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Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Application and Tools Enhancements Release 24 - November 2023 (Doc ID 2989600.1)

Last updated on FEBRUARY 08, 2024

Applies to:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Shop Floor Control - Version 9.2 and later
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools - Version 9.2 and later
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement and Subcontract Management - Version 9.2 and later
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator - Version 9.2 and later
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Address Book - Version 9.2 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 24

November 28, 2023

What are we announcing?

Today Oracle JD Edwards announces the availability of EnterpriseOne Release 24

Release 24 is a Digital ERP release delivering innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes and represents Oracle’s continued investment that furthers your digital transformation. Release 24 includes innovation for both applications and tools. Some key innovation delivered with Release 24 includes intuitive user interfaces, configuration to eliminate the need for customizations, automation that eliminates manual steps, optimization for continuous adoption, and solutions that enable you to maintain compliance with regulatory and platform requirements. 

Learn more about how JD Edwards Release 24 enables automation, optimization, and transformation at LearnJDE.Com.    

Note: Release 24 innovation for Tools is delivered with Tools 9.2.8, which supports Applications 9.2 and is only available for 64-bit Tools Foundation. 

Details on all innovation delivered with Release 24:

Digital Transformation

Workflow Monitor

The Workflow Monitor provides a modernized update to the traditional EnterpriseOne Workflow Process Monitor application. At a glance, administrators and authorized process owners can get confirmation that processes are running smoothly or early awareness of workflow process issues. Product Catalog

Task Tracking

This feature enables users to set due dates for tasks that are assigned to recipients through orchestration and notification messages. The recipients can then update the status of those tasks, for example "Approved," "In Process," or "Complete." The status updates are written to a table so users can monitor the progress and perform historical analysis. Product Catalog

Notification Reminders

The Notification Reminders feature enhances EnterpriseOne notifications by enabling users to easily set reminders for important tasks or assignments. Users can assign follow-up dates to notification messages and easily view and sort the messages in the My Worklist application. This feature enables users to keep track of time-sensitive priorities. Product Catalog

Output Stream Access for Orchestrations

This feature enables the Orchestrator Report step to generate Output Stream Access (OSA) output. Using Orchestrator and the EnterpriseOne batch engine together, customers have a wide array of capabilities for automating processes and generating custom-formatted output using OSA. Product Catalog

User-Defined Delimiter for Orchestrator Output to CSV

This feature enables users to specify a separator character other than a comma when outputting data to a CSV file in an orchestration. Product Catalog

Prebuilt Workflow Data Structures

This feature simplifies the process of creating new workflows by providing a set of prebuilt data structures that are suitable for a wide variety of workflows. Instead of creating new data structures for each workflow, designers can simply choose to use these prebuilt data structures and entirely avoid the process of creating and deploying them. The feature also delivers a generic workflow approval process that designers can copy and modify for their own scenarios, and a generic message template. Using these preconfigured components designers can get a quick start on building workflows. Product Catalog

System Automation

JDE Update Manager - Applications Update (UN) Support Through Web Client

Customers are now able to apply the yearly cumulative Application Software Update (ASU) through the Software Updates application when run over the Web Client. By providing the new multi-platform deliverable that comprises the UN, customers can now install, analyze, and apply the update through the web interface and automate through orchestration. Product Catalog

JDE Update Manager - Batch Update Through Web Client

The JD Edwards Update Manager now enables administrators to apply multiple updates in "batch" mode through the EnterpriseOne HTML Client version of the Software Updates application instead of utilizing the Windows Deployment Server. By applying updates in "batch" mode, EnterpriseOne administrators can submit multiple updates at a time, and enable customers to stay code current. Product Catalog

JDE Update Manager - Impact Analysis Dashboard

The Impact Analysis Dashboard provides customers a comprehensive interface to visualize the objects and business processes that are updated when a patch is applied to their system. The Impact Analysis Dashboard combines discrete data sets that outline provided object manifest list with information from the customer. Product Catalog

JDE Update Manager – Webify UDC & Glossary Compare/Merge Utility

Further simplifying the application update process, a web utility is embedded as part of the special instruction evaluation application to enable customers to compare existing UDC value and Data Dictionary Glossary text vs the proposed changes included in the update. The web utility automatically uploads the special instruction metadata into the system for initial evaluation and then visual comparison and tracking of each change. With the utility being web client based it opens the automatic operation of the special instruction update. Product Catalog

Tools Rollup ESU Automated Special Instructions Replacement for Web Deployment

The new Automated Tools Release Configuration (ATRC) emulates all the previous functions that the Automated Special Instructions (ASI) performed for the Tools Rollup ESU that provides object updates accompanying the Tools Release enhancements. ATRC leverages the existing JD Edwards application interface that can run over the HTML client and be automated through Orchestration. Product Catalog

Server Manager - Centralized Configuration for Enterprise and Integration Servers

