Version All Versions to All Versions [Release All Releases]
SPARC T3-1 - Version All Versions and later
Sun Fire X4270 M2 Server - Version All Versions to All Versions [Release All Releases]
Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)


Performing a "reset /SP" at the ILOM command prompt will cause the sevice processor (SP) to reboot 3 times and then drop to the "ILOM Pre-boot Menu" (Preboot>) prompt. The only way to get the SP to boot properly is to cold boot (unplug the power cords and then plug them back in) it.

ILOM console boot output after "reset /SP" is performed:

-> reset /SP

Are you sure you want to reset /SP (y/n)? y

Performing reset on /SP

ISwitchinWatchdogd: Stopping patting ... Done

Stopping portmap daemon: portmap.

Stopping : consd Done

Stopping CDServer: cdserver Done

Stopping FDServer: fdserver Done

Stopping HIDServer: hidserver start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 1493: No such process


Stopping Network Interface Plugging Daemon: eth0.

Stopping Token Server: tokend Done

Stopping Video Server: adviserd Done

Stopping : webgo Done

Stopping the Health Monitor Daemon...

Stopping Serial Server: seriald Done

Stopping : eventmgr Done

Stopping IPMI Stack: Done

Stopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd.

Stopping bbrd...

Stopping periodic command scheduler: cron.

Stopping Host deamon: hostd Done

Saving the System Clock time to the Hardware Clock...

Hardware Clock updated to Fri Jan 11 09:55:04 EST 2013.

Stopping Platform Obfuscation Daemon: pod Done

Stopping : vbsc Done

Unmounting remote and non-toplevel virtual filesystems...done.

Created dump file: /coredump/sp_trace/reboot/dump.gz

Unmounting local filesystems...done.

Stopping : dynafrud Done


Sending all processes the TERM signal...done.

Sending all processes the KILL signal...done.

Rebooting... Restarting system.


Primary Bootstrap.

Hold Locate button for 2 seconds to display Pre-boot Menu... (yes).

Package at 1009f800, local, Date ='Dec 11 2012', Build ='r77667'

uboot @040000 OK

Package at 100a0000, global, Date ='Tue Dec 11 20:49:22 PST 2012', Build ='r77667'

uboot @040000 OK, kernel @0a2000 OK, root @1fd424 OK,

realroot @340000 OK, vbscdir @f40000 OK

Package at 1109f800, local, Date ='Nov 2 2012', Build ='r76782'

uboot @1040000 OK

Package at 110a0000, global, Date ='Fri Nov 2 18:48:19 PDT 2012', Build ='r76782'

uboot @1040000 OK, kernel @10a2000 OK, root @11fd41c OK,

realroot @1340000 OK, vbscdir @1f40000 OK

(RAM: Heap curr=5116, peak=5116, spare=4868; Stack peak=528, spare=496)

Starting U-Boot at 0x11040000.


U-Boot 1.1.4


Custom AST2100 U-Boot 3.0 (Nov 2 2012 - 18:32:47) r76782


sptrace allocated 0x100000 bytes at 0x7600000

DRAM: 118 MB

Flash bank 0 at 10000000 has 32MB in 256 sectors (chipSize 1<<25, ratio 1, bufSz64).

Flash bank 1 at 12000000 has 32MB in 256 sectors (chipSize 1<<25, ratio 1, bufSz64).

Flash: 64 MB

Protecting U-Boot flash sectors; monitor_base=11040000.

H/W: AST2200 SP Service Processor; SOC: AST2200 Rev. 02 ('A0')

ARM restart caused by: watch-dog ExtRst# pin

The host is OFF(S5) (hostWantsPwr=0, powerGood=0,

allowPwrOn=1|0, outOfReset=0, fatalError=0).

Reset straps=0x08819180, def. H-PLL=264 MHz, CPU/AHB=2:1, boot CS0# normal speed

PCI w/VGA noVBIOS; NOR 38ns/byte; DRAM clock is M-PLL: 264 MHz (DDR2-528)

DRAM: 128MB data - 8MB VGA, 32-bit noECC, 2 BA 10 CA, CL=4 BL=4 ap=1, 61440 us

refr, DQSipv=0x2020202


FPGA Version :

Date: 2013-01-11 (Friday) Time: 14:55:23

Net: faradaynic#0, faradaynic#1

Enter Diagnostics Mode ['q'uick/'n'ormal(default)/e'x'tended(manufacturing mode)] ..... 0

Diagnostics Mode - NORMAL

<DIAGS> Memory Data Bus Test ... PASSED

<DIAGS> Memory Address Bus Test ... PASSED

I2C Probe Test - SP

Bus Device Address Result

=== ============================ ======= ======

6 SP FRUID (U1101) 0xA0 PASSED

6 DS1338(RTC) (U1102) 0xD0 PASSED


<DIAGS> PHY #0 R/W Test ... PASSED

<DIAGS> PHY #0 Link Status ... PASSED

<DIAGS> ETHERNET PHY #0, Internal Loopback Test ... PASSED


ILOM Pre-boot Menu


Type "h" and [Enter] for a list of commands, or "?" [Enter] for

command-line key bindings. Type "h cmd" for summary of 'cmd' command.


Warning: SP will warm-reset after 300 seconds of idle time.

Set 'bootretry' to -1 to disable the time-out.





The issue occurred after a system board was replaced.


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