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Oracle Big Data Appliance Installation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 1518939.1)

Last updated on AUGUST 31, 2023

Applies to:

Big Data Appliance X4-2 Starter Rack
Big Data Appliance X4-2 In-Rack Expansion
Big Data Appliance X4-2 Hardware
Big Data Appliance X3-2 In-Rack Expansion - Version All Versions and later
Big Data Appliance X3-2 Hardware - Version All Versions and later
Linux x86-64


This document provides answers to installation frequently asked questions about the Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Questions and Answers

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In this Document
Questions and Answers
 Where can I download the BDA image from?
 Where can I download the BDA Mammoth software from?
 How do I install Oracle Big Data Connectors during a V2.0.1 BDA install?
 Do Oracle Big Data Connectors need to be licensed for all processors on the BDA? 
 Can Mammoth install ODI independent of the rest of the connectors?
 What happens if a customer chooses to install ODI but has not paid for a license? 
 Can a BDA reimage proceed if a DIMM is bad?
 How can a server validation failure be corrected where /root/BDA_IMAGING_FAILED shows ERROR: Wrong number of disks?
 Is it expected that installing the CDH 4 hadoop client requires more rpms than previous versions of CDH?
 How can the boot order be changed to USB for the installation?
 How to resolve incorrect disk drive order seen in BDA_IMAGING_FAILED after reimagerack is run?
 How can HBA firmware warnings and incorrect disk ordering during a fresh install to V2.0.1 reimage be resolved?
 How can HBA firmware warnings during a V2.0.1 reimage be resolved?
 How should the firmware for NM2-GW Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches be upgraded on Oracle Big Data Appliance?
 When reimaging a BDA machine to the Oracle Big Data Appliance Base Image Version 2.0.1 do I need to install a Linux distribution first?
 Are OEM Management Agents installed on the BDA as part of the Mammoth software installation?
 Are the Plug-ins required for OEM Management downloaded and installed on the BDA servers by default?
 Can EM agents on the BDA be installed and configured without meeting the prerequisite for Enterprise Manager (EM) platform version  In other words can someone use Enterprise Manager platform version
 When creating the Configuration Worksheets should host names, switch and PDU names, etc. be entered in upper or lower case?
 If during installation I find that the BDA configuration files i.e. the mammoth params file i.e. /opt/oracle/BDAMammoth/mammoth-<RACKNAME1>.params or the /opt/oracle/bda/BdaDeploy.json with network settings contains incorrect information, can I edit these file so that they are correct?
 When running the Mammoth V2.1.1 if Oracle NoSQL Enterprise Edition is installed is the final software validation expected to fail?
 Is there a best practice on how to run the Mammoth V2.1.1 Software Install?
 What does it mean to say that a BDA rack is disconnected from the network prior to reimaging from existing settings to factory ship settings?
 When following the instructions for re-imaging a BDA to V2.1.0 as per Oracle Big Data Appliance Base Image Version 2.1.0 or installing the BDA Mammoth Software Deployment Bundle V2.1.* as per Oracle Big Data Appliance Mammoth (Software Deployment Bundle) Release V2.1.* are there any differences depending on whether the racks are Sun Server X3-2L-based racks or Sun Fire X2-2 X4270 M2-based racks?
 If a bad disk needs to be replaced during a reimage or while running the Mammoth Utility does the disk need to be configured?
 Is it possible to install the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) agent after Mammoth completes?
 Where do I get the Mammoth OpenOffice spreadsheet file, bda-configurator-<version>.ods, used to configure a release of Mammoth?
 Can an HDFS cluster consist of more than 1 BDA rack?
 What about a adding a single node to a BDA cluster? Can a single node be added to a BDA cluster?
 When installing two separate clusters in the same rack do I need to install mammoth on both clusters from node 1 (server 1) in the rack?
 Can I run the install for two clusters simultaneously, for example based on the case above having one window on server 1 and other on server 13?
 In the case of a rack with two clusters is it possible to upgrade one cluster to V2.2.0 and then upgrade the other at a different time?
