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BAD Trap panic in lwp_timer_timeout (Doc ID 2342057.1)

Last updated on MARCH 19, 2021

Applies to:

Solaris Operating System - Version 11.3 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
System will panic with "BAD TRAP: type=34 rp=2a10009d3c0 addr=1c1 mmu_fsr=0" in genunix:lwp_timer_timeout+0x10


System will panic with the following panic stack:

panic on CPU 0
panic string:   BAD TRAP: type=34 rp=2a10009d3c0 addr=1c1 mmu_fsr=0
==== panic user (LWP_SYS) thread: 0x2a10009db80  PID: 0  on CPU: 0  affinity CPU: 0 (last_swtch: 0.012593375 seconds earlier)  PIL: 1 ====
cmd: sched(unix:thread_create_intr)
kname: thread_create_intr
t_procp: 0x20300a40 (proc_sched)
  p_as: 0x20309a98 (kas)
  p_zone: 0x208a7f78 (global)
t_stk: 0x2a10009d990  sp: 0x2051a1f1  t_stkbase: 0x2a100096000
t_pri: 160  pctcpu: 99.999763
t_cid: 0 (SYS)  t_cldata: NULL
t_transience: 0  t_wkld_flags: 0
t_lwp: 0x10004d8bdd78
  machpcb: 0x2a11519bad0
  lwp_ap:   0x2a11519bbc0
  t_mstate: LMS_USER  ms_prev: LMS_USER
  ms_state_start: 0.010196237 seconds earlier
  ms_start: 11 days 12 hours 11 minutes 44.831341414 seconds earlier
          LMS_USER 25 minutes 6.681336943 seconds
        LMS_SYSTEM 1 hours 23.087214256 seconds
          LMS_TRAP 0.317359757 seconds
        LMS_TFAULT 0.197517767 seconds
        LMS_DFAULT 2.360437883 seconds
     LMS_USER_LOCK 11 days 8 hours 59 minutes 50.997211846 seconds
         LMS_SLEEP 1 hours 43 minutes 46.492729597 seconds
      LMS_WAIT_CPU 2 minutes 34.687326916 seconds
       LMS_STOPPED 0.000010207 seconds
t_cpupart: 0x2051aff0(0)  last CPU: 0
idle: 5270181819711 nsec (1h27m50.181819711s)
start: Sat Feb 21 19:08:16 1970
age: 1503103661 seconds (17397 days 47 minutes 41 seconds)
interrupted (pinned) thread: 0x100045ad7540
t_state:     TS_ONPROC
t_proc_flag: 0 (none set)
t_schedflag: 0x10003 (TS_LOAD|TS_DONT_SWAP|TS_WKLD_CPU)
t_acflag:    4 (TA_NO_ACCOUNTING)
p_flag:      1 (SSYS)

pc:      unix:panicsys+0x40:   call     unix:setjmp
startpc: unix:thread_create_intr+0:   save      %sp, -0xd0, %sp

