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WS: 42: FAQ Sales Order Entry (P4211) (Doc ID 1543930.1)

Last updated on FEBRUARY 21, 2024

Applies to:

JD Edwards World Sales Order Management - Version A7.3 cume 4 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


To address frequently asked questions in regard to the sales order entry process in the World Sales Order Management system (System 42).

Questions and Answers

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In this Document
Questions and Answers
 Changing Customer or Ship-To
 Question 1: What are the implications of changing the Customer (AN8), Ship To (SHAN), or Branch/Plant (MCU) value(s) on an existing sales order?
 Question 1: Can you prevent a sales order from being created for a specific customer?
 Question 2: Can you prevent a sales order from being created with a specific ship-to address?
 Question 3: Can you prevent or restrict items from being entered on an order with a particular ship-to address number?
 Question 4: Can you prevent the cancellation of order lines after they reach a particular status?
 Question 5: Can you prevent price changes in Sales Order Entry?
 Question 6: Is it possible to prevent users from adding to an existing sales order?
 Question 7: Is there a way to prevent sales orders with specific order types (DCTO) from being created for specific customers?
 Question 8: Can you prevent a user from entering a sales order with a duplicate customer PO Number?
 Question 9: Can you prevent a sales order from being created for a specific branch?
 Question 10: Can you protect the order number field in P4211 so users cannot manually enter a new order number?
 Question 11: When using multi-currency, how can you prevent the Unit Price field (UPRC) from truncating the leftmost digits/numbers in the unit price field?
 Question 12: Are changes to the Sold To (AN8) number on an existing Sales Order allowed and is there any way to prevent a change to the Sold To (AN8) number on an existing Sales Order?
 Defaults into Sales Orders
 Question 1: Where do the payment terms on a sales order default from?
 Question 2: How does field MOT (Mode of Transportation) get populated in the F4211?
 Question 3: Where does the Branch/Plant default from in the sales order header?
 Question 4: Can you default different branch/plants into a Sales Credit Order detail Lines?
 Question 5: How do you set up the system to drive changes you make at the sales order header level (F4201) down to the sales order detail line level (F4211)?
 Question 6: Where does the G/L class code come from in sales order entry?
 Question 7: Can you set up Sales Order Entry (P4211) to default a particular order type based on the customer?
 Question 8: Where does the currency information come from in Sales Order Entry?
 Question 9: How does Line Type N work in sales orders in regards to price defaults?
 Question 10: Can the description from UDC (42/HC) for field HOLD - Hold Code default into the sales order header and detail videos V4210/V4211?
 Question 11: If the quantity ordered field UORG is equal to Blank or Zero, the program updates it = 1. Why?
 Question 1: How do you prevent changes to item costs in Sales Order Entry?
 Question 2: What causes the Cost Override field (SDCSTO) in the F4211 to get set to 1, and what are the ramifications?
 Question 3: What processes have an impact on the unit cost on a sales order and when does the unit cost on a sales order change?
 Question 4: How to update the cost on open sales orders.
 Question 5: Is there a way to have items in sales orders shipped to Canada bear a different cost that includes duty expense?
 Question 6: Is there a way to have non-stock items added to sales orders and have the cost of the item default into the Sales order?
 Question 1: When releasing a Sales Quote (SQ) to create a Sales Order (SO) what functionality is available for changing the Requested Date that will ultimately be on the Sales Order?
 Question 2: How is the cancel date (CNDJ) populated in the sales order header file (F4201) versus the sales order detail file (F4211)?
 Question 3: Can you change the order date for a sales order after it's been created?
 Question 4: Is there a way to update the Sales Order detail line date fields, (SDDRQJ - Requested , SDPDDJ - Scheduled Pick, SDPPDJ - Ship & SDRSDJ - Promised Delivery), when changing the DRQJ - Requested Date on the Sales Order Header?
 Question 5: A sales Order was entered on a non-work day however, why are the dates not adding lead times from the Plant Manufacturing Data (P41027) and field Cumulative Leadtime?
 Question 6: Can the Transaction Date TRDJ be secured when entering orders so it only defaults to the system date?
 Reasons for
 Question 1: Is there a place to record the reason a customer is returning a product on a credit order (defective, mis-shipped, etc.)?
 Question 2: How To Enter a Reason Code In a Sales Order.
 Populate Fields
 Question 1: Can you assign different customer PO numbers to the detail lines on a sales order?
 Question 2: How does the system check for Duplicate Customer PO numbers (VR01 field) for the order entry programs?
 Question 3: Is there a way to populate the Mark For Reference field (VR03) at the Sales Order Header level?
 Question 4: How is the Suffix field (SFXO) updated in the Sales Order Header (F4201) and Sales Order Detail (F4211) files?
 Question 5: Pressing F1 on the Subledger field (SBL) in Order Detail Information (P420120) returns the Glossary. Is there a way to make F1 pull up a Name Search Window based on the selected Subleger Type (SBLT) instead?
 Question 6: What fields in the the sales order header and detail files (F4201 & F4211) show the transaction originator information?
