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Exalogic Lifecycle Toolkit (ELLC) Known Issues Note (Doc ID 2110178.1)

Last updated on FEBRUARY 13, 2023

Applies to:

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software - Version to
Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit)
Linux x86-64
Oracle Virtual Server x86-64


This document provides detailed information on all known issues related to following Exalogic Lifecycle Tools.

NOTE: Most of the ELLC Toolkit known issues listed in this MOS Note are fixed in latest version of ELLC Toolkit. Latest version of ELLC Toolkit can be downloaded from following MOS Note:

Exalogic Lifecycle Toolkit Release 14.2 (Doc ID 1912063.1)





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In this Document
 EXAPASSWD Known Issues
 Exalogic: Exapasswd Fails To Update Cisco Management Switch Password With "Syntax error while parsing 'help'" Error
 Exalogic Virtual: Changing OVM Manager "admin" User Password Using Exapasswd Failing With "Admin server needs to be restarted due to non-dynamic changes" Java Runtime Error
 Running Exapasswd On Exalogic Virtual Racks Fails With "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group' " Error
 EXALOGIC: Running Exapasswd Tool Throws "ERROR: ECU Configuration File Elcontrol.json Not Found" Error
 Change Of Exalogic IB Switches Credentials Using Exapasswd Tool Does Not Work
 Exalogic exapasswd Utility Changes Both AKD and ILOM Passwords When Using the "storage-nodes" Flag
 ovm-*-targets fail when the ECU files are not present
 Passwords with whitespace characters are not supported
 ExaPasswd Cannot Handle Double/Single Quotes in SSH Keys
 Exapasswd fails to change password for any component on Exalogic Virtual
 Exalogic Exapasswd Rolls back Compute Node OS Credentials In EMOC Causing Sync Issues When Compute Node OS Credentials Is Changed Using Exapasswd Followed by Compute Node ILOM Credentials
 Exapasswd fails to synchronize new password with OPS Center
 Exalogic - Exapasswd Command Fails To change Infiniband Switches Root Passwords After Applying April 2018 & Later PSUs
 Exalogic - Exapasswd For Compute Nodes Fails To Synchronize New Passwords With EMOC
 Exalogic: Exapasswd Script Fails To Change Passwords For Infiniband Switches If Default Shell For ilom-admin Has Been Changed From /bin/bash
 Exalogic Virtual: Exapasswd (ELLC Toolkit Version 14.2.10-b7554) Fails To Update Passwords Of Rack Components With Traceback & "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'" Errors
 Exalogic Virtual: Issues When Using Exapasswd Part of ELLC Toolkit part of October 2016 & Later PSUs To Change Passwords of Compute Nodes of Older PSU racks running PSU's Older Than October 2016
 Exapasswd - Unable to sync password change on Cisco Management Switch with EMOC
 January 2019 PSU Exapasswd 1.0.3 (build 12598) - Unable to change the password of OVM admin user
 July 2019 PSU Exapasswd 1.0.4 (build 12626) - Failed to change the password of OVMM admin user and sync to ops-center
 July 2020 PSU Exapasswd 1.0.5 (build 12626) - EXAPASSWD: ovs-agents error: failed to login to OVMM shell
 January 2021 PSU Exapasswd 1.0.8 (build 12761) - Exapasswd failed to sync with EMOC for Storage Iloms while running for storage head.
 January 2021 PSU Exapasswd 1.0.8 (build 12761) - Exapasswd --ovs-agents error: failed to login to OVMM shell
 Exapasswd - unable to change password of Physical node when Exapasswd is run from OVS node
 Exapasswd - ovs-agents target fails with login to ovm shell error
 EXAPATCH Known Issues
 Exapatch for vserver fails with error : transfer failed - Unknown or unexpected error warning: u <..> ctrl <..> nrefs != 0 (<ZFS IP address> http) updating RPMs failed