 If using the V2.2.0 version of Mammoth to upgrade from a previous version is it necessary to install the V2.2.0 base image first?
 Approximately how much time should the Mammoth V2.2.0 upgrade take?
 In BDA V2.2.0 the /opt/oracle/BDAMammoth/mammoth-<RACKNAME>.params file does not contain the information from the spreadsheet for switches and PDUs. Where is that information?
 BDA V2.2.0 supports separate Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL DB (NoSQL) clusters. Therefore when upgrading from a BDA cluster running both Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL DB the NoSQL cluster must be removed (after backing up all your NoSQL data) with ./mammoth-reconfig remove nosqldb. What happens to the logical volumes which belonged to NoSQL?  Will Mammoth delete the logical volumes or are any manual steps required?
 Is it possible to split a 6 node Starter Rack into two - 3 node Hadoop Clusters?
 Is it possible to split a 6 node cluster into a 3 node Hadoop cluster and 3 node Oracle NoSQL DB cluster?
 Is it possible to have 3 node Oracle NoSQL DB cluster?
 Can I manually install Oracle NoSQL DB on a 6 node Starter Rack?
 What is the procedure for reimaging one cluster in a multi-cluster BDA rack? For example to reimage to V2.2.0?
 Is it possible to use the Mammoth utility upgrade option to upgrade from BDA V1.0.3 to BDA V2.*?
 In order for an Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Exadata to communicate does the InfiniBand private network which connects the servers by using the
InfiniBand switches on the rack and the bondib0 interface need to share the same subnet?
 If a BDA and Exadata do not share the same subnet as in the question above and they are experiencing communications problems is there a solution?
 If a BDA and Exadata are experiencing communication problems what is the way to verify the InifiniBand connections?
 Cloudera Manager sent alerts during the Mammoth install and upgrade.  Is that a problem?
 If ASR will not be setup during an install should the Mammoth utility step which installs and configures Auto Service Request (ASR) still be run?
 Where can the new Configuration Worksheet be found when installing BDA V2.3.1?
 For new installs BDA V2.3.1 supports  Oracle Linux 6.4/UEK V.2.  When upgrading to V2.3.1 what version of the OS is supported?
 The BDA requires downtime while upgrading, but does this apply to a Oracle NoSQL DB deployment as well? Also does Mammoth support upgrades for Oracle NoSQL DB?
 Does a BDA cluster support mixed hardware?  For example can a 12 node cluster support 6 systems with one hardware version of server and 6 systems with another?
 Is older BDA Mammoth applied software supported on newer BDA servers?  For example will  Big Data Software 2.0 be supported on the newest hardware  servers?
 To install the latest BDA 2.3.1 on a machine that comes from the factory with a lower release is reimage required?
 Is it possible to re-ip the IP addresses on a CDH cluster?
 When installing Oracle NoSQL DB what happens if the params file enables Kerberos, ASR, EOM, and/or Audit Vault?
 What is the best way to reimage a new rack from BDA V2.2.0 to V2.4?
 In the case above of reimaging a new rack from BDA v2.2.0 to v2.4 is it necessary to redo the network configuration?
 If running reimagerack is it ever the case that the network configuration will need to be redone?
 Is it possible to disable root ssh remote login after initial setup?  Mammoth requires remote root access but is that required otherwise?
 Is it possible to reimage a cluster running a version of BDA with OEL 6.4 down to a version running OEL 5.8?
 Why doesn't the BDA Configuration Generation Utility V2.0 mention the KVM?
 We find two sets of BdaDeploy.json files -- one of them has the labels in upper case and one has in lower case -- "ilom_names" vs "ILOM_NAMES", does it matter which one we use with mammoth?
 If the hostnames for the Switches and PDUs need to be changed because DNS entries are not correct what files need changing so this does not introduce any problems? Is it sufficient to change only the BdaDeploy.json file and the hosts file?
 The DNS entry does not match with the Config Worksheet. The hosts names were changed for the switches to match the DNS entry and updated BDADeploy.json. Can the install continue with this new setup so customer can make the DNS changes later?
