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Oracle Big Data Appliance Hardware Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 1541743.1)

Last updated on MAY 23, 2023

Applies to:

Big Data Appliance X5-2 In-Rack Expansion - Version All Versions and later
Big Data Appliance X4-2 In-Rack Expansion - Version All Versions and later
Big Data Appliance X4-2 Full Rack - Version All Versions and later
Big Data Appliance X3-2 Starter Rack - Version All Versions and later
Big Data Appliance X5-2 Hardware - Version All Versions and later
Linux x86-64


This document provides answers to frequently asked Hardware related questions on Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA). 

Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers
 After an ILOM reset is there a file on the file system with a timestamp to check? In other words if you don't want to collect an ILOM snapshot is there a file with some timestamp to see how long the ILOM has been up after restart?
 Where does the Uptime Value in the ILOM start from?  Does it reflect the time since the ILOM was reset or something else?
 Is it also possible to get the Uptime Value using ipmitool?
 Is there a "quick" way to verify if a service LED for a disk is ON, OFF, or flashing i.e. switching between ON/OFF, if you can not easily check on the BDA?
 Is there a "quick" way to check if a disk has a predictive failure?
 Is there a quick alternative to collecting an ILOM snapshot to verify a disk service fault?
 How many Oracle Sun servers are contained within the Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) X3-2 Starter Rack?
 How many Oracle Sun servers are contained in the Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 In-Rack Expansion?
 Do the BDA Starter Rack and  BDA In-Rack Expansion include the same software stack as on the Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2?
 What are the components per node of the BDA X3-2 Hardware? Is there any different between Full Rack, Starter Rack or In-Rack Expansion?
 What are the list of components available for the  BDA X3-2 Starter Rack?
 What are the list of component available for the BDA X3-2 Full Rack?
 Is the  BDA X3-2 Starter Rack ready for cabling to any Exadata system?
 Is the  BDA X3-2 Starter Rack ready for Growth?
 Is BDA 4.13 supported on BDA X3-2 nodes?
 How is memory upgraded on the BDA?  Is there a memory expansion kit?
 Is a rolling memory upgrade possible on BDA racks?
 How much does memory expansion cost on a starter or expansion rack? For 256GB? For 512GB?
 The weight of the BDA X3-2 Starter Kit is 1037 LBs (= 470 Kg). Does this weight include the weight of PDU?
 Inside the BDA does the hostname map to the 10GbE or InfiniBand Address?
 What is the recommended way to test IB failover?
 Can memory upgrades be applied to a subset of nodes on the BDA, or is it all or none?
 What is the cause for 'INFO: Errors reported on disk 7 : 2 0 '  reported by bdacheckcluster/bdacheckhw?
 If a disk goes bad and is replaced can you verify the disk is functional with  regards to HDFS?
 What Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch Ports are free ports??
 Does the BDA Starter Rack have a spine switch?
 Is it possible to multi-cable a BDA Starter Rack and an Exadata 1/8 Rack?
 Can a third party vendor supplied transceiver and cables be used when connecting a BDA appliance to an Exadata server?
 Can free ports of Cisco Admin Switch be used for external use?
 Does the Starter Rack include transceivers for the 10GbE client network?
 In the case of a multi-rack configuration with a mix of Exadata and BDA X3-2 and X4 systems, where the version of the Infiniband (IB) firmware on the X3 racks is lower than the version on the X4, is the recommendation upgrade the firmware on the X3 BDA racks to the X4 level, so all racks have the same version as provided in X4?
 What are the cabling requirements for 6 BDA racks?
 What is the way to collect a "Full" ILOM snapshot?
 Will collecting a "Full" ILOM snapshot bring the server down?
 From an existing ILOM snapshot how can it be determined to be a "Full" or "Normal" snapshot ?
 Can Oracle Big Data Appliance hardware be modified or customized?
 If additional NTP servers are required for a BDA environment what is the best way to do that?
 After migrating to a new network switch what checks can be made to confirm the network ports are up?