 Exapatch Fails To Upgrade Compute Nodes And Guest vServers With "IOError: <urlopen error (110, 'Connection timed out')> Trying other mirror" Error
 Exalogic Exapatch Fails With [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - "The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found"
 Receiving Error When Patching Guest vServer with Exalogic PSU - ERROR: Missing "--uri URI-to-patch" option
 Exalogic: Exapatch Completes Successfully But With "WARNING: unable to update patch history: Unable to find unique identifier XXXXX for YYYYY nn.nn.nn.nnn in the rack history file." Message
 Exapatch PrePatchCheck On Infiniband Gateway Switch Fails With "unable to communicate with NM2-GW-IB-Switch" Error During Exalogic Patching
 Exapatch Execution Failing With "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getHostName'" Error During Exalogic Virtual 2.0.6 Upgrade
 April 2016 PSU Fails to Patch Exalogic Linux 6.5 Guest vServer
 Exapatch Pre-patch Check for Exalogic Control Services Fails Regardless of the Availability of Recent ExaBR Backups
 Exalogic Exapatch Precheck Fails With "ERROR: Failed to find "exabr" backup of xxxxxxx less than 7 days old." Error
 EXAPATCH randomly reports incorrect password on PrePatchCheck
 Exalogic Physical: When Running ExaPatch, During Prechecks CheckSWProfile Is Getting Failed For All The Compute Nodes Due To YUM Dependency On Openssh (openssh-askpass) Package
 Exalogic: Exapatch Failing With "Patch Definition File Specified is a Directory" Error
 Exapatch PrePatchCheck On Guest vServer Failing With "Unable to identify applicable pre/post patch checks" Error During April 2015 PSU ( Upgrade
 ExaPatch - NM2 GW IB switch upgrade failed for the version 2.2.7-2 (April 2019 PSU)
 ExaPatch - NM2 GW IB switch pre-patch check or patching failed with MAD_RPC ERRORS (April 2019 PSU)
 Exapatch is not processing the password correctly when the password contains special character in the URI
 Exapatch failed to upgrade the ZFS software
 EXABR Known Issues
 Exalogic: Restoring IB Switches Using Exabr Fails With "ERROR: Unable to signal some of the smnodes" Error
 Exalogic: Backup Of Exalogic Control Stack Using Exabr Failing On Exalogic Virtual Racks Failing With "INTERNAL ERROR: Traceback " Error
 Generation of ExaBR Configuration File Fails With "/exalogic-lcdata/ Folder Not Writeable" Error In Exalogic Virtual Environment
 Exalogic: Exabr Fails To Complete And Throws "ERROR: The Control stack is currently started" When Backing UP Control Stack
 Exabr List Command Does Not List Exabr Backup Directories For Exalogic Components
 Exalogic Control Stack Restart Using ExaBR Fails To Start OVAB and EC Services
 Restoring Exalogic Compute Node ILOM Using Exabr Throws Warning Messages With Permission Denied Errors At WS-MAN Properties In ILOM Event Logs
 Exalogic ExaBR Failing With "ERROR: Control VM list in the OVM repository not valid: ['ExalogicControlOpsCenterPC2', 'ExalogicControlOpsCenterPC1']" Error Message
 Exalogic ExaBR: Backup of ILOM Fails With "Cannot Extract SP Firmware Version" Error
 Control Stack Backup in Exalogic using ExaBR fails with "INTERNAL ERROR: Traceback" error
 Restarting Exalogic Control vServers Using Exabr Stops Guest vServers
 Exalogic Exabr Does Not Backup LAG Configuration File (/conf/lag.conf) File On Infiniband Gateway Switches
 Commands fail on STIG-hardened on user vServers
 control-register command fails on Oracle VM Server node
 Control stack commands fail when an Oracle VM Server node is down
 LVM Back Ups fail for certain locale configurations
 Multiple restores corrupt user vServers created using the EECS 2.0.6 Guest Base Template
 The ib-register command fails on InfiniBand gateway switches at version 2.1.3 and higher
