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Solaris 11 or Solaris 10 panic with BAD TRAP in treeclimb_unexport() (Doc ID 2385171.1)

Last updated on JULY 06, 2023

Applies to:

Solaris Operating System - Version 10 3/05 to 11.2 [Release 10.0 to 11.0]
Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit)


 The panic string and stack will look similar to this:

panic string: BAD TRAP: type=31 rp=2a10c9b4480 addr=35e9e78dd98 mmu_fsr=0
==== panic user (LWP_SYS) thread: 0x313ce05b500 PID: 2315 on CPU: 65 ====
cmd: /usr/sbin/zfs unshare -a
t_procp: 0x36091eff330
p_as: 0x36092a65f10 size: 14.1M RSS: 12M
a_hat: 0x30e5f4b3880
cnum: CPU48:1/139 CPU56:1/193 CPU64:1/143
cpusran: 37,55,56,64,65,110,118
p_zone: 0x1a1e528 (global)
t_stk: 0x2a10c9b5ae0 sp: 0x198aab1 t_stkbase: 0x2a10c9b0000
t_pri: 1 (FSS) pctcpu: 99.977135
t_transience: 0 t_wkld_flags: 2 WLKD_CPU_INTENSIVE
t_lwp: 0x36084cf5c18 t_tid: 1
machpcb: 0x2a10c9b5ae0
lwp_ap: 0x2a10c9b5bd0
t_mstate: LMS_SYSTEM ms_prev: LMS_KFAULT
ms_state_start: 0.000274860 seconds earlier
ms_start: 3 minutes 31.612490895 seconds earlier
t_cpupart: 0x198b9c0(0) last CPU: 65
idle: 298 ticks (2.98s)
start: Tue Oct 14 10:52:22 2014
age: 212 seconds (3 minutes 32 seconds)
t_state: TS_ONPROC
t_flag: 0x1800 (T_PANIC|T_LWPREUSE)
t_proc_flag: 0x104 (TP_TWAIT|TP_MSACCT)
t_schedflag: 0x4003 (TS_LOAD|TS_DONT_SWAP|TS_RUNQMATCH)

pc: unix:panicsys+0x48: call unix:setjmp

void unix:panicsys+0x48((const char *)0x10c5f38, (va_list)0x2a10c9b4228,
(struct regs *)0x198b480, (int)1, 0x800001600, , , , , , , , 0x10c5f38,
unix:vpanic_common+0x78(0x10c5f38, 0x2a10c9b4228, 0x7ff881fe, 0x2a10c9b3d21,
0x2a10c9b4520, 0x880001603)
void unix:panic+0x1c((const char *)0x10c5f38, (void *)0x31, 0x2a10c9b4480,
0x35e9e78dd98, 0, 0xc00000, ...)
int unix:die+0x9c((unsigned)0x31, (struct regs *)0x2a10c9b4480,
(caddr_t)0x35e9e78dd98, (uint_t)0)
void unix:trap+0xa20((struct regs *)0x2a10c9b4480, (caddr_t)0x35e9e78dd98,
(uint32_t), (uint32_t))
-- trap data type: 0x31 (data access MMU miss) rp: 0x2a10c9b4480 --
addr: 0x35e9e78dd98
pc: 0x7b228670 nfssrv:treeclimb_unexport+0x104: lduw [%i4 + 0x18], %i5
npc: 0x7b228674 nfssrv:treeclimb_unexport+0x108: andcc %i5, 0x80 (
btst %i5, 0x80 )
global: %g1 0x12289c8
%g2 0x314783e5d28 %g3 0x12
%g4 0x1a047c0 %g5 0xffffffff00000000
%g6 0x10 %g7 0x313ce05b500
out: %o0 0x35e9e7b5fd8 %o1 0x313ce05b500
%o2 0x350270b9868 %o3 0x1a04348
%o4 0x351f86c0600 %o5 0x34dbd0b6d10
%sp 0x2a10c9b3d21 %o7 0x7b228640
loc: %l0 0x300000080a8 %l1 0x35e9e789fd8
%l2 0x35e9e781f80 %l3 0x4080
%l4 0 %l5 0x4080
%l6 0 %l7 0x35e9e7b1f80
in: %i0 0 %i1 0x4000
%i2 0 %i3 0x35e9e7c1fd8
%i4 0x35e9e78dd80 %i5 0
%fp 0x2a10c9b3dd1 %i7 0x7b2101d0
<trap>void nfssrv:treeclimb_unexport+0x104((struct exportinfo
int nfssrv:unexport+0x98((struct exportinfo *)0x35e9e721d80)
int nfssrv:exportfs+0x140((struct exportfs_args *)0x2a10c9b5700,
(model_t)0x100000, (cred_t *)0x3607eb2bf90)
unix:exportfs(0x2a10c9b5630, 0x100000) - frame recycled
int nfs:nfs_export+0x74((void *))
int zfs:zfs_ioc_share+0x2dc((zfs_cmd_t *)0x36676a0e000)
int zfs:zfsdev_ioctl+0x1ac((dev_t), (int), (intptr_t), (int), (cred_t *),
(int *))
specfs:spec_ioctl((struct vnode *)0x30b8d38ff00, (int)0x5a2e,
(intptr_t)0xffbfd5e0, (int)0x100003, (struct cred *), (int *)0x2a10c9b5adc) -
frame recycled
int genunix:fop_ioctl+0x2c((vnode_t *)0x30b8d38ff00, (int)0x5a2e,
(intptr_t)0xffbfd5e0, (int)0x100003, (cred_t *), (int *)0x2a10c9b5adc)
int genunix:ioctl+0x184((int), (int), (intptr_t))


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