This enhancement completes the Centralized Configurations support for the remaining EnterpriseOne Server types – Enterprise Servers, Business Services Servers (BSSV) and Real-Time Events (RTE) Servers. Centralized Configuration simplifies the management of settings across servers from Server Manager. This enhancement enables users to set up a default configuration that servers can inherit and eliminates the manual effort required to populate common settings across multiple servers. Product Catalog

Web OMW - Business View Design Tool

The Web OMW – Business View Design Tool provides developers and business analysts a web interface that can be used to examine or define data set views over one ore many tables, and then to check-in (or out) specifications from stored central object data sources. Product Catalog

Web OMW – Object Promote to Package

With this enhancement, customers can directly promote objects and OMW projects to a “live” active package for the assigned pathcode for the status of the project without the need for a package build and deployment. This functionality is only available for the primary specification objects, Applications, Reports, Versions, Business Views, Data Structures, Data Dictionary, and UDCs through the Web OMW. Product Catalog

Simplified Management of User Logging

Customers can now enable user level logging for all instances in a single place without having to do it at every instance. This makes it simpler to enable and collect user logs from multiple instances for debugging which saves a lot of time and effort. Product Catalog


Server Manager REST API for TLS Configuration Automation

This feature provides external APIs for Server Manager that provide automation of the secure configuration between Server Manager Console and it's managing Agents. Product Catalog

Support for LDAP Over SSL Using 2048-bit Certificate

Customers can now use LDAP over SSL with 2048-bit certificates which provides enhanced security to LDAP communication and improves the security posture and compliance. Product Catalog


Support for Automatic and Manual Scaling for Autonomous Database

Customers using Oracle Autonomous Database can now leverage the automatic scaling and manual scaling capability of Autonomous Database to cater to workloads requiring additional CPU and IO resources. With compute auto scaling, the database can be scaled up to three times more CPU and IO resources from the initial configuration without any manual intervention. With manual scaling, the customer can manually monitor the user load and change the resources accordingly. This ensures optimal performance with better utilization of resources and better preparedness for handling varying business cycles and workloads. Product Catalog 

Platform Certifications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments depend on a complex matrix of interdependent platform components from Oracle and other third-party vendors. Vendors drive the product support lifecycle of these components, so we continually certify the latest versions of these products to give you a complete technology stack that is functional, well performing, and supported by the vendors. This tools release includes the following platform certifications:

  • Oracle Analytics Server 23
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022
  • Microsoft Office 2021
  • Google Chrome 118
  • Mozilla Firefox 115 ESR
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 118
  • Apple Safari 17 on Mac OS

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne certifications are posted on the Certifications tab in My Oracle Support. The updated version of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Platform Statement of Direction is published on My Oracle Support (Document ID 749393.1). See this document for a summary of recent and planned certifications as well as important information about withdrawn certifications. Product Catalog.

Release 24 innovation is delivered in Tools 9.2. which supports Applications 9.2 and is only available for 64-bit Tools Foundation. 



Enterprise Automation: Requisition to Receipt

Enterprise Automation for procurement combines EnterpriseOne pages and watchlists to diagram a process flow model for the requisition to receipt process. Each part in the process flow includes watchlists that provide visibility to data in context and relevant to respective steps in the requisition to receipt process. This feature provides the ability to link to additional detailed process flows, charts, and graphs. Thereby expanding the focus from individual transactions to the process as a whole; leveraging existing data to reveal blind spots and inefficiencies in the process. Product Catalog

Standalone Check Price in Procurement

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enhances its Advanced Pricing module to enable its customers review the line level adjustments in standalone mode at any point in time in the procurement process. This provides flexibility to view the pricing information for items in a standalone program, determine whether a better price is possible if more quantity is ordered and make informed decisions before entering a Purchase Order. Product Catalog

Avoid Opening Requisition Order When Purchase Order Line is Canceled During Receipt

JD Edwards Procurement Management has been enhanced with an option that enables you to prevent the system from reopening the requisition order when the purchase order line is closed with Option 9 - Cancel Purchase Order Line. This feature provides more flexibility in canceling purchase order lines during receipt without opening requisitions. Product Catalog

Volume Based Buying Recommendations in Procurement

The JD Edwards Advanced Pricing system for Procurement now automatically notifies you that a different level break can be achieved by increasing the quantity ordered by a specific percentage while entering a purchase order. The system dynamically identifies all buying opportunities to reduce the item cost and notifies you to increase the quantity to get a better discount on the item. This makes the purchasing process efficient that result in increased savings. Product Catalog


Automated Safety Stock Population

For inventory planning, safety stock provides protection against unforeseen fluctuations in supply or demand. This feature eliminates the need to manually maintain safety stock values by providing the ability to have them calculated and populated by the system. Product Catalog