 Is networksetup-one suppose to make all the network changes to PDUs/IB switches along with BDA server changes based on BdaDeploy.json?
 If networksetup-one was partially successful can it be re-run?
 If networksetup-one was run before the PDUs and IB Switches were configured can those still be manually configured?
 Does the Mammoth install use the Client network?
 In case of a problem, can networksetup-two be run multiple times?
 After installing a new BDA, monitoring shows that NTP is sending a lot of NTP messages through the network.  From /etc/ntp.conf the  minpoll and maxpoll parameter is set to 4.  The default recomendation for linux is 6 (64). Is it ok to change minpoll and maxpoll to 6 or even 7(128)? 
 Would changing min poll and max poll to 6(64) or 7(128)  impact a CDH or NoSQL cluster?
 When setting up the configuration files with the Configuration Utility can the rack name and cluster name be the same?
 Is the BDA V3.0.1 BdaDeploy.json backward compatible to  V2.* versions?
 During an installation at what point should imagehistory/imageinfo show the updated versions?
 Is it expected that running prior to upgrade outputs passwords like oozie_database_password, hive_metastore_database_password, etc.?
 Is it possible to use ORD 3.0.2 on the BDA?
 Does Mammoth install Accumulo?
 Where and how to check on what subnet the infiniband network range is setup?
 What does the installation Step 3, PatchFactoryImage do?  Does it install patches?
 Can the BDA be configured with 2 distinct management subnets in order to isolate all server ILOMs in a dedicated subnet?
 If a patch uninstall fails for any reason is it necessary to manually run and to clean up before installing the patch again?
 For networksetup-two to run successfully, is the client gateway must? Or it can work with mgmt gateway ?
 What information exists on an SSSD daemon installation?
 Is it possible to create a new cluster with exactly the same configuration as an existing cluster?
 If only one 10GbE port is enabled on an IB leaf swtich will that cause a problem with a Mammoth install?
 Is using a Local DNS supported on the BDA v4.1.0?
 Since you can expand/extend a BDA cluster is it possible to shrink a BDA cluster?
 Is a BDA Base Image released for each Mammoth release?
 During a cluster node expansion is it expected that the hdfs service would be restarted when step 9 InstallHadoop is in progress on the new nodes?
 Are there any special considerations for expanding a cluster with servers with a larger disk size than the original?
 What happens if I need to replace both OS disks on one server?
 After upgrade to BDA 4.3 or higher from BDA 4.2 how is https/http setup?
 Does a BDA upgrade upgrade the switches in addition to the software?
 Is it possible to install RDBMS on the BDA?
 What software runs on BDA X6-2?
 Is there an automated way to backup /root and /boot on a system. Is that backup step recommended,generally?
 CDROM Reimage FAQ
 Is it expected that a CDROM reimage will stay at the screen: Post-Installation Running post-installation scripts for at least 30 minutes?
 Is there any way to monitor a process in this state?
 From the console how can you monitor what commands have been issued?
 Other than reimage is there a way to wipe out all data for a POC?
 What default settings are in /etc/sysctl.conf on BDA 4.4 and 4.5?
 In BDA 4.5 what is the way to change the disk encryption password?
 What about using hdfs transparent encryption and on-disk encryption together?
 Is Network Encryption (TLS/SSL) a prerequisite for HDFS Transparent Encryption?
 If upgrading CDH is is recommended to also upgrade CM?
 Now that the BDA 4.5 base image has been released, when should it be use?
 Is installing Oracle GoldenGate supported on the BDA?
 Is it possible to extend a BDA v4.4.0 OL6 cluster to X6-2 hardware that arrives with BDA v4.5.0?
 Is it possible to install or extend a BDA 4.6 cluster, for example, onto BDA servers with a BDA V4.5 base image?
 Where is BDD 1.3 certified?
 After install the ODI Agent it is found to be running on the IB network making ODI unusable. What is the workaround?
 How does the master.xml file used by the configuration utility correlate with cluster configuration changes?
 What suggestions are there for edge node installation  with regards to the BDA?
 Can a role deployed by BDA mammoth, be deleted or decommissioned with Cloudera Manager?

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