System panic in link_ptp() when htable structure is created

(Doc ID 2017683.1)

Last updated on JULY 29, 2016

Applies to:

Solaris Operating System - Version 10 1/13 U11 to 11.1 [Release 10.0 to 11.0]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


System panic in link_ptp() while htable structure is created when sharing page tables

panic string:   HAT: ptp not 0, newptp= 3b1e2f027 found=61b000087

CAT(vmcore.14/10X)> panic
panic on CPU 2
panic string:   HAT: ptp not 0, newptp= 3b1e2f027 found=61b000087
==== panic user (LWP_SYS) thread: 0xfffffe9316e8d4c0  PID: 20983  on CPU: 2 ====
cmd: oracleWSSFX3 (LOCAL=NO)
t_procp: 0xfffffe92c92061a8
  p_as: 0xfffffe92eef336e0  size: 3459145728  RSS: 1146605568
     a_hat: 0xfffffe92ee2d7180
   cpuset: 2
  p_zone: 0xfffffffffbcd4ea0 (global)
t_stk: 0xfffffe8003353f10  sp: 0xfffffe8003353970  t_stkbase: 0xfffffe800334e000
t_pri: 59 (TS)  pctcpu: 0.335131
t_transience: 0  t_wkld_flags: 0
t_lwp: 0xfffffe92dbaf4140  t_tid: 1
  lwp_regs: 0xfffffe8003353f10
  lwp_ap:   0xfffffe8003353f20
  t_mstate: LMS_DFAULT  ms_prev: LMS_USER
  ms_state_start: 53 days 31 minutes 16.384211764 seconds later
  ms_start: 33 days 11 hours 41 minutes 21.533739376 seconds later
t_cpupart: 0xfffffffffbc51f60(0)  last CPU: 2
idle: 0 ticks (0s)
start: Sat May  3 18:24:57 2014
age: 576852 seconds (6 days 16 hours 14 minutes 12 seconds)
t_state:     TS_ONPROC
t_flag:      0x1800 (T_PANIC|T_LWPREUSE)
t_proc_flag: 0x104 (TP_TWAIT|TP_MSACCT)
t_schedflag: 3 (TS_LOAD|TS_DONT_SWAP)

pc:      unix:vpanic_common+0x165:  addq   $0xf0,%rsp

void unix:link_ptp+0x85((htable_t *), (htable_t *), (uintptr_t))
htable_t *unix:htable_create+0x261((hat_t *), (uintptr_t), (level_t), (htable_t *))
int unix:hat_share+0x3a9((hat_t *), (caddr_t), (hat_t *), (caddr_t), (size_t), (uint_t))
faultcode_t genunix:segspt_dismfault+0x2af((struct hat *), (struct seg *), (caddr_t), (size_t), (enum fault_type), (enum seg_rw))
faultcode_t genunix:segspt_shmfault+0x159((struct hat *), (struct seg *), (caddr_t), (size_t), (enum fault_type), (enum seg_rw))
faultcode_t genunix:as_fault+0x205((struct hat *), (struct as *), (caddr_t), (size_t), (enum fault_type), (enum seg_rw))
faultcode_t unix:pagefault+0x8b((caddr_t), (enum fault_type), (enum seg_rw), (int))
void unix:trap+0x3d7((struct regs *), (caddr_t), (processorid_t))
-- user trap data  rp: 0xfffffe8003353f10
 trapno     0xe (Page fault)
 err          4 (page not present,read,user)
 %rfl   0x10246 (parity|zero|interrupt enable|resume)
 savfp                  0
 savpc 0x2dd329e (userland)
 %rbp  0xfffffd7fffdfa750  %rsp  0xfffffd7fffdf9e40
 %rip  0x2dd329e (userland)
 0%rdi        0x12a0ec6e0  1%rsi        0x12eec2068  2%rdx         0xc0f001a8
 3%rcx                  0  4%r8               0x35e  5%r9                   0

 %rax                 0xc  %rbx          0xc0f000f8
 %r10                   0  %r11                   0  %r12                   0
 %r13          0xc054a000  %r14                   0  %r15  0xfffffd7ffdb657d8

 %cs       0x4b (UCS_SEL)        %ds          0 (KFS_SEL)
 %es          0 (KFS_SEL)        %ss       0x43 (UDS_SEL)
 %fs          0 (KFS_SEL)        %gs          0 (KFS_SEL)
 fsbase 0xfffffd7ffe890200
 gsbase                  0
-- switch to user thread's user stack --


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