Allow Inventory Locations to be Put On Hold

Inventory management and control is made much more efficient and flexible by enabling availability and movement to be determined by a Location Hold field in the Location Master that defines what kind of transactions are allowed and takes precedence over the Lot Status in the Item Location table. This eliminates the need to update individual item/lot/location record. Product Catalog 


Enterprise Automation: Shipment to Dispatch

Enterprise Automation for logistics combines EnterpriseOne pages and watchlists to diagram a process flow model for the shipment to dispatch process. Each part in the process flow includes watchlists that provide visibility to data in context and relevant to respective steps in the shipment to dispatch process. This feature provides the ability to link to additional detailed process flows, charts, and graphs. Thereby expanding the focus from individual transactions to the process as a whole; leveraging existing data to reveal blind spots and inefficiencies in the process. Product Catalog


Automatic Service or Equipment Work Order Routing Attachment Through ETO Project Workbench

Service or Equipment Work Order routings can now be automatically attached when the work orders are created through the ETO Project Workbench, eliminating extra user steps that were required prior to this enhancement. Product Catalog

OCI AI/ML Accelerator for JD Edwards

JD Edwards customers can now leverage the capabilities of AI/ML to address their business challenges by leveraging the AI/ML Accelerator for JD Edwards. This accelerator provides a jump-start to customers looking to leverage AI/ML to identify patterns and correlations. Product Catalog


Ability to View Details of Vouchers Associated with Purchase Orders from Account Ledger Program

Account Ledger program now has the ability to drill down to the details of a voucher that is associated with a purchase order. The program also enables users to drill down to voucher match reversal from Account Ledger program for a voucher associated with a purchase order based on their business needs. This enhancement reduces the time taken to view voucher details from account ledger. Product Catalog

Flexibility in Defining Default Document Type for Journal Entry

The Journal Entry program has been enhanced with a processing option that enables users to set the default document type for Journal entries. This provides more flexibility to users in specifying the default document type for Journal Entry. Product Catalog

View Joint Venture Parent BU in Business Units and Job Master Applications

Joint Venture Parent Business Unit is now included in Business Units and Job Master programs. This helps to view Joint Venture related Business Units in a single form. Joint Venture hierarchy can be seen from Business Unit or Job Master providing better user experience. Product Catalog

Improved Asset Cost Analysis

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne introduces a new program for the review of the Asset and Maintenance costs. This program provides its users with improved and accurate data for asset cost analysis thereby, enriching their overall experience with the cost review. Product Catalog

Grower/Blend Management

Blend Lot Trace/Track Auditing

Simplified Auditing for Blend Management enable customers to generate and access audit reports in a timely manner upon request from auditors. These improvements enable customers to improve the accuracy of data captured during an audit, eliminate ambiguity in audit reports, and demonstrate compliance throughout the audit trail. Product Catalog 

Capital Asset Management

Usability Enhancements for Resource Assignments

The resource and crew assignment processes have been improved to enhance user experience and enable efficient work scheduling. These improvements empower resource managers to quickly access necessary data with additional filters and tailor tables to meet their specific needs by rearranging data and incorporating additional columns. Additionally, the system now provides an option to update the work order start date when the resource assignment for that order is rescheduled, as well as the option to remove resource assignments when a work order is canceled, resulting in time and effort savings. With these enhancements, resource managers can effectively carry out the resource assignment process. Product Catalog

Environmental, Social and Governance

JD Edwards Statement of Direction for Sustainability Framework

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a framework for evaluating an organization's adherence to sustainable and ethical principles across its business operations. The Statement of Direction (SoD) provides insight into JD Edwards roadmap and approach for the Sustainability Framework, which is designed to simplify the process of collecting and organizing data related to energy consumption, fuel usage, and other vital environmental factors spread across different business processes and to help businesses achieve sustainable business practices. Statement of Direction 

Legislative, Regulatory and Localizations


France - New VAT Report For Goods/Services

JD Edwards introduces a new French VAT Report to accommodate both "Services" and "Goods" scenarios. Customers can use this new report to print VAT for both goods and services. Product Catalog


Compliance with SUNAT(Peru) Tax Authority for IGV Taxes

New VAT Purchasing Tax File includes Period, Unique Operation Code, and Correlative number of the accounting entry identified in field 2, when the Unique Operation Code (CUO) is used. Product Catalog


Option in Outbound Programs to Include or Exclude ICMS in PIS/COFINS

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system is modified to comply with RG715 for VAT as per the specifications provided by AFIP, which include Perception code, CUIT (Tax ID), NRO COMPROBANTE (Invoice number), IMPORTE RETENCION (Withholding amount). Product Catalog

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Localization updates are posted on My Oracle Support under EnterpriseOne Globalizations: Localizations, Translations, Certifications / Registrations (Doc ID 752291.1).



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Today’s announcements demonstrate Oracle’s continuing investment in the JD Edwards products and our commitment to our customers to enable their journey to a digital enterprise.



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