-- on panic_stack --
void unix:panicsys+0x40((const char *)0x10114a40(unix:_DYNAMIC+0x1c28), (va_list)0x2a10009d178(*unix(data):panicargs), (struct regs *)0x2051aba0(unix(data):panic_stack+0x3f60), (int)1, 0x1602, , , , , , , , 0x10114a40(unix:_DYNAMIC+0x1c28), 0x2a10009d178(*unix(data):panicargs))
unix:vpanic_common+0x78(0x10114a40(unix:_DYNAMIC+0x1c28), 0x2a10009d178(*unix(data):panicargs), 2, 0x38, 0xe, 0xe)
-- switch to user (LWP_SYS) thread's stack --
void unix:panic+0x1c((const char *)0x10114a40(unix:_DYNAMIC+0x1c28), (void *)0x34, 0x2a10009d3c0, 0x1c1, 0, 0x93, ...)
int unix:die+0xb8((unsigned)0x34, (struct regs *)0x2a10009d3c0, (caddr_t)0x1c1, (uint_t)0)
void unix:trap+0x6cc((struct regs *)0x2a10009d3c0, (caddr_t)0x1c1, (uint32_t), (uint32_t))
-- trap data  type: 0x34 (memory address not aligned)  rp: 0x2a10009d3c0  LEAF --
 addr: 0x1c1
 tstate: 0x4400001605  %cwp:5  %pstate:0x16 (IE|PRIV|PEF|TSO)
         %asi:0  %ccr:0x44 (IZ|XZ)  %gl:0
pc:  0x100818e4 unix:mutex_enter+4:   casxa     [%o0] ASI_P, %g0, %o1   ( casx  [%o0] %g0, %o1 )
npc: 0x100818e8 unix:mutex_enter+8:   brnz,pn     %o1, unix:mutex_enter+0x18
 global:                       %g1 0x4000001460dcda00
       %g2      0x4003f6f3040  %g3                  0
       %g4       0x1460dcda00  %g5                  1
       %g6                  0  %g7      0x2a10009db80
 out:  %o0              0x1c1  %o1      0x2a10009db80
       %o2      0x40040eb1104  %o3                  0
       %o4   0x1805d493af4a80  %o5               0x80
       %sp      0x2a10009cc61  %o7         0x102718e4
 loc:  %l0     0x100045ad7546  %l1                  0
       %l2      0x4001e408040  %l3                  0
       %l4                  9  %l5      0x40040eb1100
       %l6                  2  %l7                  2
 in:   %i0      0x2a11519ba28  %i1      0x2a10009db80
       %i2                  1  %i3              0x1c1
       %i4                  1  %i5         0x208b6000
       %fp      0x2a10009cd31  %i7         0x101c8d04
<leaf trap>unix:mutex_enter+4(0x1c1)
void genunix:lwp_timer_timeout+0x10((void *)0x2a11519ba28)
void genunix:callout_list_expire+0x5c((callout_table_t *)0x40045794000(*genunix(data):callout_boot_ct), (callout_list_t *)0x10004a116a80)
void genunix:callout_expire+0x14((callout_table_t *)0x40045794000(*genunix(data):callout_boot_ct))
void genunix:callout_realtime+0x14((callout_table_t *)0x40045794000(*genunix(data):callout_boot_ct))
void genunix:cyclic_softint+0xb8((cpu_t *), (cyc_level_t)0)
int unix:cbe_level1+8()
void unix:dispatch_handler+0x224((struct regs *)0x20010010(unix(data):cpu0+0x10)?, (uint_t), (uint_t))
unix:mutex_enter() - frame recycled
-- switch to pinned user (LWP_SYS) thread's stack --
void *genunix:kmem_log_enter+0x40((kmem_log_header_t *)0x4001e408010(*genunix(bss):kmem_content_log), (void *)0x100033205180, (size_t)0x40)
int genunix:kmem_cache_free_debug+0x15c((kmem_cache_t *)0x30000088000, (void *)0x100033205180, (caddr_t)0x102670f0(genunix:traverse+0xa0))
void genunix:kmem_cache_free+0x108((kmem_cache_t *)0x30000088000?, (void *)0x100033205180)
genunix:vn_vfsunlock((vnode_t *)0x10003c50a500) - frame recycled
int genunix:traverse+0xa0((struct vnode **)0x2a11519b558)
int genunix:lookuppnvp+0x4b0((struct pathname *)0x2a11519b868, (struct pathname *)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0, (struct vnode **)0x2a11519bac8, (vnode_t *)0x10003a228600, (vnode_t *)0x10003a228600, (cred_t *)0x10005babcd30)
int genunix:lookuppnatcred+0x118((struct pathname *)0x2a11519b868, (struct pathname *)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0, (struct vnode **)0x2a11519bac8, (vnode_t *)0, (cred_t *)0x10005babcd30)
int genunix:lookupnameatcred+0x90((char *)0x10955e540, (enum uio_seg)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0, (struct vnode **)0x2a11519bac8, (vnode_t *)0, (cred_t *)0x10005babcd30)
int genunix:lookupnameat+0x20((char *)0x10955e540, (enum uio_seg)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0, (struct vnode **)0x2a11519bac8, (vnode_t *)0)
int genunix:cstatat_getvp+0x110((int), (char *)0x10955e540, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0x2a11519bac8, (cred_t **)0x2a11519bac0)
int genunix:cstatat+0x3c((int), (char *)0x10955e540, (struct stat *)0xffffffff525fef38, (int)0, (int))
-- switch to pinned user thread's user stack --


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