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panic due to hat_getpfnum returning PFN_INVALID for ISM mapping (Doc ID 2011485.1)

Last updated on JANUARY 31, 2019

Applies to:

Solaris Operating System - Version 10 1/13 U11 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


System will panic with:

panic on CPU 9
panic string:   BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=fffffe8009a5caa0 addr=ffffff6fb3b51c08
==== panic user (LWP_SYS) thread: 0xfffffec291f94ae0  PID: 2665  on CPU: 9 ====
cmd: /opt/IBM/ITM/sol606/ux/bin/kuxagent
t_procp: 0xfffffec292192480
   p_as: 0xfffffec2927272f0  size: 161M  RSS: 59.1M
       a_hat: 0xfffffec29272c2d8
   cpuset: 9
   p_zone: 0xfffffffffbcd4ee0 (global)
t_stk: 0xfffffe8009a5cf10  sp: 0xfffffe8009a5c860  t_stkbase: 0xfffffe8009a58000 (size: 20240)
t_pri: 1  pctcpu: 99.627289
t_cid: 3 (FSS)  t_cldata(fssproc_t): 0xfffffec37d48a188
   fss_timeleft: 11  fss_ticks: 0  fss_upri: 0  fss_uprilim: 0
   fss_umdpri: 1  fss_nice: 20  fss_fsspri: 123568996654717247  fss_runnable: 1
t_transience: 0  t_wkld_flags: 2 WLKD_CPU_INTENSIVE
t_lwp: 0xfffffec37d8a1780  t_tid: 36
   lwp_regs: 0xfffffe8009a5cf10
   lwp_ap:   0xfffffec37d8a1b38
   t_mstate: LMS_SYSTEM  ms_prev: LMS_KFAULT
   ms_state_start: 598 days 17 hours 12 minutes 30.744847016 seconds later
   ms_start: 448 days 11 hours 25 minutes 11.386199035 seconds later
t_cpupart: 0xfffffffffbc51f80(0)  last CPU: 9
idle: 10 ticks (0.10s)
start: Fri Feb 13 15:40:53 2015
age: 4486959 seconds (51 days 22 hours 22 minutes 39 seconds)
t_state:     TS_ONPROC
t_flag:      0x1800 (T_PANIC|T_LWPREUSE)
t_proc_flag: 0x104 (TP_TWAIT|TP_MSACCT)
t_schedflag: 0x4003 (TS_LOAD|TS_DONT_SWAP|TS_RUNQMATCH)

pc:      unix:vpanic_common+0x165:  addq   $0xf0,%rsp

-- on user (LWP_SYS) thread's stack --
0xfffffe8009a5c860      unix:vpanic_common+0x165()
0xfffffe8009a5c940  224 unix:0xfffffffffb8672d2()
0xfffffe8009a5c9b0   96 unix:0xfffffffffb836587()
0xfffffe8009a5ca90  112 void unix:trap+0x5e6((struct regs *), (caddr_t), (processorid_t))
0xfffffe8009a5caa0   16 unix:cmntrap+0x140()
-- panic trap data  type: 0xe (Page fault)
 addr 0xffffff6fb3b51c08  rp   0xfffffe8009a5caa0
 trapno     0xe (Page fault)
 err          9 (protection error,read,supervisor)
 %rfl   0x10202 (interrupt enable|resume)
 savfp 0xfffffe8009a5cc70
 savpc unix:bcopy_use_rep+0xa:  repz movsq (%rsi),(%rdi)

 %rbp  0xfffffe8009a5cc70
 %rsp  0xfffffe8009a5cb98
 %rip  unix:bcopy_use_rep+0xa:  repz movsq (%rsi),(%rdi)

 0%rdi 0xfffffec51229f000
 1%rsi 0xffffff6fb3b51c08
 2%rdx              0x3f8
 3%rcx               0x7f
 4%r8                0x21
 5%r9                   0

 %rax                   0
 %rbx  0xffffff6fb3b51c08
 %r10  0xfffffffffbc82040 (genunix(data):segspt_shmops+0)
 %r11                   1
 %r12  0xfffffecfa1391b48
 %r13          0xffdff000
 %r14  0xffffff585a9b2330
 %r15                   0

 %cs       0x28 (KCS_SEL)        %ds       0x43 (UDS_SEL)
 %es       0x43 (UDS_SEL)        %ss       0x30 (KDS_SEL)
 %fs          0 (KFS_SEL)        %gs          0 (KFS_SEL)
 fsbase 0xfffffd7ff8931a00
 gsbase 0xfffffec290b6c000
0xfffffe8009a5cc70  224 <trap>unix:bcopy_use_rep+0xa()
                       genunix:urw - frame recycled
0xfffffe8009a5cc80   16 int genunix:uread+0x14((proc_t *), (void *), (size_t), (uintptr_t))
0xfffffe8009a5cd30  176 int procfs:prusrio+0x138((proc_t *), (enum uio_rw), (struct uio *), (int))
0xfffffe8009a5cd60   48 int procfs:pr_read_as+0x83((prnode_t *), (uio_t *))
0xfffffe8009a5cd70   16 int procfs:prread+0x3e((vnode_t *), (uio_t *), (int), (cred_t *), (caller_context_t *))
0xfffffe8009a5cdc0   80 int genunix:fop_read+0x31((vnode_t *), (uio_t *), (int), (cred_t *), (struct caller_context *))
0xfffffe8009a5cf00  320 ssize_t genunix:pread+0x178((int), (void *), (size_t), (off_t))
0xfffffe8009a5cf10   16 unix:_syscall_invoke+0x30()
-- switch to user thread's user stack --


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