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System panic due to bad trap in vx_hsm_createandmkdir() function call (Doc ID 2309176.1)

Last updated on SEPTEMBER 11, 2019

Applies to:

Solaris Operating System - Version 10 10/09 U8 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


System will panic with:

panic string: BAD TRAP: type=31 rp=2a1115451f0 addr=302d59622b8 mmu_fsr=0

With panic stack like this:

-- on panic_stack --
void unix:panicsys+0x48((const char *)0x10c8120(unix:Drodata.rodata+0x1671), (va_list)0x2a111544f98(*unix(data):panicargs), (struct regs *)0x198bb30(unix(data):panic_stack+0x3f60), (int)1, 0x800001601, , , , , , , , 0x10c8120(unix:Drodata.rodata+0x1671), 0x2a111544f98(*unix(data):panicargs))
unix:vpanic_common+0x78(0x10c8120(unix:Drodata.rodata+0x1671), 0x2a111544f98(*unix(data):panicargs), 0x54bc8e, 0x2a111544a91, 0x2a111545290, 0x80001604)
-- switch to user (LWP_SYS) thread's stack --
void unix:panic+0x1c((const char *)0x10c8120(unix:Drodata.rodata+0x1671), (void *)0x31, 0x2a1115451f0, 0x302d59622b8, 0, 0x23c00000, ...)
int unix:die+0x9c((unsigned)0x31, (struct regs *)0x2a1115451f0, (caddr_t)0x302d59622b8, (uint_t)0)
void unix:trap+0xa20((struct regs *)0x2a1115451f0, (caddr_t)0x302d59622b8, (uint32_t), (uint32_t))
-- trap data  type: 0x31 (data access MMU miss)  rp: 0x2a1115451f0  --
  addr: 0x302d59622b8
  tstate: 0x80001604  %cwp:4  %pstate:0x16 (IE|PRIV|PEF|TSO)
          %asi:0x80 (ASI_P)  %ccr:0  %gl:0
pc:  0x7a35a388 vxfs:vx_hsm_createandmkdir+0x17c:   ldx [%i0 + 0x478], %l7
npc: 0x7a35a38c vxfs:vx_hsm_createandmkdir+0x180:   or    %g0, %i5, %i2   ( mov   %i5, %i2 )
  global:                       %g1      0x300447389c0
        %g2            0xd1793  %g3      0x300457739c8
        %g4      0x303e3abe5c0  %g5         0x70469c00
        %g6                  0  %g7      0x303fb396400
  out:  %o0                  1  %o1          0x19d2eb8
        %o2                  0  %o3                  1
        %o4         0x7044f400  %o5                  0
        %sp      0x2a111544a91  %o7         0x7a35a36c
  loc:  %l0                  0  %l1              0x1a4
        %l2      0x304ae8c0000  %l3                  0
        %l4                  0  %l5                  0
        %l6      0x303e3abe5c0  %l7                  0
  in:   %i0      0x302d5961e40  %i1      0x30435effb80
        %i2               0x15  %i3      0x303e3abe5c0
        %i4               0x15  %i5                  0
        %fp      0x2a111544b71  %i7         0x7a35a038
<trap>int vxfs:vx_hsm_createandmkdir+0x17c((struct vnode *), (char *)0x30435effb80, (struct vattr *)0x2a111545818, (struct vnode **)0x2a111545810, (vx_cred_t *)0x30218f81c98, (enum vcexcl)0, (int), (int)0, (int))
int vxfs:vx_create+0x1a0((struct vnode *)0x30288d6bc00, (char *)0x30435effb80, (struct vattr *)0x2a111545818, (enum vcexcl)0, (int)0x80, (struct vnode **)0x2a111545810, (vx_cred_t *), (int)0x2102)
int genunix:fop_create+0x34((vnode_t *)0x30288d6bc00, (char *)0x30435effb80, (vattr_t *)0x2a111545818, (vcexcl_t)0, (int)0x80, (vnode_t **)0x2a111545810, (cred_t *), (int))
int genunix:vn_createat+0x590((char *)0x10018ca60, (enum uio_seg)0, (struct vattr *)0x2a111545818, (enum vcexcl), (int)0x80, (struct vnode **)0x2a111545810, (enum create), (int), (mode_t), (struct vnode *))
int genunix:vn_openat+0x134((char *)0x10018ca60, (enum uio_seg)0, (int)0x2302, (int)0x1b6, (struct vnode **)0x2a111545978, (enum create)0, (mode_t)0x12, (struct vnode *)0)
int genunix:copen+0x260((int), (char *), (int), (int))
genunix:open((char *)0x10018ca60, (int)0x301, (int)0x1b6) - frame recycled
seos:my_cs_open+0x148(, 0x301, 0x1b6)
-- switch to user thread's user stack --

As can be seen:

pc: 0x7a35a388 vxfs:vx_hsm_createandmkdir+0x17c: ldx [%i0 + 0x478], %l7

> rd 0x302d5961e40+0x478
address translation failed for longlong: 8 bytes @ 0x302d59622b8


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