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Panic in zfs_getattr() (Doc ID 2681618.1)

Last updated on DECEMBER 16, 2022

Applies to:

Solaris Operating System - Version 11.3 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Panic stack looks as follows:

CAT(vmcore.0/11V)> panic
panic on CPU 141
panic string:   BAD TRAP: type=31 rp=2a14695c310 addr=16d00000000 mmu_fsr=0
==== panic user (LWP_SYS) thread: 0x30404d5b4c880  PID: 28752  on CPU: 141 ====
cmd: /bin/ksh /usr/local/scripts/ /usr/local/scripts/deployer/nipl_r
fmri: init:/ap
t_procp: 0x30404de3c4538
   p_as: 0x304042b5934a8  size: 13623296  RSS: 9789440
      a_hat: 0x304042a090f80
      cnum: CPU0:35/29 CPU16:40/23 CPU40:44/46 CPU72:29/13258 CPU80:32/8 CPU88:42/20435 CPU112:48/2044 CPU144:37/6599
      cpusran: 50,81,120,141,152
   p_zone: 0x208ac8f8 (global)
t_stk: 0x2a14695da90  sp: 0x2051a331  t_stkbase: 0x2a146956000
t_pri: 0 (TS)  pctcpu: 0.000194
t_transience: 0  t_wkld_flags: 0
t_lwp: 0x30404dcce7b28  t_tid: 1
   machpcb: 0x2a14695da90
   lwp_ap:   0x2a14695db80
   t_mstate: LMS_SYSTEM  ms_prev: LMS_KFAULT
   ms_state_start: 0.000160590 seconds earlier
   ms_start: 0.000214680 seconds earlier
t_cpupart: 0x2051b130(0)  last CPU: 141
idle: 19637974448016510 nsec (227d6h59m34.448016510s)
start: Thu Jun 11 05:27:08 2020
age: 0 seconds (0 seconds)
t_state:     TS_ONPROC
t_flag:      0x1800 (T_PANIC|T_LWPREUSE)
t_proc_flag: 0x104 (TP_TWAIT|TP_MSACCT)
t_schedflag: 0x8003 (TS_LOAD|TS_DONT_SWAP|TS_WKLD_PERM)
p_flag:      0x42040000 (SVFORK|SMSACCT|SMSFORK)
pc:      unix:panicsys+0x40:   call     unix:setjmp
void unix:panicsys+0x40((const char *)0x10116440, (va_list)0x2a14695c0c8, (struct regs *)0x2051ace0, (int)1, 0x900081603, , , , , , , , 0x10116440, 0x2a14695c0c8)
unix:vpanic_common+0x78(0x10116440, 0x2a14695c0c8, 0x50, 0xa, 0x80000000, 0x7ffff118)
void unix:panic+0x1c((const char *)0x10116440, (void *)0x31, 0x2a14695c310, 0x16d00000000, 0, 0x93, ...)
int unix:die+0xb8((unsigned)0x31, (struct regs *)0x2a14695c310, (caddr_t)0x16d00000000, (uint_t)0)
void unix:trap+0xad4((struct regs *)0x2a14695c310, (caddr_t)0x16d00000000, (uint32_t), (uint32_t))
-- trap data  type: 0x31 (data access MMU miss)  rp: 0x2a14695c310  --
  addr: 0x16d00000000
pc:  0x12101990 zfs:zfs_getattr+0x254:   lduw   [%o2], %o4
npc: 0x12101994 zfs:zfs_getattr+0x258:   or       %o4, 0x2, %o3
  global:                       %g1         0xffffffff
        %g2 0xffffffffffffffff  %g3         0x78766174
        %g4         0x78766174  %g5                  1
        %g6                  0  %g7    0x30404d5b4c880
  out:  %o0      0x2a14695c858  %o1                  2
        %o2      0x16d00000000  %o3      0x2a14695c7b8
        %o4            0x10000  %o5                  1
        %sp      0x2a14695bbb1  %o7         0x12101910
  loc:  %l0 0xffe00207edf4ce60  %l1        0x800000000
        %l2 0xffffffffffffffff  %l3         0x78766000
        %l4      0x40800000344  %l5        0x800000000
        %l6             0x2000  %l7      0x2a14695c858
  in:   %i0    0x3040314ebde80  %i1      0x2a14695c7a8
        %i2             0x41ed  %i3            0x10000
        %i4    0x304033f608000  %i5 0xffe00207edf4ce48
        %fp      0x2a14695bd21  %i7         0x103c1860
<trap>int zfs:zfs_getattr+0x254((vnode_t *)0x3040314ebde80, (vattr_t *)0x2a14695c7a8, (int)0, (cred_t *)0x304045d513140, (caller_context_t *)0)
int genunix:fop_getattr+0xf4((vnode_t *)0x3040314ebde80, (vattr_t *)0x2a14695c7a8, (int)0, (cred_t *)0x304045d513140, (caller_context_t *)0)
varonis_drv:varonis_add_lookup+0x124(0x30404b43ade80, 0x304046ebe8500, 0x3040314ebde80, 0x2a14695ccc0, 0x304045d513140, 0xfffffffffffffffe)
varonis_drv:varonis_vop_lookup+0x76c(0x3040314ebde80, 0x2a14695ccc0, 0x2a14695ccb8, 0x2a14695da40, 0, 0x3040332af5b40, , 0)
int genunix:fop_lookup+0x15c((vnode_t *)0x3040314ebde80, (char *)0x2a14695ccc0, (vnode_t **)0x2a14695ccb8, (pathname_t *)0x2a14695da40, (int)0, (vnode_t *)0x3040332af5b40, (cred_t *), (caller_context_t *)0, (int *)0, (pathname_t *)0)
int genunix:lookuppnvp+0x430((struct pathname *)0x2a14695da40, (struct pathname *)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0x2a14695d150, (struct vnode **)0x2a14695d148, (vnode_t *)0x3040332af5b40, (vnode_t *)0x3040332af5b40, (cred_t *)0x304045d513140)
int genunix:lookuppnatcred+0x118((struct pathname *)0x2a14695da40, (struct pathname *)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0x2a14695d150, (struct vnode **)0x2a14695d148, (vnode_t *)0, (cred_t *)0x304045d513140)
int genunix:lookuppn+0x20((struct pathname *)0x2a14695da40, (struct pathname *)0, (int)1, (struct vnode **)0x2a14695d150, (struct vnode **)0x2a14695d148)
SEOS_syscall:ac_do_lookup+0x58(0x2a14695da40, 0, 1, 0x2a14695d150, 0x2a14695d148, 0, 0x2a14695d988)
SEOS_syscall:SEOS_get_last_component+0x9c(0x2a14695da40, 0x2a14695da20, 1, 0x2a14695d988, 0x2a14695d6a0, 0, 0)
SEOS_syscall:get_realname+0x1a0(0x7050, 0xffffffffffd19553, 0x2a14695da40, 0x2a14695da20, 1, 0x2a14695d988)
SEOS_syscall:SEOS_check_exec+0xd0(0x2a14695da40, 0x2a14695da20, 0x2a14695d988)
SEOS_syscall:my_cs_execve+0xf8(, 0xffffffff7d407a60, 0xffffffff7d31d378, 0)
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