 Work Orders
 Question 1: When you enter a sales order, you want the system to automatically create a work order if the item is designated as a manufactured item, but not if the item is designated as a purchased item.
 Question 2: How Can You Cancel a Work Order from the Sales Order that Created it?
 Question 3: How to split a sales order between available inventory and a work order.
 Question 4: When a sales order (SO) goes on credit hold can the related work order (WO) go on hold too so there is no chance it will start being made while the SO is on hold?
 Question 5: Is there a way to prohibit Sales Order Entry (P4211) from creating a work order with a start date in the past due to manufacturing lead times?
 Question 6: Can a work order header be created for both a non-configured item and a kit item when using line type W?
 Question 1: Is there a way to ship lines on a single sales order to different geographical locations?
 Question 2: Where is override address information stored?
 Question 3: What is the purpose of the Mark-For Address?
 Question 4: Order Address Information (P40ADDR) returns a message: 4204 Postal Code Number Not Set Up WARNING Is there a way to bypass this message?
 Question 5: When a user attempts to change a physical address in P40ADDR, the new address is not retained. Why?
 Question 6: In sales order entry, users entering sales orders, type in the ship to and the sold to defaults in. If the same ship to is set up to be the default ship to for more than one sold to's, when you type this ship to into the sales order header, can the system tell which sold to to default in?
 Question 1: Where does the commission information in a sales order come from.
 Question 2: How do do you recalculate/update Ext. Weight (ITWT) values in Sales Order Detail file (F4211) after a Unit of Measure Weight value is changed in Item Units of Measure (P41002) or Standard Units of Measure (P41003)?
 Question 3: How do you set up a new document type for sales orders?
 Question 4: How to add multiple records to a sales order with F1 Item Search.
 Question 5: Is there a way to hide the credit card information that displays on the sales order header video (V4210)?
 Question 6: How to track a charitable donation amount at sales order entry.
 Question 7: How to write subledgers to the General Ledger in the Sales Module.
 Question 8: Sales Order Entry has 5 processing options regarding Order Promising. What are they used for?
 Question 9: Is it possible to input Chinese language description in a sales order as associated text, and have the text printed on the Invoice?
 Question 10: Sales order multi currency with a parent child relationship (p4211 p42565).
 Question 11: What is the purpose of the new field added to the F4211 called SDHOLD?
 Question 12: Is there a batch job that will cancel sales orders?
 Question 13: When entering a sales order, Is there a way to make SHCMC1 Comm Code 1 on screen V4210 Sales Order Entry Header. a required field with a valid entry?
 Question 14: In the order header screen for both purchase orders (P4310) and sales orders (P4210), the address number fields have 21 characters, but in the address book revisions screen (P01051) the address number field has only 8 characters. Why are the address number fields in the order header screens so long?
 Question 15: Is there a way to enter an order line for a stock item against a location that is currently on hold?
 Question 16: The line increment increases into the next whole number line after the 10th split when committing product with lots. Is there a way to have the system move to the next decimal to allow for more lines to be linked to the line number?
 Question 17: Can you generate the same next numbers for a transfer order (P4242) with branch plants in different companies?
 Question 18: Can the system validate the workday calendar against a specific day/month/year range or period of of work days as opposed to only the monthly work day calendars?
 Question 19: If a sales order has been on hold once, is there a way to ensure it does not go on hold again?
 Question 20: When copying a sales order I can only copy the header information when placing an A in the action code. However only the header information is copied. Not the sales order detail.
 Question 21: How can the total order amount be reported for sales orders?
 Question 22: When the order detail is cancelled using option 9, will the related hold code on the order be removed from the SO files and F4209 Held Orders file?
 Question 23: How can you add predetermined charges to a Sales Order? For example, you may have specific charges of differing amounts for repairs that you want to add to a Sales Order. How can you easily add these charges to an order?
 Question 24: How can you insure that the quantity on a SO (Sales Order) is always in multiples of a specific quantity?
 Question 25: Does sales have an approval processing like purchasing?
 Question 26: In Sales Order Entry detail what is the functionality for option field 8 - Bypass?
 Question 27: Can an order type default based on a sold to or ship to address?
 Question 28: Can the 'Sold To' field on a Sales Order header be changed when using multi-currency?
 Question 29: What setup is required to change an existing Branch Plant on a Sales Order (P4201/P4211) to a different Branch Plant/Company?
 Question 30: Why is error 0002 - Record Invalid generating when adding a Purchase Order Header (P4310/P4311)?
 Question 31: How does the Original Line number (SDOGNO) field populate when the sales detail line number has backorder and partial split lines (ie. 1.100, 1.001, 1.002)?

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