 Exalogic: Exabr Backups Failing with "ERROR: Port 8083 is in use. We require this port to serve the data" Error
 Backing Up Exalogic Guest vServer Using Exabr Failing With "Timed out" Error During File System Backup
 Exabr Fails To Start Control-Stack vServers On Correct Designated Compute Nodes
 Exalogic: Exabr Reports "ERROR: init-ssh operation not supported for the target of type 'Cisco switch' " Error On Cisco Switch
 ExaBR backup of a vServer is failing with : ERROR: LVM Disk "#/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol01" could not be found
 Exalogic: ExaBR control-register Failing On Replaced NM2-GW Switch
 Exalogic: Exabr Can Trigger Unexpected Behavior When Used After Running
 Exalogic: Exabr Throwing "ERROR: Timeout reached" Error When Starting Exalogic Control Stack
 Exalogic Exabr Fails To Restore Configuration Of IB Switches Running With 2.2.X Firmware With "Load partially successful" Warning Message
 Executing Exabr Script Its Returning Back To Prompt Without Doing Any Operations
 Exalogic Exabr ib-register Command To Register New Replaced Infiniband Switch Port GUIDs Fails With "Unable to get rpc version on some nodes in the fabric" Error
 Exalogic: Exabr Backup On IB Switches Fails With "ERROR: Timed out" Error
 Exalogic: Restoring vServer Using Exabr Fails With "Connection refused" Error
 Exalogic: Exabr Backup Of Guest vServers Fails With "ERROR: Root (/) is not a LVM Volume" Error
 Exalogic: Exabr ib-register Command On IB Switches Failing With "Error: partition key <Pkey> does not exist on the Infiniband fabric" Errors
 Exalogic Virtual : Exabr accidently removes the latest backup Of control stack during creation of a new backup
 EXABR Backup fails with ERROR while trying to backup "/var/lib/xenstored/tdb.0x20f37d0"
 Backup of storage node fails if ILOM password is different from SN nodes
 Restore of NM2 Switch fails ast first attempt and passes in second attempt
 Exalogic: Exabr Does Not Propagate IB Partitions During Restore
 EXALOGS Known Issues
 Exalogs: Issue Running Exalogs On Exalogic Virtual Environment (Not Collecting Data From EC1)
 How To Run Full Exalogs On Exalogic Solaris Compute Nodes?
 ExaLogs fails when running from or to directories with space characters
 EXALOGS: Collection Of Logs From EC1 vServer Fails Due to the Error: No Space On Filesystem
 Exalogs 1.3.7 - Exalogs encounters an error while executing under the /opt directory
 EXACHK Known Issues
 EMAgent Presetup Known Issues
 "emagent_presetup" Script Fails With Trust Errors On IB Switches On Exalogic Racks (Doc ID 2054496.1)
 EMAGENT is unable to cleanup and configure PDUs on Virtual Linux
 EMAGENT giving warning for IB Switches during cleanup
 EMAGENT presetup asking for IB Switch password number of times
 Exalogic Physical : EM agent deployment fails to installed at physical Exalogic compute node OL6
 Exalogic Linux Physical Rack Discovery Using "emagent_presetup" Script Picking Wrong EMCC Monitoring User Instead Of "oracle" User
 Exalogic: EM Agent Failing to Start on EMOC Control vServer With "" Error
 ELLC Installation Known Issues
 ELLC 14.2 Installer fails when ZFS password contains special characters
 Upgrade Of Exalogic Life Cycle Tools (ELCC) Tools to 14.2.2 Fails With "Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal" Error On EL-LITE Racks
 STIGFix Known Issues
 STIGfix included in ELLC does not support OL6 compute nodes or Guest vServers
 ModifyLVMImg fails for certain locale configurations Script In Exalogic Life Cycle (ELLC) 14.2.2 Tool Kit Fails With Errors And Does Not Work On OL 6 Base Template
 Exalogic: Script Fails To Extend OL6 Base Template With "Physical volume '/dev/mapper/loop1p2' is already in volume group 'VolGroup00'" Error

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