 Is it supported to create virtual IP address (VIP) for BDA nodes?
 What does it mean if 'MegaCli64 pdlist a0' reports "Firmware state: Failed" for a disk?
 What does ib0: ipoib_cm_handle_tx_wc in /var/log/messages mean?
 If a disk reports Unconfigured(good) will it always have to be replaced?
 Is it ok to downgrade a HBA firmware to an earlier version?
 Why is  "/opt/exportdir"  visible only on node03 of the cluster?
 Is intel turbo boost" enabled on BDA X5.2?
 What is a quick way to verify the health of the client network in a multirack cluster?
 If BDA X5-2 enables Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 then why does the directory /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/freq directory appear to be missing?
 What can you do if logging into the ilom via the CLI and running -> start /SP/console spins?
 If the  ILOM for a node shows an amount of memory as being available but the OS reports less than that could that represent a faulty DIMM?
 If ftp on the BDA fails with: 550 1000005: Not enough storage is available to process this command, what can be done ?
 What is the overview of the steps to reboot or reset the state of a PDU without resetting its configuration?
 It is not possible to access the BDA servers via the ILOM Web UI.  Errors are raised like "Unable to  launch the application.  What can be done?
 Is it possible to establish IB communications between Exadata and BDA over Infiniband without adding the BDA to the larger IB fabric? ?
 Is there documentation on how to clear a fault in the ILOM?
 Does a Mammoth upgrade update the switch firmware?
 In that case would a switch firmware upgrade come before/after Mammoth? Will it it matter?
 How can ASR be verified as enabled for all servers?
  What are SAS Expanders ?
 What is a SAS HBA?
 If an IB Controller is not working what can be checked initially?
 If an ILOM IP address is unreachable is there anything you can try?
 Is it supported to combine multiple 10GbE ports into a single trunk (using LACP)?
 Do BDA servers automatically reboot/reset the ILOM?
 If it is not possible to provide the output from "bdadiag snapshot" on a customer system for security purposes what can be collected to verify a "bad" disk?
 Is it possible to span a volume group over the 12 available discs of a BDA node?
 Do we need all IB switches on an IB Fabric tp be on the same mgmt network and subnet?
 What are the best diagnostics to collect to perform analysis on a disk failure?
 Does BDA support HSM or Oracle Key Vault?
 Can you use ipmitool to check if a disk has predictive failures and/or smart alerts?
 Can you view predictive failures using MegaCli?
 If the SMART Health Status is saying it is an IMPENDING failure does that indicate a SMART predictive failure?
 Does swapping out the batteries on the RAID controllers cause downtime to the cluster?  Could it be done in a rolling fashion one server at a time, to avoid downtime?
 What could be the cause of reboot hanging due to being unable to boot into any image, including the rescue image?
 Why does grub.conf has 16 options in the fallback entry?
 Is it safe to remove ILOM network from the environment management switch?
 Is mixing hardware generations in a cluster supported?
 Can a X6-2 BDA half rack be upgraded to a full rack with 9 new X7-2 servers?
 Does BDA have a tool like "exabr"?
 Is RHCK supported on the BDA?
 Are HGST H7280B520SUN8.0T disks supported on the BDA?
 Is it allowed to have gaps in the IP addresses for the private network?
 Is it allowed to used non-sequential IP addresses for the private network?
 Do the above two statements mean that it should not be possible to run out of space in a private network subnet?
 Would it be supported to have the ILOMs/switches/admin IPs on different subnets?
 Is it possible to rebuild data storage as raid 1 with 2xSSD and 12xHDD on the BDA?
 Is interconnecting a non-Engineered system server to the BDA InfiniBand fabric allowed?
 Is disabling the internal USB flash drive supported on the BDA?
 Is there an ILOM firmware that is supported by BDA and supports use of TLS V1.2?
 After replacing and configuring a failed disk, why is the Disk Cache Policy" "Disk's Default" not "Disabled" as on other disks?
 Can you swap out your 8TB drives on the BDA and replace those with 4TB drives and still have a supported configuration?

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