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Nvmeadm Getlog -s Command For F320 Causes OS Panic. (Doc ID 2276327.1)

Last updated on MARCH 25, 2021

Applies to:

Fujitsu M10-4 - Version All Versions and later
Fujitsu M10-4S - Version All Versions and later
Fujitsu SPARC M12-2 - Version All Versions and later
Fujitsu SPARC M12-2S - Version All Versions and later
Fujitsu M10-1 - Version All Versions and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


nvmeadm getlog -s causes a panic.

Example Panic:

# nvmeadm getlog -s work SUNW-NVME-1
Retrieve cr
SUNW-MSG-ID: SUNOS-8000-0G, TYPE: Error, VER: 1, SEVERITY: Major
EVENT-TIME: 0x578331bb.0x18701d00 (0x3281fa1b3f6)
SOURCE: SunOS, REV: 5.11 11.3
DESC: Errors have been detected that require a reboot to ensure system
integrity.  See for more information.
AUTO-RESPONSE: Solaris will attempt to save and diagnose the error telemetry
IMPACT: The system will sync files, save a crash dump if needed, and reboot
REC-ACTION: Save the error summary below in case telemetry cannot be saved
panic[cpu11]/thread=2a101de7b80: Fatal error has occured in: PCIe fabric.(0x40)(0x41)
000002a101de6e80 px:px_err_panic+1c4 (20904800, 1, 41, 1228e000, 40, 20901bc8)
  %l0-3: 000002a101de6f30 000002a101de6881 0000000020904c00 000000000000005f
  %l4-7: 0000000000000000 00000000204ccc00 ffffffffffffffff 0000000000000000
000002a101de6f90 px:px_err_intr+194 (1, 2, 21, 1, 40, 40)
  %l0-3: 0000c4007245c000 0000000000000010 00000400044be628 0000c40072ed9300
  %l4-7: 0000000000000001 0000c40072ed9360 0000c40072ed9360 0000000000000004
000002a101de7080 unix:dispatch_handler+224 (30000014300, 2a101de7b80, 0, 70096780, 0, f)
  %l0-3: 0000000000000009 0000030000014390 0000030000014348 0000030000014340
  %l4-7: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 000000001229d080 0000c4007245c068
syncing file systems... done ena=50cfe5487f02c01 detector=[ version=0 scheme="dev"
 cna_dev=57832fe000000031 device-path="/pci@8100" ] sysino=c4007245c0c8 ehdl=
 100000000001 stick=50cfe5487f dw0=2112381400000000 dw1=0 dw2=5000000 dw3=0
 dw4=0 rc_descr=
 "Valid Epkt contents:
Block: 0x2, Op: 0x1, Phase: 0x1, Cond: 0x2
Dir: 0x3, Flags: STOP=1, H=1, R=0, D=1
M=0, S=0, Size: 0x0, Addr: 0x0
Hdr1: 0x5000000, Hdr2: 0x0, Res: 0x0
Err Severity: 0x10 "
. ena=50cfe5487f02c01 detector=[ version=0 scheme="dev"
 cna_dev=57832fe000000031 device-path="/pci@8100" ] scan_bdf=500 scan_addr=0
 intr_src=4 remainder=4 severity=41
. ena=50cfe5487f02c01 detector=[ version=0 scheme="dev"
 cna_dev=57832fe000000031 device-path="/pci@8100/pci@4" ] bdf=20
 vendor_id=10cf rev_id=2 dev_type=40 pcie_off=60 pcix_off=0 aer_off=100
 ecc_ver=0 ber_factor=64 pci_status=10 pci_command=406 pci_bdg_sec_status=0
 pci_bdg_ctrl=3 pcie_status=0 pcie_command=2f pcie_dev_cap=8002
 pcie_link_status=f083 pcie_dev_ctl2=20 pcie_adv_ctl=1ee pcie_ue_status=0
 pcie_ue_mask=0 pcie_ue_sev=62030 pcie_ue_hdr0=40000080 pcie_ue_hdr1=333300ff
 pcie_ue_hdr2=b3333200 pcie_ue_hdr3=0 pcie_ce_status=0 pcie_ce_mask=0
 pcie_rp_status=0 pcie_rp_control=10 pcie_adv_rp_status=0
 pcie_adv_rp_ce_src_id=0 pcie_adv_rp_ue_src_id=0 remainder=3 severity=1
. ena=50cfe5487f02c01 detector=[ version=0 scheme="dev"
 cna_dev=57832fe000000031 device-path="/pci@8100/pci@4/pci@0" ] bdf=100
 device_id=8732 vendor_id=10b5 rev_id=ba dev_type=50 pcie_off=68 pcix_off=0
 aer_off=fb4 ecc_ver=0 ber_factor=64 pci_status=10 pci_command=147
 pci_bdg_sec_status=0 pci_bdg_ctrl=3 pcie_status=0 pcie_command=3f
 pcie_dev_cap=8001 pcie_link_status=83 pcie_dev_ctl2=0 pcie_adv_ctl=1ff
 pcie_ue_status=0 pcie_ue_mask=0 pcie_ue_sev=462030 pcie_ue_hdr0=5000001
 pcie_ue_hdr1=200d03 pcie_ue_hdr2=3100000 pcie_ue_hdr3=3080018 pcie_ce_status=0
 pcie_ce_mask=0 remainder=2 severity=1
. ena=50cfe5487f02c01 detector=[ version=0 scheme="dev"
 cna_dev=57832fe000000031 device-path="/pci@8100/pci@4/pci@0/pci@9" ] bdf=248
 device_id=8732 vendor_id=10b5 rev_id=ba dev_type=60 pcie_off=68 pcix_off=0
 aer_off=fb4 ecc_ver=0 ber_factor=64 pci_status=10 pci_command=547
 pci_bdg_sec_status=0 pci_bdg_ctrl=3 pcie_status=0 pcie_command=3f
 pcie_dev_cap=8001 pcie_link_status=2083 pcie_dev_ctl2=20 pcie_adv_ctl=1ff
 pcie_ue_status=0 pcie_ue_mask=0 pcie_ue_sev=462030 pcie_ue_hdr0=4000001
 pcie_ue_hdr1=200303 pcie_ue_hdr2=2490000 pcie_ue_hdr3=2470000 pcie_ce_status=0
 pcie_ce_mask=0 remainder=1 severity=1
. ena=50cfe5487f02c01 detector=[ version=0 scheme="dev"
 cna_dev=57832fe000000031 device-path="/pci@8100/pci@4/pci@0/pci@9/nvme@0" ]
 bdf=500 device_id=a821 vendor_id=144d rev_id=1 dev_type=0 pcie_off=70
 pcix_off=0 aer_off=100 ecc_ver=0 ber_factor=64 pci_status=10 pci_command=146
 pcie_status=10 pcie_command=213f pcie_dev_cap=10648fe1 pcie_link_status=1083
 pcie_dev_ctl2=0 pcie_adv_ctl=1e0 pcie_ue_status=0 pcie_ue_mask=0 pcie_ue_sev=
 462030 pcie_ue_hdr0=0 pcie_ue_hdr1=0 pcie_ue_hdr2=0 pcie_ue_hdr3=0
 pcie_ce_status=0 pcie_ce_mask=0 remainder=0 severity=1
Deferred dump not available.
dumping to /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/dump, offset 65536, content: kernel sections:
 0:02  96% done (kernel)
 0:02 100% done (zfs)
100% done: 414203 (kernel) + 13043 (zfs) pages dumped, dump succeeded




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